Best Tanning Lamps – Comprehensive Reviews

Skin tans create an attractive appearance of natural beauty, which boosts self-confidence and elevates your mood. While tanning beds at indoor salons are readily available, you must make appointments that may or may not fit into your personal schedule. Personal tanning lamps offer greater freedom. Achieve salon-quality results in the privacy of your home. In-home tanning devices emit UVA and UVB rays in low or high-intensity levels.

The lights are designed to mimic the rays naturally created by the sun. However, they generally emit a lower percentage of UVB rays. Thus, there is less chance to suffer skin damage. In addition to tanning, personal lamps are often used for seasonal affective disorders and problem skin. The rays are sufficient to trigger serotonin levels, which improve mood. By stimulating blood circulation and deterring microbes, you heal damaged skin without the need for an extensive selection of skin care products. The lamps are also useful for stimulating the body to make vitamin D.

Sperti Fiji Sun


Dr. George Sperti established the company, which has been manufacturing tanning lamps since 1937. The Fiji Sun is equipped with four specially-designed bulbs, which never get hot, which means you never get hot and sweaty during your tanning sessions. However, you must be careful when using the Fiji Sun. Do not be fooled by the lack of heat and indulge in lengthy sessions. Otherwise, the powerful bulbs will cause burns. Refer to the owner manual guidelines to prevent injury. Start slowly with two or three minutes of exposure. When sitting the recommended 18 inches away from the unit, you expose the top of your head to the middle of your chest thanks to the large surface area of the device.

The entire unit remains cool during operation. After finishing a session on one section of your body, you can quickly reset the device to tan another without having to wait for the system to cool down. The Sperti device also needs no warm-up time. The bulbs light up immediately after turning the power on.

The Sperti Fiji Sun comes ready to use. Simply plug the device into any standard wall outlet, set the timer and turn the unit on. The sun lamp is equipped with an automatic timer for sessions spanning from one to 15 minutes. You also get two pairs of protective eyewear. The unit is 25 inches wide, 9.5 inches deep and 14.25 inches tall. At 16 pounds and 11 ounces in weight, the Fiji Sun is easily moved from one location to another. Knobs located on either side of the unit loosen and tighten to enable you to tilt the sun lamp to the desired angle for optimal tanning. The lamps emit 70 percent UVA rays and 30 percent UVB rays.

The Fiji Sun comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on the unit and a 6-month warranty on the bulbs. Replacement bulbs are available. However, they are created to provide 1,000 hours of usage.

HomeClever Self Tanner


The Self Tanner by HomeClever is a six-pound portable, tabletop device that is perfect for home, office or any other indoor location. The device is especially useful for bringing the sun indoors during the dull, cloudy months of winter. The unit comes with four 15-watt UV fluorescent bulbs, which are designed to give up to 300 hours of usage. The device tilts slightly backward to ensure full facial exposure. A compartment on the back of the tanner conveniently stores the power cord when the lamp is not being used.

The unit must be turned on for five to 10 minutes in order to allow the bulbs to warm up to full power before it is ready to go. Each Self Tanner comes with protective eye goggles and an instruction manual. The unit has an automatic timer, which enables up to 30-minute sessions.

Along with allowing you to get a safe, indoor tan, the HomeClever device is also ideal for boosting your vitamin D levels, elevating mood or for healing acne-prone skin. Simply sit in front of the lamp for 20 to 30 minutes per session to kill the bacteria, which causes bothersome inflammation and eruptions. However, users should consult with a dermatologist before using the Self Tanner specifically for problem skin.

HomeClever CalSun


The CalSun home tanning lamp is the perfect device when desiring to maintain a healthy skin glow year round regardless of where you might live. The unit is particularly useful for people living in climates that receive an abundance of cloudy, rainy days or experience the doldrums of winter. With the facial tanning lamp, a lack of sunshine is never again a problem.

The unit features four, vertical 15-watt UV fluorescent bulbs, which emit light at strengths sufficient enough to get a beautiful tan. The cabinet holding the lights is tilted slightly backward, which ensures the light is effectively directed to the facial region. Each bulb has a 300-hour lifespan to provide hundreds of tanning sessions. You also get a pair of protective goggles designed to shield your eyes from the powerful rays.

The tanning device is very user-friendly. Simply turn the unit on and allow the lights to warm for five to 10 minutes before starting your session. The built-in timer adjusts up to 30 minutes of time. After your time limit ends, the CalSun automatically turns itself off. The lamp weighs a mere six pounds, which makes it completely portable for use at home or away. You merely need to position the tanning lamp on a tabletop within close proximity to an electric wall outlet. The back of the device also features a convenient compartment for storing the power cord when the CalSun is not in use.

In addition to tanning, the unit is also appropriate for use on problem skin. The UV rays emitted are suitable for annihilating the bacteria associated with acne outbreaks. Daily treatments of 20 to 30 minutes eliminate harmful surface microbes along with creating a soft, skinned kissed glow.

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