Joovv Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Review

Once upon a time, a busy mother visited a tanning salon to get red light therapy. She wanted to heal eczema and get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy. The treatments worked, but she didn’t have time to keep going four times per week. Luckily, her husband designed and built a LED light panel so she could do treatments at home. And that’s how the Joovv Full Body Red Light Therapy Mini LED light was born.

Joovv Full Body LED Red Light Therapy

What can red light therapy do?

Red light therapy came into being because of astronauts. Astronauts wanted to experiment with gardening in space, and they needed light that would encourage plant growth. They also needed a way to heal wounds faster in space. Red light does both things, and so much more.

• Makes wrinkles and dark spots disappear
• Reduces inflammation from acne
• Heals skin disorders psoriasis and rosacea
• Relieves joint pain
• Speeds up the recovery time after surgery
• Reverses hair loss from certain conditions

Red light energy penetrates into the skin and energizes cells to form new capillaries for better blood flow, build new collagen, and release ATP. Humans and plants both respond well to red light.

What is red light therapy?

Sometimes red light therapy is called LLLT, or low level light therapy. It’s been studied for decades. One recent study declared that:

“LLLT appears to have a wide range of applications in dermatology, especially in indications where stimulation of healing, reduction of inflammation, reduction of cell death, and skin rejuvenation are required.”

Although lasers were used in early light experiments, doctors discovered that LED lights work very well. LED lamps can make human cells grow up to two times as fast. They are safe to use, making it possible to do red light therapy at home.

The red light emitted by the LEDs falls between 630 to 700nm wavelength, while 700nm and up heads into infrared territory. Infrared is helpful for healing joint pain, but it’s not needed to see all the other benefits from red light. LEDs are a great choice for light therapy because they are very energy efficient yet very bright and powerful, plus they are extremely durable.

How does the Joovv full body LED light therapy device work?

The Joovv device is actually very simple to use. It comes with a hook to hang it over a door, a 10-foot long power cord, and a pulley device to raise and lower it. Place it at the level of your body that you want to treat, like your face, your lower back, or a sore knee.

Stand or sit so that your body is no closer than 3 inches and no farther than 18 inches away from the panel. At that distance, the device covers an area measuring about 3 feet by 2.5 feet in area. You could treat your whole body in two or three sections in just a few minutes per day.

The panel is embedded with LEDs that emit red light in the range of 660nm, right in the most potent part of the red light spectrum. The LEDs deliver over 100mW/cm2 (1 Joule per minute) so it’s very bright for its compact size.

How much time does it take to do treatments?

Joovv recommends 5 to 8 minutes per session each day, with the expectation that different conditions take different amounts of time to resolve. Healing a wound may only take a few days, but making wrinkles disappear may take 8 to 12 weeks.

If you’re doing deep tissue repair, plan on placing the affected body part within 3 inches of the light and doing 8 minute sessions each day.

Being able to complete treatments at home is very convenient and saves a lot of time and money compared to visiting a salon or spa.

How safe is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is quite safe. You don’t even need to wear eye protection, although it’s a good idea to close your eyes to avoid the glare. The LEDs won’t burn your skin if you touch them, and they won’t give you a sunburn, either. The EMF output is less than 2 milliGauss, safe for humans.

People taking tetracycline, Digoxin, some anti-depressants, steroids, St. John’s Wort, or any medication that makes them photo-sensitive should avoid light therapy or at least discuss it with doctor first.

Joovv hasn’t gone through the process to get FDA approval on their device because FDA policy doesn’t require it if the device is used for general wellness.

What are people saying about their experience with Joovv Full Body Red Light Therapy?

Joovv publishes testimonials from users like spa owners, chiropractors, and ordinary people on their site. Of course, these are all positive statements about how they see positive results in themselves and others.

Reviews of the Joovv device on retail sites seem to be similar in nature. In general, red light therapy devices get much positive feedback if the user sticks to the recommended treatment regimen and has patience to wait for improvements.

This product is new enough that it may take a few more months to gather a larger cross-section of customer reviews.

How durable is the Joovv light?

The Joovv light panel uses LEDs that have a 50,000-hour lifespan. That means it will last for decades before those little bulbs burnout. The panel has five cooling fans and a grounded power cord for safety so it appears to be thoughtfully designed for durability. Joovv offers a 2-year warranty on it.

Verdict: is it worth the investment?

If you’re eager to treat skin conditions, an old or new injury, or hair loss, red light therapy is a natural, safe, and realistic way to speed up the healing process. It’s been studied, tested, and proven to work by astronauts, scientists, doctors, and horticulturists for years now.

The Joovv Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Light is convenient because it’s hands-free and can be easily adjusted to treat any part of the body. When it’s not in use, it’s neatly tucked away behind a door. It’s covered by a warranty, too.

If you want to perform red light therapy in the comfort of your home, this is a good investment that’s easy to use and safe.

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