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We all love having a gorgeous bronze tan. That’s a fact. It’s just a better way to go through life and anyone walking around with a tan automatically does so with poise and confidence. The trouble is that maintaining a consistent and gorgeous tan all the time is difficult. It requires a certain time dedication in the sun that isn’t always possible Even worse, seasons change and it isn’t always possible to get a natural tan from the sun depending on the climate. Thankfully, there are alternative solutions out there.

It’s 2020. You don’t need to depend on the sun to have a tan anymore. That’s boring 20th century thinking. Now it’s time to embrace the tanning alternatives of 21st century life. Sunless tanning solution can be a great option for customers who are not able to go in the sun for extended periods of time or who do not have the time to tan. Sure, it’s not exactly a natural solution, but with the right product no one ever no the difference, so what do you care? Since alternative suntan products use bronzers and other melanin production aids they are able to give you a real tan without exposure to UV light. It’s an impressive solution. You’ll never want to go back to conventional tanning again!

With this in mind, let’s see what the best spray tan solution on the market is. Before we begin, however, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your product. There are many spray tans our there after all. So, it’s important to find the one that is right for you.

Best Spray Tan Solutions

How Does It Work?

Sunless tanning solutions work by using substances call bronzers and enhancers. These work at a cellular level by simulating UV exposure and speeding up your natural melanin production. That’s because melanin is what causes your skin to get darker this allows you to get a natural looking tan without the typical effort. You can spray it on without baking in the sun.

These products also often have dyes in the product that are designed to stain your skin. This is what often gives the presidential orange hue people often associate with sunless tanning. However, when applied properly and not overused, these products will give you a tanned appearance without any orange hue.

These products work thanks to the balance of dyes and bronzers. The natural darkening of your skin should offset the orange tint of the dyes. If, however, you use a cheap sunless tanning solution without any bronzers then you are almost guaranteed an orange hue when you use the product. You have to be careful to choose the right product and use it correctly. No one wants to spray themselves orange. That would make you look ridiculous and no one would take you seriously.

Without bronzers, your skin is not going to react to the tanning solution, so it will simply absorb and reflect the dyes present in the product. This leads to an orange look. When your skin reacts along with the dyes, however, it is able to create a natural look that should convince anyone that your tan is natural. It is possible to trick everyone with a good spray tan. You just have to take this process seriously and do it right.

Lotion Or Spray?

Sunless tanning solutions are available both as lotions and as an aerosol spray for easy use, but you can also purchase the spray on a solution as a standalone product. These will usually require the use of an HVLP airbrush, but we will talk more about that later. That’s a complicated enough process to justify it’s own section.

Sunless lotions often have a higher bronzer content since it is being rubbed in, so these are more likely to give you a truly natural look. On the other hand, lotions are much more likely to stain your clothes if you sweat after applying them or streaking if it is not applied evenly. So you have to pick your spots. This is a good tanning solution for the winter, for example.

Sprays, unlike lotions, are usually easy to apply evenly and will not streak. Streaking is a result of uneven application since the little bit of extra from a line of lotion will still contain bronzers and dyes for darkening your skin.

Is It Safe?

Many people will ask if sunless tanning is safe, but the better question is, “is it less safe than traditional tanning?” The answer here is a resounding “no.” Sunless tanning is actually much safer than traditional tanning. This is because sunless tanning works through a chemical reaction on the surface layer of the skin. There is absolutely zero chance of getting sun stroke or cancer from this process, even if it isn’t quote-unquote “natural”.

Since sunless tanners work on the surface layer this means the deeper layers are not even being affected, but it also means that your tan is only temporary. Anyone who has used a sunless tanning solution in the past can tell you this, but it should last for several days at least. This is a process that you’ll have to engage in regularly to maintain a golden hue. However, it’s not as if “natural” tans are permanent. This sort of thing always requires effort and repetition.

So, why is traditional tanning worse than sunless tanning? In short, with traditional tanning, you are purposely injuring your skin. This, over time, can lead to an increased risk of melanoma, or skin cancer. Over time increased exposure to UV light increases your risks dramatically. Cases of melanoma in people under 40 is on the rise, so this is definitely a valid reason for concern. This makes sunless tanning the safer option.

Since it is safer, sunless tanning solutions are especially great for customers who have physical limitations which prevent them from being out in the sun too long. This can apply to cancer survivors as well as people with albinism who do not have enough melanin in their skin to protect themselves in the sun. So, never judge someone who chooses to use spray tan or lotion, they might be doing it for personal reasons.

You can read more about the safety of these products here.

Does It Smell?

This is a common concern with tanners since most suntan lotions tend to leave an “after tanning” smell on people when they use them. Sunless tanners are not being exposed to UV light for hours at a time or the heat, so they do not suffer from this.

In addition to not being exposed to heat, most sunless tanners will have some type of perfume mixed into the product. This is usually going to be a very light, fruity scent and should be pleasant, certainly not what you would get in a tanning bed. So, the simple answer to this question is “yes.” It’s unavoidable. But it doesn’t exactly have to be a sad thing or a bad thing. It’s just part of the process.

Will It Dry Out My Skin?

Many people also worry that the use of a sunless tanning solution will dry out their skin. While cheaper brands can cause issues with skin dryness, a quality product will contain moisturizers to keep your skin from getting dry as a result of using the product. This is why it’s important not to cheap out and buy just any old tanning solution. There’s no such thing as a getting good deal on these products. You’re going to get what you pay for and the added cost is always worth it.

How Long Will It Last?

When used properly, sunless tanners can last up to a week. Since they only work on the surface layer of the skin it will simply fade and wash away over the course of a few days. Most will not last a full week, however. Most sunless tanners will last at least 4 days but can last up to a week. Time in the shower or pool can decrease this.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s see what the best spray tan solution on the market is. There are a number of criteria for the best sunless tanning solution. These include ease of application and how natural the tan looks. Obviously, there’s no definitive sunless tanning solution for everyone. It will all come down to your personal tanning needs. So read this over carefully and think deeply about what you need in a tanning solution. No one can decide this for you. You must take the responsibility to learn about what tan solutions have to offer and decide which one will fit best into your personal lifestyle. The perfect sunless tanning solution for your life is out there. You just need to find it.

Top 5 Spray Tan Solution Reviews

Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution

Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution



Let’s start off with a non-aerosol spray. This solution is a bit more difficult to use since it requires the use of an HVLP airbrush to apply it. HVLP stand for high volume, low pressure and is a common technology in the airbrush and automotive painting industry. It allows a user to spread a large amount of material with a relatively small air compressor.

Because this product requires the use of an HVLP airbrush you will most likely need to visit a professional, but you can apply this at home if you purchase the equipment to do so. In general, this product can be applied with a simple HVLP airbrush. These can be found online and in stores for as little as $20, so they are cheap.

This product is raspberry scented, so you don’t have to worry about any type of foul or off-putting sunless tanner smell. Results usually last between 5 and 7 days, so you can expect your tan to make it through your trips or whatever another event you are tanning for.

This product also washes out of clothing very easily, only requiring a machine wash, so you don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes.

Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution

Sjolie Organic Spray Tanning Solution


This is another sunless tanning solution which requires the use of an HVLP system since it is a spray on a solution, not a lotion, but does not come in an aerosol can. This means you will either need to enlist the assistance of a professional or procure the equipment yourself.

This sunless tanning solution is 100% vegan and is even approved by PETA, so you can be sure it is a cruelty-free product and was not tested on animals. It is also made from all natural ingredients, so if you are looking for an all natural sunless tanning solution this is going to be your best bet.

Sjolie also sells a prep spray that you can purchase to use before you apply this sunless tanner. What this is is an additional spray that will prep your skin for the sunless tanning solution. It does this by balancing your skin’s PH balance and stripping away the oils from your skin allowing the spray to adhere better.

Norvell PREMIUM VENETIAN PLUS Sunless Solution

Norvell PREMIUM VENETIAN PLUS Sunless Solution


Like our first Norvell product, this one requires the use of HVLP equipment for application, but it is still a great product. This product is also 100% vegan, similar to the Sjolie we just covered. It is also completely nut-free, so if you have a nut allergy then you don’t have to worry about setting it off with this product.

This product also includes a perfume mixed into the product to keep you from ending up with a “spray tan” smell like some other products can. This is especially good for instances where you need to be tanned, but don’t have time to go to a tanning salon. In these instances, you may only have a few hours to prepare for a meeting or similar event, but you need to make sure you are looking your best, but still smell good.

Norvell Amber Sun Sunless Tanning Aerosol Spray with Bronzer

Norvell Amber Sun Sunless Tanning Aerosol Spray with Bronzer


This is the first product on our list that does not require the use of an HVLP system in order to apply it. In this case, the product comes in an aerosol can and can be sprayed on without additional equipment. The design of the can means that you can apply this product from any angle and still get even results. This is great for users who are coming from cheaper brands that have to be held perfectly flat in order to spray properly.

Cheaper brands tend to leave uneven applications and can lead to a blotchy looking tan. This particular product also includes bronzers for a natural looking tan. It also does not contain oils, so it is not going to clog your pores and cause a breakout like cheaper brands can.

Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution

Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution


This is Norvell’s premium, sunless tanning solution. It offers natural DHA and other bronzers and is 100% vegan. This product will also not agitate nut allergies, so it is safe to use if you suffer from a nut allergy. Like many of the other products on this list, it requires the use of an HVLP airbrush for application, but it is well worth it. This product is quick drying and should last you close to a week. This makes it one of the best products on this list.

This product also contains vitamins and nutrients to help keep your skin looking healthy and moist. This should help prevent your skin from getting dry as a result of using this product. It also has a light raspberry and almond scent to it, making it a pleasantly sweet solution.


At the end of the day, it is up to you which sunless tanning solution you choose, but these are the top five options we found. The top option from this list would have to be the Norvell Organic Original. This is because it is 100% organic and vegan.

Norvell Organic Original also does not contain any nuts, so if you have a nut allergy you will still be able to use this product. Novell products tend to last, on average, between 5 and 7 days, so you don’t have to worry about this solution fading too soon.

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