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4 Factors To Consider When Looking For The Perfect SAD Lamp

Day-Light Classic Bright Light Therapy Lamp

If you’re prone to depression at certain times of the year, then probably you have considered taking antidepressants as a quick remedy. However, studies show that this isn’t the best solution after all and that SAD lamps are a much better alternative.

Most patients who suffer from this disorder complain that they often feel miserable, hopeless and numb as it approaches winter, with the sensation often persisting till the end of the season. Others report extreme fatigue and difficulty carrying out normal daily routines, irritability, and anxiety soon sets in.

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The radiance that’s emitted from a standard light-box aptly resembles the outdoor setting. This consequently causes a chemical reaction in the user’s brain which lifts mood and eases off SAD symptoms.

When done correctly, this therapy technique can adjust your circadian cycle and lift up moods. For quality results try using it for at least 30 minutes each morning while sitting in a position where light indirectly enters your eyes. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  1. Light intensity – Always go for a SAD lamp that delivers the correct intensity of reflection while at a reasonable distance away. For instance, most people prefer using boxes that emit 10,000 lux maximum power, which is believed to be the standard output level.
  2. UV filtration system – A good unit should sieve out dangerous ultraviolet rays which have the potential of causing skin and eye problems, look for a product that emits as little UV as possible at higher intensities. Blue light is also not recommended especially when adjusted to intense illumination levels, it can cause serious sight issues.
  3. Check if it runs on LED light – These bulbs have scientifically been proven to be super-efficient and more lightweight than standard fluorescents, they also last longer. Moreover, ensure that the product you’re getting is specifically meant for treating depression, there are others in the market that look alike but are in fact meant for curing skin disorders.
  4. Design and attributes – Ensure that the overall size of your box fits the therapy needs expressed. Experts recommend that one should place the device at a distance of about 2 ft away from them. Some products offer more than just an On/Off switch but also include timers for programming and a brightness adjustment console.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Check out this Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Most health insurance firms don’t provide funding for this kind of treatment, meaning that patients would have to make purchases from their own pockets. The few that cover this policy often require you to have an official doctor’s prescription, before funds are eventually released for the purchase of a light therapy box.

Regardless of the shape, size and features of your SAD light box, they are still built to do more-or-less the same thing. Even so, users are advised to conduct some proper research before settling on the most preferred brand to buy. Since some may naturally work well for an individual than others. If you think you have a seasonal affective disorder then it’s advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible, before the symptoms become worse. Nonetheless, recovery time may vary from one person to another based on how severe the situation is.


14 Top Rated SAD Light Lamps 

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Is The Big, Clinical Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp Able To Help SAD Sufferers?

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light TherapyThe Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp is a stark, large desk lamp that may not be the prettiest light therapy solution in the world but definitely provides a strong light source with 10,000 lux emitted from the large surface.

There is a lot in the specification for this SAD light therapy lamp that highlights its worth as a clinical, scientific model, such as the fact that it is “based on the model used by university researchers across the world”.

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This is a great way to hook buyers in because it makes them believe that this is the ideal way to improve their symptoms but is it as effective as hoped and does this clinical approach mean that it is not user-friendly?

What benefits have buyers appreciated about this large, bright Carex Bright Light Therapy Device?

There are a lot of conditions that this lamp is supposed to be suitable for – from winter blues and low energy to jet lag and circadian rhythm disorders – and there is some great feedback from sufferers.

It is recommended that buyers use this at 12 inches for the best result and there are users reporting that these 30 minutes sessions make a massive difference to their mood and energy levels in the morning, so much so that it is incredibly noticeable when they miss a day. This success has to be partly due to the coverage of that 10,000 lux and the use of light at 4000k/85 CRI on the spectrum.

An additional bonus with this Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp is the fact that this bright white light is offered with a good degree of safety – the lamp is glare-free, with the addition of the UV filter, and is angled in such a way that it should not do any damage to the user’s eyes.

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

On a related note, these sorts of lamps sometimes receive complaints about buzzing, flickering or other kinds of distortions that ruin the experience but this lamp appears to be consistent and pleasant to look at. There is no getting away from how bright it is but it is not an uncomfortable brightness if buyers use this properly.

Powerful lux and the ability to efficiently aid plenty of mood disorders and sleep problems is great but only if the light is easy enough to use. Even though there is a deliberate angle to the lamp, it is still adjustable to fit user preferences and there is also a height adjustment to make things even easier and additional light settings.

The lamp uses 3 36w CFL tubes that are apparently very easy to replace and it is worth noting the manufacturer’s recommendation to change them every 2 years due to diminishing efficiency.

Other than some fading bulbs, what are the downsides to buying this Carex DayLight Classic Plus SAD Lamp to treat mood and sleep disorders?

Because this is not a compact, portable device, there are some problems in finding the ideal place to put it so that it is the correct distance away and does not get in the way of other tasks. There is also the drawback of the look of this product, although that depends on priorities and some users have found a solution.

The design of the stand is not great, as it seems to be been created with the purpose of a secure base rather than anything decorative, and this means that it can look a little ugly on the dressing table or desk. Those that are using it as they work, however, have found that the stand can be easily hidden behind the monitor. Aside from the additional problem of loose bulbs upon arrival, there is little else about this lamp that is causing any problems.

Summary: does this mean that the Carex Day-Light Classic is still a highly recommendable SAD lamp therapy product?

The product specification for this lamp states that it “meets expert criteria for bright light therapy” and the feedback shows that it meets most of the needs of buyers too. The amount of buyers talking about the positive effects on their mood and ability to get up on dark winter mornings should be enough for a recommendation but it is the power and quality of the light that makes a difference here.

The Carex SAD light box might be more appealing to buyers if it did not have that large lamp and bulky, unattractive stand but these features are still beneficial to the therapeutic process and the design, plus the ease of use, mean that this product has a lot of potentials.

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Northern Light Bright Light Therapy Desk Lamp

Does The Performance Of The Northern Light SAD Lamp Balance Out The Issues With Its Style?

Northern Light SAD LampThere is little to say about the features and specification of the Northern Light Technologies Nlt-sad Sadelite because it is a very simple SAD therapy device with basic functions and no gimmicks.

This American-made, pre-assembled device has a bulb offering 10,000 lux at a recommended distance of 20 inches, a screen to block UV rays and a design that increases its function as a desk lamp.

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So far there is little to make this model stand out over other SAD lights but does this change when we learn about user experiences?

How beneficial is this Northern Light Technologies Desk Lamp for SAD sufferers?

Feedback from customer testimonials is promising. The quality of the SAD light is frequently mentioned because it does not have the harsh blue tone that many dislikes and therefore provides a softer, more natural tone, which is said to be an improvement on previous purchases, ideal for desk work and has no negative effect on users with light sensitivity.

As well as being an appealing light source, this Northern Light SAD lamp also seems to be effective, with many users seeing a difference in their mood after a simple 20 minute morning session. Northern Light Technologies recommend that users change the bulbs every two years because of natural deterioration and loss of output but this notion is contested by many users, thankfully in a positive way.

The longevity of this unit and the bulb is arguably its best feature and there is little to no sign of wear or decreased function after a few years; in one case a user even commented that they were finally changing their bulb after 20 years.

Northern Light Technologies Nlt-sad Sadelite


If the light is so appealing and it works, why is this Northern Light SAD lamp not rated as a 5-star product? What flaws are present?

It is worth mentioning at this point that the overall rating for this device has been brought down by some one-star reviews that refer to defective merchandise rather than major disadvantages – although that is not to say that the product is perfect.

The phrase “not the prettiest”, which appears in one review, sums up the main issue well; this is an effective product but it lacks a sense of style and is quite chunky and solid.

Other minor issues to be aware of our observations that the UV screen is plastic, and therefore nowhere near as tough as the bulb and other parts, and the fact that it does not use a full-spectrum bulb like some other models, which can be a let down for some experienced SAD sufferers.

Summary: is this SAD lamp a recommendable light therapy product?

Clearly, more thought has gone into the purpose of this product than the superficial elements, meaning it is not ideal for those wanting a SAD light that doubles as a stylish lamp.

However, for many consumers, this should not be an issue because the many benefits, such as the consistency, simple use, and great results, combine to turn the Northern Light Technologies SAD lamp into a much sought after and recommended product.

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Verilux HappyLight Liberty Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

Can The Verilux Happylight Liberty SAD Light Lamp Do More Than Just Look Good?

Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Energy Lamp
It is not hard to see why many consumers that are looking for a light therapy device are attracted to the Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp.

This model is lightweight, at just 2 lbs, and the small footprint of 13.5 x 6.25 x 2.12 inches and clean, modern design give buyers the impression that will not be too intrusive in a living room, bedroom or study.

The flexible, customisable “happylight” offers up to 10,000 LUX via a natural spectrum light and optix glare-control lenses and is also wall mountable.

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Ideally, this product is designed for mood issues, fatigue, SAD and circadian rhythm disorders but can it really help with these issues? What do sufferers have to say about this lamp?

What benefits has this Verilux Happylight offered and does this design really lead to improvements in mood and fatigue?

Generally speaking, the reviews submitted by customers make this Verilux Happylight SAD lamp sound like the ideal purchase because not only are they keen to point out some great design features, they also talk about positive results.

The intensity of the white light can take some getting used to at first – some users liken the sensation to being more like the feeling of walking into sunshine rather than the soft glow of a lamp – but that has to be seen as an advantage because this natural quality is what sufferers are looking for and apparently it is effective.

SAD sufferers have seen positive changes and some have reported a sense of withdrawal and negative effects if a day is skipped, which suggest that the intensity works just fine.

One of the more commonly mentioned advantages regarding the design is the simplicity of the product and the way that users can easily switch between the two intensity settings and change the lenses from the lower “comfort” lens to the higher intensity one.

The comfort lens has been pre-installed to make setting up the product much easier and this is also true of the tilting base, a feature that enhances the adaptability of the light by letting users position it in different ways.

In addition to this, there is an optional cover that takes the output from 10,000 to 5,000 LUX and, with 10000 hours life in the bulb and a recommended 30 minutes to an hour a day, it is unlikely that users will have to buy a replacement bulb at all.

Verilux VT20WW1 SAD Lamp

Does this Verilux VT20WW1 Happylight Liberty Energy Lamp have any potential disadvantages that users need to be aware of?

The numerous positive reports about this adaptability and the results achieved with this light suggest that it is a highly beneficial purchase; having said this, there is one major disadvantage with the design and the constant problem with all lights of this kind still remains. Getting this product set up so that it is close enough to work is tricky.

Some buyers will want to use it as a natural replacement for harsher lamps and while this is possible, it may not provide the standard of light therapy that users desire because it has to be between 6” and 24” away from the user to be effective.

Additionally, the 10-minute test that is recommended by the manufacturers is a must for all new users because of the chance of discomfort. Headaches and discomfort are common side effects with SAD lights, particularly if users have sensitivity issues, and this model has not been able to resolve this problem.

Some Closing Remarks

In short, it seems as though almost everything about the design of this light therapy device has been well-considered with the arguable exception of the distance required for sessions.

As with many light therapy devices, the final desirability comes down to personal preferences and needs regarding the strength of the light and its function; some will appreciate the settings and experience great results and others will struggle with the intensity.

The issue of the optimal distance could be problematic for many users but it is worth finding a way around this if you can tolerate the light because this portable, well-designed Verilux SAD light box has the features and potential to really make a difference if you are suffering from SAD or circadian rhythm problems.

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Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 Bright Light Therapy Box

You’ll Be in a Brighter Mood Once You Start Using the North Star SAD Light Therapy Box

Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000

Use the Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 SAD Light Box to Cure Your Winter Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a winter depression, is referred to, in shorthand, as SAD. This seasonal ailment definitely makes the winter doldrums more pronounced.

So, if you are one of the sufferers, you’ll certainly find that the Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 SAD light therapy box will alleviate your symptoms.

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Treat the Blues with No Adverse Side Effects

While some people may resort to anti-depressants to get over the blues in January and February, other people don’t like the side effects. Happily, most of the consumers who purchase the Alaska Northern Lights North Star sad light report that their symptoms abate when they use the illumination on a regular basis. The therapy light provides 10,000 Lux at 24 inches and is a doctor-recommend, proven treatment for combating SAD symptoms.

Some of the Features of the SAD Light Box

Featuring innovative reflective-type mirrors, the therapy light disburses its illumination brightly and evenly, using a diffuser to protect against glare. Bulbs for the light, with regular use, generally will last up to five winters too.

The SAD lightbox, which surpasses clinical standards, can be used, on average, for 15 minutes at a time, with good results. Conveniently use the light at your desk as it only measures 24 x 6 x 12 inches and weighs in at 10 pounds.

What Customers Said about the North Star 10000 SAD Light Therapy Box

Positive Comments

Most of the reviewers who used the Alaska Northern Lights North Star SAD light were more than pleased with their purchase. They confirmed its effectiveness as they were much happier after using it.

Used the Light the Entire Winter Season with Good Results

One consumer said that he borrowed the light from a friend and used it the entire winter season with good results. He simply could not believe the difference in his mood after using the appliance as well as how it incentivized him to get going in the morning. He said he eventually got a light of his own as, naturally, his friend was wondering if he ever was going to give the SAD light back.Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 SAD Light Therapy Box

No More Sleeping Late or Dragging Around

One customer, who recently purchased the Alaska Northern Light North Star SAD light, said he bought the appliance to alleviate the depression he felt during Minnesota winters – winters that can be especially lengthy and dark.

When he received the light, his initial impression was that it looked like a fluorescent type light. However, he said, after plugging it in, the full spectrum illumination was quite different – not the ordinary kind of light. No more sleeping late or dragging around. The Alaska Northern Lights North Star SAD Light elevated both his energy level and mood.

This is the Light to Use if You Want to Quash the Winter Blues

Another consumer who bought the SAD light said this light was the light to use if you wanted to quash the winter blues.

While he initially was skeptical about using the light, he soon found out that the light dispelled many of his doubts and concerns. In fact, the light worked so well, he was planning to give a couple to family and friends.

Greatly Helped Alleviate Her Symptoms of Depression

One user of the light, who said that she was particularly affected by SAD, said that the light greatly helped alleviate her symptoms of depression. She said that she lived in the Northwestern U.S., known for its cloudy and inclement weather. Using the therapy light has indeed made her happier as well as more energetic. She said that the Alaska Northern Lights North Star SAD light was a worthwhile investment.

One Slight Complaint

The only real complaint that was issued from using the light was from a reviewer who said that she felt the light, without a stand, tended not to stay in place. In some cases, the light fell over when she tried to set it up. She felt the base should be broader in order to prevent such occurrences. However, she did not have any complaints with respect to the lighting itself.

Overall: A Highly Recommended Product

Most, if not all of the reviewers, indicated that the Alaska Northern Lights North Star SAD light was a reliable and dependable therapy light. Even people who bought the light with severe cases of SAD said that the light worked. Only one complaint was issued about the light, but it had more to do with setting up the light rather than its operation. The customer was still using the light for treating her depression.

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FEEL BRIGHT SAD Light Visor Review

Can A FEEL BRIGHT Light Therapy Visor Really Help SAD Sufferers?


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that is often misunderstood and difficult to treat but the FEEL BRIGHT light visor aims to provide some relief to sufferers during the dark winter months. This new product takes the benefits of light therapy and transfers them to a portable visor with LED lights.

The idea is that this adjustable light source – powered by a rechargeable battery – can be worn by patients as they go about their daily routine and this convenience will help reduce their symptoms. The visor also comes with a charger, case and attachment for hats. This FEEL BRIGHT product sounds interesting, but does it really work?

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FEEL BRIGHT Light Visor Reviews

What benefits can SAD sufferers expect from this new device?

This new version of the FEEL BRIGHT Light Visor for SAD light therapy already has an advantage over previous versions because the manufacturers have increased its potential and made some adjustments. The biggest change is the switch from white LED lights to blue and green ones, a spectrum which is more beneficial for SAD patients.

In addition to this, this device also offers the user comfort – thanks to the padding and elasticated, secure headband – and contains simple controls so that you can tailor the intensity and timer to your personal needs.

Northern Light Technologies FEEL BRIGHT Light Visor for SAD light therapy

Of course, these benefits are pointless without a positive effect on the condition itself and this is another area where the FEEL BRIGHT SAD light visor receives high praise. A number of users have reported a change in their mood, daytime productivity and sleeping patterns since trialing the product so it appears that the visor actually has the potential to help people with this disorder.

A Few Negative Remarks

While there are some definite improvements on the previous version of this visor, there are still a couple of flaws that prospective buyers should be aware of – one of which could put them off entirely.

Firstly, it is worth remembering that this is a completely different style of the device to an at-home SAD light box or lamp. The portability is highlighted by the makers as a benefit but that depends on your personal views because of the conspicuous design, and day-to-day use is not for the self-conscious.

Finally, the battery life has also been criticised in user reviews because it requires far to much power and charging for such a simple, LED device.

Some Final Comments

The general consensus of users of this FEEL BRIGHT SAD Light Therapy device is that there are still improvements to be made, however, this is clearly a new and improved model with a lot of potential and the results show that it is a step in the right direction.

Some SAD sufferers may want to hold off until there is a model with a better battery life, and others will find the visor style completely unsuitable all-together, but there is a good chance that this comfortable, user-friendly device will help relieve the symptoms of SAD for another winter. Therefore, this unusual light therapy visor is certainly worth a recommendation.

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Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light – Rechargeable

Are The Tone And Size Of The Compact Philips GoLITE BLU Rechargeable Energy Light A Good Idea?

Philips GoLITE BLU Rechargeable Energy LightWith the rise in popularity of SAD lamps and other similar medical devices came an understandable desire to develop the market with alternative designs and approaches for a wider range of illnesses and issues – which is why the unusual Philips Rechargeable GoLITE BLU Energy Light has come into existence.

This compact, blue light, noted by some as being a “stylish” alternative, uses a different type of light therapy to standard SAD light boxes to help users with their energy levels, with a 200 lux light that is said to be as effective as a 10,000 lux white light and the ability work with just 20-30 minutes of use a day.


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This bold blue will be the selling point for most people, either because they are attracted to the tone or because they have heard about its potential for their condition, but how well has this Philips model put this light source to use? Is it a gimmick with little reward or an interesting alternative?

What advantages have users seen when using this Philips Rechargeable GoLITE BLU 200 lux Energy Light at home?

One of the benefits that jumps out straight away with this GoLITE is the portability because not only is it small enough to be moved from room to room – meaning it can be used in the office as well as the bedroom – it has the ability to work on a rechargeable battery or about an hour and a pop-out stand, increasing the options of where it can be placed even further.

In addition to this, there are some features designed to help buyers with their sessions and a general sense of ease of use that is aided by the manual and simple set-up. Some of the features that have been highlighted by users are the light bar that tracks the length of time that the light has been in use and the travel lock.

Philips GoLITE BLU Energy LightThere is a sense that it is the little details and thoughtful inclusions that make this Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light such an interesting and well-loved product with those that can get along with it – along with the fact that it actually does have a positive effect of course – but it must be remembered that there is no guarantee that all users will get along with this product because of its main feature – the blue light.

Why is the blue light problematic and what other issues have users experienced with this Philips Rechargeable GoLITE BLU Energy Light?

One aspect of the light box’s design that will be of concern to some prospective users is the fact that this unit uses a blue light rather than a white one, which is a what most people are used to an energy and SAD lights.

There are warning from users that have had adverse reactions after making the change and this blue light clearly does not suit everyone, meaning it can be problematic for those that are deliberately trying to ease SAD symptoms or already have some light sensitivity issues.

This model does have 5 intensity settings but some say that this does not always help and there is no visual way to tell which setting it is on anyway. Looking more closely at the design of this specific model, there are also some concerns about how effective such a compact model will be; it may be portable but it doesn’t have the field of light of some other energy lights and this can restrict its effectiveness.

Summary: how does this light issue affect the final verdict on this Philips Rechargeable Portable GoLITE BLU Energy Light?

There are clearly a number of buyers that have reservations about this device because of its unusual use of blue light and it must be stressed that this style really is not for everyone; however, if you do find that blue light is a potential help and you do not find yourself experiencing the migraines and jitteriness of some other users, this particular device does have a number of benefits.

There may be some dispute over the worth of the compact design but the range of additional features and general user-friendly nature of this small, cleverly-designed device mean the Philips SAD light is still highly recommendable to anyone that is tolerant of blue light who feel that it could really make a difference to their energy levels.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Philips GoLITE BLU Rechargeable Energy Light on Amazon here.


Boxelite Full Spectrum SAD Light Therapy Lamp

Is The Boxelite Full Spectrum Light SAD Lamp A Case Of No Style But Plenty Of Substance?

Northern Light Technology Boxelite
First impressions of this Boxelite Full Spectrum SAD Lamp are that it is not the prettiest of light therapy devices in the world but there is something immediately comforting about the large, bright light and lack of fancy features.

This light is designed for simple treatment and little more, with a rather basic features list of three tilt adjustments and five elevation settings to alter the direction of the light and a UV filter, but it does come recommended by doctors, which is part of the reason for its success. Medical endorsements are fine but what do actual users and SAD sufferers think?


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What benefits have people seen when using this Boxelite Full Spectrum Light Therapy SAD Lamp at home?

The most striking notion from user feedback is that people are actually enjoying the winter season and decreasing their medication – of course there is no guarantee the lamp will do this for everyone but it is still encouraging.

Another interesting benefit is that this is seen as being a tough and durable design and buyers feel confident that it will last for many seasons; the fact that they want it to last this long saying a great deal about its performance and results.

Northern Light Technologies says this model is “extremely versatile and pleasant to use while reading, eating etc” and this appears to be the case for most people; however, it is the speed of treatments and results that most buyers mention.

Boxelite Full Spectrum SAD Light Therapy Lamp
Many see quick results from very little use, with buyers talking about noticeable improvements after just 20 minutes a day for a few days. This is quite remarkable and largely due to the large area of 12 x 15inches and the bright 10,000 lux bulb.

Does this Boxelite Full Spectrum sun box have any flaws in its design to be aware of?

Unfortunately, while there are great results being reported, it seems that there is more hassle in actually understanding what the lamp does and how to achieve these results most effectively because of the lack of information. Once buyers have figured it out then it is seen as easy to use but it would be more convenient without this unnecessary learning curve.

It also has a larger footprint than some users would like and certainly needs to be planned for because even though it is light enough to be taken around the house and tried in different places, it doesn’t sit on a dressing table or desk as easily as some other models.

Summary: is this size issue too much of a problem to recommend this Boxelite 10,000 lux SAD Lamp?

At its core, this Northern Light Technologies product does precisely what SAD sufferers need from a lightbox; it provides helpful, natural light in short convenient sessions with such efficiency that it has fast, noticeable effects on the condition.

The large design and lack of literature do bring down the appeal a little and stop the product from being the perfect model for a daily light therapy session; however, the fact that these criticisms are the biggest issues expressed shows that the Northern Light Technologies Boxelite Full Spectrum SAD Light Therapy Lamp has to be highly recommended for use.

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NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD Light

A Quick Overview of the NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD Light

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy LampAs the weather changes from the brightness of summer to duller wintery skies, one’s mood can hurriedly dampen. This is often a trigger for those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

An absence of energetic natural light can become bothersome and a source of relief is often required. This ‘source of relief’ and treatment option comes in the form of the NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD light box.
Some Noted Features

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The NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp is an all-important attempt at providing relief for those dealing with SAD. In order to engage and battle this disorder, this product is equipped with a ‘10,000-lux’ light therapy.

The goal is to balance the body’s clock and reinvigorate one’s energy levels. The lamp has been clinically certified to provide therapeutic benefits for users. Negative ions are released through the lamp in order to ‘heal’ the user.

The negative ions functionality is optional. Negative ions are essentially particles that are found at places like beaches. This function creates the natural atmosphere required to enhance the treatment and speed up the process.

There is a built-in timer accompanying the NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD light. The user has the ability to select from four different settings. These settings include 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. Once, the timer runs out, the product automatically shuts off.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD Light Reviews

Positive Remarks

One of the most repeated positives concerning this product revolves around its subtlety. The NatureBright SunTouch Plus does not cause pain and is a soothing relief option. The entire concept of sitting in front of the lamp and soaking in a fresh light is simple to understand and reap results from.

The timer is wonderfully simplistic to operate. The settings are clearly listed and are accurate based on the requirements of each user. The user’s guide establishes the meanings behind each timer setting and goes a long way in helping a user assess their needs.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD Light

The Negative ions are a gigantic plus; they are akin to a fresh air blowing on a lovely spring morning. This feeling can revitalize both the mind and body.

Some Complaints

While this product has received generally positive testimonials on efficiency and quality, there are minor issues. Some products have been stated to produce an odorous smell during the release of negative ions. It is to be noted that negative ions are supposed to be ‘odourless’ and the issue can be with the user’s particular product.

The lamp requires a secure place to be set upon during activity. The treatment cannot be done properly unless the user is in the vicinity of the lamp. This can be considered a negative for users that like to move about.

The best results come from those who sit near to the NatureBright SunTouch Plus SAD Light and do not stray away during the sessions. While this can be difficult to do, it is the only way to eradicate this negative.

It is technically not a flaw as the company clearly states the necessity of being close to the lamp during treatment. The various timings ranging from 15-60 minutes are the solution to those who do not prefer sitting for long.

It is better to have a quality 15-minute session than an elongated 60 minutes session. Focus on quality over mere quantity as relief is the ultimate goal and it’s not a race.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Concluding Thoughts
Overall, the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp is an exceptional purchase for those looking for treatment options. The product is built to last and provides a soothing and appealing choice for those looking to rid themselves of their seasonal blues.

The inclusion of ‘negative ions’ within the product’s features is an admirable add. This feature enables the product to provide a multi-faceted approach to relief. The treatment is not restricted to the light rays hitting one’s body; the negative ions play a role too. While there may be issues concerning smell and placement, these are restricted to choice cases. These are not regular occurrences and this should be taken into account when looking to buy.

Before making the purchase, it is pertinent to understand the necessity of placement. The product is mighty effective, but the user has to be willing to sit for their entire session. This is your best chance at receiving a fresh breeze of summery goodness from the comforts of your home. Don’t hesitate to go out and buy this product, it is well worth the eventual purchase.

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Verilux HappyLight Deluxe 10,000 LUX Sunshine Simulator

Come on Get Happy with the Verilux Happylight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator!

Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine SimulatorChase the Winter Blues Away –

The Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator brings to mind the Partridge Family song, Come on Get Happy, what with its remarkable ability to cure users of the fatigue, insomnia and the winter blues.

The 10,000 LUX of natural spectrum daylight that the Verilux light supplies will keep you focused on all the good things in life, and therefore is the perfect cure-all for SAD sufferers.

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SAD, which stands for seasonal affective disorder, is an ailment that is brought on by the gray and gloom of winter and the deprivation of sunlight. Indeed, the Verilux SAD light box is a welcome product as using the mood-enlightening device, over time, will make you feel better and increase your level of energy.

Don’t Worry about any Damage from UV Rays Either

Supplying a glare-free glow, this portable, handy light is easy and convenient to use. Plus, you’ll feel as good during the cloudy, rain-drenched days of winter as you do in the spring and summertime. What’s more, the sunshine simulator will make you feel happy throughout the year without emitting a single damaging UV ray.

Maximum Benefits of the Verilux Happy Light Deluxe

Because of its concentrated light output, the Verilux HappyLite deluxe sunshine simulator makes it possible for you to receive this health-giving light during short amounts of time. Therefore, even if you must follow a busy schedule, you’ll be able to get your daily dose of sunshine during the winter season. In addition, the Verilux HappyLite comes with a tabletop stand and wall mount so you can place the light for optimum positioning.

Verilux Happy Light

People who suffer from SAD find that a lack of sunshine can interfere with concentration, their cycle of sleep as well as their general attitude. The natural spectrum light that is produced by the Verilux Happy Light SAD lamp though can eliminate the side effects associated with those SAD blues.

That’s because the light works at stimulating alertness, heightening one’s mood, and enhancing a general sense of well-being. In addition, SAD sufferers who regularly use the product say they don’t feel as inclined to overeat.

Say Good-bye Once and For all to Tiredness and Lethargy

Angle the light towards you at work or at home. It doesn’t matter. Utilizing flicker elimination, no-buzz technology, the HappyLite is a pleasant therapy for relieving the winter blues no matter where you’re at or what you are doing. So, say goodbye once and for all to all that tiredness and lethargy with this premium euro-designed, lightweight light.

The Verilux Happy Light Reviews

A Reliable and Quality Product

Most of the reviews for the Verilux Happy Light Deluxe Sunshine Simulator have indicated that users have been happy instead of SAD about buying the light – indeed proof that the light is a quality and reliable product.

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator

Positive Comments – Well Worth the Investment

One reviewer said that the Verilux SAD light box, worked very well for her. She said that she suffered from SAD for many years and that buying the light was well worth the money she put into it.

Winter Sunshine

Another reviewer summed up her use of the light by calling it winter sunshine.

Pleased with her Purchase

Still yet another reviewer said that it took about a week before she felt any results from using the light. So, she said to be patient as it won’t work instantaneously. She too was pleased with her purchase.

Negative Comments –

Some Users Said that the Light did not Work for Them

Research suggests that using light therapy helps about 80% of SAD patients. Therefore, the couple users who said the light did not work for them must be part of the 20% who don’t see results from treating SAD with light.

Another couple users who said that the light didn’t work were merely referring to the fact that the bulb was inoperable. However, after they returned the light for a replacement, they had no complaints.

Summarizing the Reviews Overall – Most Users are Happy with their Purchase

That being said, most of the users of the Verilux HappyLite Sunshine Simulator could not help but rave about their experience when using the product. A couple of people said that they didn’t feel much different after using the therapy while a few customers said that they had to replace the product because the bulb was defective. Overall, though, most users stated that they were indeed happy with and as a result of their purchase.

Check out more customer reviews about this Verilux Happy Light Deluxe Sunshine Simulator here.


Day-Light Sky DL2000 SAD Lamp

Beat the Blues with the Day-Light Sky SAD Lamp

Day-light Sky DL2000 SAD Light

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Insomnia make Using the Day-Light Sky DL2000 SAD Lamp an Important Therapy

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a depression that occurs during a change in the seasons, especially winter. People, who function normally most of the year, can suddenly experience depressive symptoms when the temperature drops or when the hours of daylight decrease.

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Typically, symptoms are comprised of the following:

  • Oversleeping or difficulty getting to sleep;
  • Overeating;
  • Lethargy;
  • Difficulty concentrating; and
  • Withdrawal from family or friends.

Treatment of the Disorder – Available Therapies

Several treatment options are available to people affected with SAD, including anti-depressant medication, hormone supplementation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. However, many people have found significant relief with light therapy. If you are affected by SAD then, fortunately, you too can find relief from the blues by utilizing the Day-Light SAD lamp for only a few minutes each day at home or at work.

Elevate your Mood and Feel More Energetic with the Day-Light Sky SAD Lamp

The Day-Light Sky SAD light is only around 8 pounds and safely provides 10,000 LUX of white, glare-free light. So, if you are affected by the doldrums and feel less than energetic, the Day-light Sky SAD lamp, when used for only a few minutes each day, will get rid of your less-than-optimistic outlook.

That’s because the Day-Light Sky SAD lamp makes use of BrightZone TM technology, thereby making it possible for people affected with SAD to carry on with their daily tasks just like they do during other times of the year.

Day-Light Sky SAD Lamp Reviews

Positive Comments – Well-built and Adjustable

The Day-Light Sky SAD light has received accolades from many of the consumers who have bought the product. One user said that she had debated on whether or not she should opt for a blue light box or the white light of the Day Light lamp. Day-light Sky SAD Lamp

The lower price of the blue light box tempted her to buy that product but she said that she had heard a white light box was more effective. She said she was glad that she settled on buying the Day-Light DL2000 lamp. She said she could angle the lamp in a variety of ways which added to its usability. She also liked the switch on the front which permits the user to choose the level of light and strength.

She really appreciated the fact too that the SAD light was stable, soft, and glare-free. In fact, she was so pleased with her purchase that she said she was buying another one for her husband to use at work.

A Marked Improvement in Mood and Energy Level

Another review came from a consumer who said she was encouraged to buy a light box after she had trouble sleeping. In turn, she was also having a difficult time following her daily routine. After her purchase of the Day-light Sky SAD light box though, she felt a marked improvement in her mood and energy level and had overcome her problems with getting to sleep.

She said that, after using the light for several weeks, she definitely felt better. She recommended the use of the light to other friends as well – all which she said have benefited from the technology.

Complaints Made about the Product

The Lamp was Damaged during Shipment – One customer who purchased the Day-Light SAD lamp did complain about her purchase, but the grievance had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the light. The SAD light box was rendered totally unusable as it was broken during shipment. However, the replacement light proved to work to her satisfaction.

Overall Most Users are happy with the product

The reviews by customers regarding the Day-Light Sky SAD lamp were good overall with the main complaints centered on damage during shipment. Most of the reviewers gave the lamp four and five-star ratings.


Caribbean SAD Light Therapy Sun Box

Can The Medically Endorsed Caribbean SAD Light Sunbox Really Help?

Caribbean SAD Light Therapy Sun Box

The Caribbean SAD Light Therapy Sunbox is initially appealing to customers because of the use of the words “Caribbean” and “sun” but there is more to this simple looking 9w light than just its natural glow.

This SAD light box uses efficient LED lights with a strong 10,000 LUX to help sufferers of SAD overcome the depression and fatigue that winter can bring.

The strength, apparent safety – thanks to the UV shield – and endorsements help make this product appealing but does it work as well as it claims and is there any disadvantages?

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What benefits can this Caribbean SAD Sunbox offer?

One of the biggest draws with this SAD lamp is the fact that it comes recommended by medical professionals because of proven results and it appears that buyers agree with this label because there are reports of users seeing improvements in their mood within a few weeks.

These positive results are great but it is the design of the light that has earned the most praise in testimonials, with people complimenting the lightweight, compact shape and easy set-up. This design means that the device is much more portable than other products and is, therefore, a handy travel companion when buyers are heading to darker climes but want to continue with their therapy.

As the basic specification for this product shows, this is a very simple light that is not overly reliant on fancy features, a factor that has led to some mixed reactions from buyers.

Caribbean SAD Light Sunbox

On the one hand, it is very easy to use and buyers mostly seem to agree that it does the job that they want. On the other hand, the lack of a timer, a dial to adjust the brightness or any other real “feature” apart from the light itself are seen by a number of users as big failings. This light can either be on or off, there is no middle ground, and this leads to one of the biggest issues with this product.

The major limitation of this Caribbean SAD Light Therapy Sunbox that lessens its appeal.

The major disadvantage of this Caribbean Sunlight Therapy product is its brightness; it may have the ideal intensity to warrant medical recommendation but for many it is far too bright to be comfortable with and the lack of adjustability or a diffuser means that some users have had to give up on their light therapy.

The phrase “light torture” was used by one reviewer and while this may seem exaggerated to some, there is a definite possibility that people with severe light sensitivity will find this product difficult, and potentially painful, to deal with.

Summary: is this Caribbean SAD Sunbox the right form of light therapy for your needs?

It is clear from these reviews and comments that this product is not suitable for everyone and even though it shows positive results in many SAD sufferers, there are others that would be better off going for a different, gentler brand.

If light sensitivity is not an issue and you are specifically looking for a product that is simple to use and offers bright artificial sunlight within a compact, portable design, this Caribbean Sunbox could be the ideal product to help you get the better of your seasonal blues.

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Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp

Is The Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp As Versatile And User-friendly As It Makes Out?

Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp by Uplift Technologies
The Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp is an appealing light therapy device for a number of reasons: it comes recommended by medical professionals, it claims to both “ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression” and provide “an exceptional task or reading lamp”.

It promises to be both glare-free and flickers free and it uses white light, which means no risk of any of the damaging rays associated with full spectrum bulbs. There are a lot of high expectations after reading the product review, but how do buyers feel once they have put this Uplift Technologies SAD light box to the test?

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Does the Day-Light Classic DL930 offer the high quality expected and what other benefits have users highlighted?

To start with, this SAD light box appears, from customer feedback at least, to be a fairly effective treatment option with some nice elements to the design.

The lamp is pretty compact in relation to other brands – meaning it can fit on bedside tables and computer desks without much concern – and many buyers are impressed by the amount of light provided from the three bulbs inside.

As well as being good looking and easy to use, there have been reports of improved symptoms for SAD patients and those with mood and sleep disorders, although the results are a little hit and miss.

The best feature of this Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp is open to debate but it is easy to argue a case for its versatility. Firstly, this model offers the chance to switch between regular and therapeutic modes so that it can easily act as a useful light source as well as an intense tool for SAD light therapy.

Secondly, the lamp can be positioned in a number of different ways to suit the needs and location of the user. For example, it can be left free-standing at eye level for a more intensive session or it can be raised on the attachable legs and tilted using the flip stand for a higher, angled light source.

Many buyers prefer the latter option, saying that it feels less intrusive and more realistic this way. Additionally, some users have taken the lamps potential even further and hooked it up to their own timer to create an effective wake-up light. This option of switching to a regular setting and raising the light is great, but it can come with a downside.Day-Light Classic 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Why is the Day-Light Classic DL930 SAD Lamp ‘s light source potentially problematic and what other flaws have been noted in user reviews?

One of the biggest criticisms with this lamp is that while it means well with its settings, the light provided may lack some intensity and effectiveness. Some buyers have mentioned that there is a yellowish tone to the light, which makes them doubt its benefits and likeness to sunlight.

And while it has the potential to emit 10,000 lux, one buyer’s personal reading shows that this only registered 8 inches away from the light – close enough to do some damage. With these raised concerns, the less-than-perfect success rate for seasonal disorders comes into question again.

Away from the bulbs and the light source, there are two other important disadvantages to this lamp. The sturdiness of the product is a complaint that crops up with impressive regularity in online testimonials – with pretty much all of them attributing the problem to the spindly legs and their defective tightening system.

Even though the issue of the lamp overheating is less common, the related smell of burning plastic is something that could easily put a lot of prospective buyers off from purchasing it.

Is this problematic Day-Light Classic DL930 still recommendable for SAD light therapy treatment?

Clearly, there are some issues that put the product’s worth into question, most notably the construction of the legs and the idea that if buyers do manage to place it in a desirable, elevated position they will lose some the intensity and potential benefits for their medical conditions.

Despite this, this Day-Light Classic SAD light therapy lamp could still be worth a shot for sufferers of seasonal depression, sleep disorders and mood problems because it has been successful in a number of cases and the combination of its aesthetic quality and its versatility mean that it is a joy to use every day rather than an uncomfortable chore.


Northern Light Travelite Bright Light Therapy Portable Light Box

Stay Happy And Energized With The Northern Light Technologies Nlt-trv Travelite

Northern Light Technologies Nlt-trv Travelite

The Northern Light Technologies Nlt-trv Travelite is another good quality tool for SAD light therapy. While its surface size is quite large, the overall dimensions are actually compact and portable.

It comes with a free carrying case, allowing you to bring it anywhere. And at a mere 2.5 pounds, you would not mind carrying it with you. The stand allows you to choose between a horizontal and a vertical position. Eco-warriors will surely love the fact that the SAD light box has a power consumption of 48 watts while still able to produce a brightness of at least 10,000 lumens.

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Northern Light Technologies Travelite SAD Lamp Reviews

The Positive Comments

The Northern Light Technologies Travelite, NLT-TRV, has gained rave reviews. There are SAD patients who swear to the positive effects they felt from using the SAD light box. Even those who do not suffer from SAD feel energized when they use the Travelite. Some are even maximizing the product by using it not just for SAD light therapy but for their regular lighting needs, such as in studying or while doing their makeup.

Northern Light Technologies SAD Light Box

Some Disappointments

The Travelite SAD light may have its drawbacks too. One of which is that some find the size a bit bulky but most do not mind it at all. It is, of course, a given fact that the brightness you receive really depends on how far you are from the light source, and the Travelite is no exception as the brightness decreases to about 6,000 lumens if kept a foot away from the user.

Some Closing Remarks

Overall, the Northern Light Travelite SAD light box is a popular seller when it comes to users who need light therapy. The size, considered as a drawback for some, actually makes the product very versatile for other purposes.

If the energy efficient feature does not convince you, the free carrying case might. In case you have concerns, the customer service of the company has received optimistic feedback.

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Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp

Lightphoria SAD Light Box – Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder Without Medication

Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy

The Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria SAD Light Therapy – does it really work? Recent studies show that around millions of people throughout America are experiencing seasonal affective disorder or SAD, especially in Florida and New Hampshire.

People with such disorder usually go through mood swings, deep anxiety, and depression disarrays during two particular seasons of the year – summer and winter. It can only get so difficult for victims of this severe mental illness when symptoms would start to persist.


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On a positive note, there are ways to deal with SAD without really the need to undergo certain medications or rehabilitation. Through the help of an effective SAD light, patients under the disorder should be able to cope up until the season is back to their preferences. Perhaps the Lightphoria SAD Light Box is an ideal choice.

An Intro to the Lightphoria SAD Light Box

When it comes to seasonal affective disorder, all you need is an effective lamp. Well, not just a lamp really, but rather a SAD light box and with so many choices available in the market nowadays, choosing a good one may seem quite a daunting task.

However, there’s not a need to do some more detective work anymore as far as picking the right one goes – the Lightphoria is at your best interest and greatest convenience. With the wonderful features, it can offer for a SAD lamp or light, you can use it on a daily basis to deal with the seasonal affective disorder you are going through, especially now that the winter season is about to reach its peak again.

It has the ability to alleviate any sort of symptom that is torturing your mentality and is proven by clinical studies to enhance positive moods as well as energy levels within the body to help maintain equilibrium.

Some Noted Features

To begin with, the Lightphoria unlike any other competitor in the market has a sleek design that comes in an amazingly unbelievable lightweight. Though it’s compacted by loads of therapeutic features, the whole unit is reasonably portable, which definitely makes a great deal out of it.

It can emit a vast spectrum type light wavelength that can create naturally soothing glows. Intensity levels can be set to your own preferences and you can set the timer from15, 30 or 45 minutes whenever you think you could use the help of a SAD light.

With over 10,000 lux of natural sunlight emission, not only seasonal affective disorder can be given alleviation, but also work fatigue, jet lag, insomnia and so much more.

Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy

Lightphoria SAD Light Reviews

Unlike other SAD lamps, the Lightphoria Energy Light Lamp does not necessitate hours of usage a day. For a matter of 15 to 45 minutes, you should be able to feel positivity flowing throughout your mind and body.

If you have sleep problems, this can surely lead you to a good night’s sleep as the light waves it emits can send relaxing signals to your nervous system. Also, the product comes with a full year warranty, even though it can ensure longevity.

Though the product is filled with wonderful features, it also has a downside. The efficiency of the product may depend on the user. Some people may use it at night, while others would have to adhere using it during daytime to avoid elevation of symptoms. However, this issue can be aided through the right adjustments, which means there’s nothing really to worry about that regards.

Final Verdict
If you’re a victim of the seasonal affective disorder, the Lightphoria SAD lamp sure makes a great therapeutic equipment. With the sophisticated design and wonderful features it boasts, this item definitely makes a great value out of your money.

You can find more customer reviews about this Lightphoria SAD light box on Amazon here.

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