Best Multi-function Skin Rejuvenating Devices

Multifunction skin rejuvenating devices are manufactured to contain state-of-the-art electronics and technology to provide you with spa-quality skin care therapy in the privacy of your home. Comparable in size to hand-held electric razors, the devices come with varied features and in different price ranges. Similar to skin care devices used in spa settings, the rejuvenators provide anti-aging, deep cleansing and healing therapy by stimulating cellular activity deep beneath the surface to initiate biological and chemical effects. Simply begin the treatment process with clean skin and your choice of serums to ensure the device smoothly glides across the skin.

Norlanya TimeMaster


Norlanya has been in the business for nearly a decade. In that time, the company created beauty and medical equipment for use in clinics, salons and spas. Norlanya’s of elite but affordable home beauty products saves consumers time and money. The Norlanya TimeMaster skin rejuvenator reduces visible signs of aging using a combination of phototherapy, radio frequency waves and gentle electroporation stimulation. Weighing little more than 13 ounces makes the Norlanya home beauty device comfortable to hold and perform daily treatments. The Face TimeMaster has FDA approval and designed to maintain skin’s youthful appearance by:

• Balancing oil production
• Enhancing skin care product absorption
• Firming, toning and tightening
• Increasing elasticity
• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

By using the device for 10 minutes each day, over the course of one to three months, skin feels refreshed, smoother and younger. There is no need to watch the clock while giving yourself a treatment, as the rechargeable TimeMaster automatically turns itself off after the allotted time. During the session, users may feel a soothing warmth.

Four metallic surfaces are strategically positioned around the head of the device, which message the skin and underlying structures. The wand features the user-friendly controls to turn the device on, choose one of four power levels and select one of five light-therapy modes. The array of 14 LED bulbs emit red light at a 630nm wavelength to brighten skin, reduce lines and enhance blood flow for healing and cellular regeneration. The blue 415nm wavelength destroys harmful bacteria. The green 525nm wavelength helps fade scars and reduces inflammation and irritation. You also have the option of using a combination of the red, blue and green lights simultaneously.

The Norlanya device recharges in a mere 20 minutes and comes in black or white with a handy, portable tote bag. Each TimeMaster is also covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

AlwaysLux Skin Care Plus


The AlwaysLux 5-in-1 ultra skin rejuvenator provides comprehensive skin care using galvanic, micro-vibration, phototherapy and ultrasound to reverse visible signs of aging or to help heal and repair skin plagued by blemishes. Equipped with the latest technology in skin care, the device enables you to:

• Deep clean skin
• Enhance serum absorption
• Control breakouts
• Minimize scarring
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

The AlwaysLux weighs 1.5 pounds and features four function control buttons beneath a digital read-out screen for turning the device on/off, setting treatment session times, choosing the power level and selecting the treatment mode. The unit comes with a charging base, power cord, cotton pads, protective eye-wear and an instruction booklet, which details various treatments and settings. Each AlwaysLux also has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Galvanic ion setting emits negatively charged ions, which attract and capture debris from the skin’s surface. Positive ions capture the encapsulated debris and remove the toxins from the skin. The ultrasound setting emits sound waves, which penetrate deep into the skin to elevate the internal temperature to improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation and nourish cells. The added nourishment enables collagen and elastin production to help plump skin and diminish lines in addition to encouraging the replacement of surface cells.

The centrally located micro-vibration technology vibrates at a speed of 12,000 rpms to massage the skin and underlying tissues. The effect relaxes muscles while enhancing circulation along with encouraging collagen and elastin production. You can also combine the vibrating mode with skin care serum or toner for increased absorption. The red, blue or green phototherapy LED lights surround the micro-vibration portion of the Rejuven to improve blood flow, destroy bacteria and help even skin tone. The technology was created in such a way as to enable users to use one, two or more functions simultaneously.

Project E Beauty


The portable Project E Beauty skin care therapy massager combines phototherapy and ultrasound to:

• Even skin tone
• Firm, smooth and tighten skin
• Helps maintain moisture
• Reduce pores
• Clear blemishes
• Minimize lines and wrinkles

Use your Project E Beauty photon device in phototherapy mode, ultrasound mode or both simultaneously. The push button controls on the handle of the unit are self-explanatory. Simply turn Project E Beauty on, select the power level and put the device in one or both modes of operation. Although the skin care device is less expensive than comparable models, it is corded, which restricts use to being within close proximity to an electrical outlet. The device comes with protective eye goggles and an instruction booklet. Each unit is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The skin care device weighs 10 ounces and easily fits in your hand. The round head features the centrally-positioned ultrasound technology surrounded by the LED lights. Use the ultrasound in low, medium or high frequency to emit waves deep into the skin, which initiates a gentle warmth to stimulate circulation and cellular regeneration. The phototherapy function emits light in red, blue or green wavelengths to enhance the ultrasound action. Simply use the device 10 to 15 minutes each day in conjunction with your favorite skin care serum.



The world-renowned German GESS company has been providing beauty and health care products since 1992. The uSonic Ultrasound Facial Massager joins the long line of GESS products. The device offers ultrasound, phototherapy and ionic cleansing capabilities. Along with facial cleansing and messaging, the unit is suitable for use anywhere on the body and for all skin types.

The wand features a gentle bend, which makes the 2-inch head easier to position against the skin. The centrally located ultrasound and ionic unit are surrounded by the LED bulbs, which emit red, green or blue wavelengths. A digital screen displays mode and power functions after users turn the device on and make the desired selections via the self-explanatory push buttons. Use each of the modes singly or in combination to enhance skin cleansing, healing and rejuvenating effects. The GESS unit is one of the most affordable devices, is rechargeable and offers the latest technology in one convenient package. After using the GESS, simply store the massager in its charging base.

Top Beauty


The least expensive of skin care options also provides the most comprehensive technologies. The Top Beauty Skin Care Electrical Beauty Device provides radio-frequency warm therapy plus EMS vibration, electroporation ionic therapy and phototherapy in a single unit. The rechargeable unit weighs less than one pound and comes with a convenient charging base. The ergonomically-shaped wand features an on/off/power button and a mode function button. A digital screen displays your selections.

The treatment head has four metallic contact points, which deliver the radio-frequency, vibration and ionic therapy. The incorporated LED bulbs provide up to seven different light wavelengths. Choose from red, blue, green, amber, violet or combinations of red/blue or red/amber wavelengths. The Top Beauty device is safe for all skin types and might be used anywhere on the body.

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