Best Infrared Heat Lamps – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Infrared heat lamps feature red-tinted incandescent bulbs, which emit a minimum of 250 watts of infrared light along with light in the red, orange and yellow wavelengths. The light rays produced by the lamps penetrate into and are absorbed by the body at depths of three inches or more inches.…

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The Best Vein Finders – Portable Vein Finder Reviews


Doctors, nurses, phlebotomists and emergency responder personnel all have occasions in which they must locate a patient’s vein to retrieve blood samples or administer medications. Finding an appropriate vein is not always an easy task. Patients are often subject to multiple venous sticks before health care providers access a vein.…

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The Best UV and LED Nail Lamps: Ultimate Reviews


Are you looking for a UV nail lamp or even a combined LED UV nail lamp? There are plenty of UV and LED nail lamps available for sale, and finding the right one can sometimes be difficult. They each have their own features and sometimes can only be used with…

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Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy – Beauty Angel RVT 30 Reviews


The skincare, fitness, and healthcare markets are booming with new, innovative products, based on the therapeutic effects of light therapies, constituting of different spectrums of light. In comes another trusted company with a range of products. The catch here though is that these products quite different from the ones already…

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Baby Quasar Light Therapy Reviews

NASA scientists became aware of the benefits of light therapy for cellular regeneration and healing. Initially, getting the therapeutic effects of phototherapy meant having to visit a dermatologist, therapist or spa. With the introduction of devices designed for in-home use, consumers now have the option of obtaining the same results.…

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Joovv Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Review


Once upon a time, a busy mother visited a tanning salon to get red light therapy. She wanted to heal eczema and get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy. The treatments worked, but she didn’t have time to keep going four times per week. Luckily, her husband designed and built…

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Best Dental Curing Lights – Our Picks and Reviews

Curing lights are commonly used by dentists in order to harden the resins or materials inserted to fill teeth or to apply appliance bonding. The lights are also used to activate teeth whitening and cleaning solutions. The chemical components contained within bonding, filling, cleaning or whitening materials are created to…

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