Baby Quasar Light Therapy Reviews

NASA scientists became aware of the benefits of light therapy for cellular regeneration and healing. Initially, getting the therapeutic effects of phototherapy meant having to visit a dermatologist, therapist or spa. With the introduction of devices designed for in-home use, consumers now have the option of obtaining the same results. The hand-held devices contain LED lights, which emit light in red, blue or a combination of red and blue wavelengths. Light in the red wavelength spectrum penetrates deep into the skin to reduce inflammation and enhance blood circulation while causing a chemical reaction, which encourages cellular mitochondria to produce more energy for new cell growth. Blue light triggers the release of porphyrins in bacteria, which causes the microbes to self-destruct. The reputable Baby Quasar company offers a selection of in-home phototherapy devices.

Baby Quasar Pure Rayz

Measuring 4.8 centimeters in diameter, the Baby Quasar Pure Rayz has one of the largest treatment heads available in an in-home use therapeutic skin device. This means the unit features more LED lights, which enables treatment over a larger surface area. The Pure Rays bulbs emit light in four different wavelengths. Your skin benefits from the penetrating effects of amber lights at 610nm, red lights at 640nm, dark red at 660nm and near infrared light emitted at 850nm.

The combined effect calms overactive oil glands while stimulating cellular energy production for cell healing and repair along with collagen and elastin production. With a little commitment and patience, you see visible benefits in as little as two months. Quasar recommends using the Pure Rayz at least five times each week. Thorough application for each session typically takes approximately 16 minutes. However, the soothing warmth you feel on your skin during treatment makes the experience of using the device quite pleasant. An automatic timer alerts you when to move from one region to the next every three to four minutes. You need not sit by a clock while using the device. The Pure Rays shuts off automatically after treating each region. The Pure Rays weighs a mere 8.8 ounces, and the egg-shaped design of the unit makes it comfortable to hold. Simply relax in front of the TV or listen to your favorite music and let your session begin.

Each Pure Rayz comes with the power cord, protective eyewear and a convenient carrying bag. Baby Quasar also backs the device with a five-year, no questions asked warranty.

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz

The tear-shaped Clear Rayz is the ideal skin care phototherapy device for women or men. One side of the 8-ounce unit contains 42 blue LED lights, and the other side has 40 red LED bulbs. In this way, the Clear Rayz is useful for rejuvenating the appearance of skin or helping to reduce the visible signs of acne. Depress the power button once, and the red lights illuminate. The Clear Rayz is safe enough to apply the lights directly to the skin. During treatment, move the unit in a slow, circular or sweeping motion while treating one region at a time. The time to treat each area is seven minutes in length, which makes treating your overall face a 30-minute endeavor.

When wanting to kill surface bacteria linked to breakouts, simply turn the Clear Rayz over and push the button twice. Use the same circular or back and forth motion to treat specific areas for each five-minute session. At the end of the seven or five-minute session, the device automatically emits a low tone before shutting itself off. Simply turn the unit back on to the desired red or blue wavelength and continue treating your skin. The Clear Rayz can also be used on other body areas when needed. Quasar recommends using the device three to five times weekly for approximately eight weeks to get optimal results. After two months, reduce the number of weekly applications for maintaining your skin’s appearance.

Each Clear Rayz comes with a power cord, protective eyewear, convenient carrying bag and Quasar’s five-year warranty.

Baby Quasar Plus

The elite, hand-held Baby Quasar Plus provides you with the opportunity to give your skin professional quality phototherapy in your home while saving time and money. The device is made using sturdy anodized aluminum. The Quasar Plus is available in your choice of traditional chrome, metallic pink, turquoise or gold-tone finish. The unit features a long, slender handle, which makes the Quasar Plus easy to use for treating facial skin or for emitting gentle therapeutic warmth to hasten healing from minor muscle injuries.

Quasar made the device user-friendly. Activating the therapeutic LED lights merely requires pushing the power button switch to activate the lights. The treatment head measures 1.44 inches in diameter and boasts 24-3mm LED lights. Each time you turn the device on, you get the benefit of four wavelengths simultaneously. The LED bulbs include 6 red, 6 amber, 6 red/amber and 6 infrared. The size and number of bulbs ensure your skin benefits from more intensive light power compared to competitive models.

Merely turn the unit on and apply the Baby Quasar directly to the skin. The built-in, automatic timer emits a beep before turning the device off after treating one area for three minutes. Treating your entire face takes 12 minutes. The device is safe to use for men or women three to five times every week. Quasar recommends dividing your face into four regions:

• The forehead
• Around the eye region on the left side
• The eye region on the right side
• The cheeks and jawline.

The Baby Quasar Plus comes with a lens cap, protective eye-wear, a travel pouch and instruction manual. Each unit also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Baby Quasar MD Blue

The MD Blue is specially designed to provide the ultimate acne and blemish fighting skin treatment. The Baby Quasar treatment head on the MD Blue measures nearly two inches in diameter and contains larger 5mm LED bulbs. The device is also constructed from durable anodized aluminum and is available in chrome or in a metallic pink finish.

The device enables you to treat larger areas with more intense light power. The improved treatment head size also cuts down on the length of your treatment sessions. Use the MD Blue to treat your entire facial region in only 16 minutes per session. Later, once skin is clear, use the device for spot treatments. The MD Blue is effective and easy to use for women or men suffering from problem skin. The Baby Quasar model is also safe enough to use three to five times a week.

The blue LEDs emit light at a wavelength of between 415 and 420nm, which is the frequency needed to effectively kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. The MD Blue enables you to treat breakouts without the need for irritating agents by providing prescription-strength phototherapy directly to the source of the problem. The device gives you the freedom and convenience of treating your skin as often or as little as you need without having to run to a spa and spending hundreds more. There is nothing to adjust and no menus to navigate. Simply press the power button and you are on your way to clearer skin.

Each Baby Quasar MD Blue comes with protective eye-wear, an instruction manual and tote bag. You also get the benefit of having a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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