What To Do After Tanning Bed

We all like to get our skin tanned a little. This may be done artificially or even naturally. Be it the tanning bed or even just lying under the sun, tanning does take a toll on the skin. A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation to tan the skin. The sun’s UV rays might harm our skin a little. And we also have to know what to do after tanning bed. Because taking essential measures to protect it after a tanning session is very important.

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What to do after tanning bed

Measures to take after a tanning bed session

  • Rehydrating the skin

    Tanning removes the water content of the skin. So what you have to do here is rehydrate it after a tanning session. So it is advisable to drink loads of water to avoid the situation when the skin goes dry.

  • Moisturizer

    After a tanning bed session, a moisturizer is of great importance here! For similar reasons as the last point, you need to moisturize your skin once you have got the tan. The main purpose here is to protect and preserve the layer of lipids that is guarding your skin.

  • Avoid a shower

    After a tanning session, you need to keep the oils in the skin intact. For this reason, you could avoid taking a shower right after the session. A shower before 4 hours from the tanning session can be really detrimental for your skin. Even if you do, restrict it only to a hot water bath. This will help moisturize the skin.

  • Dark chocolate

    You won’t believe the benefits dark chocolate has in a case of tanning. The chocolates help in rehydrating your skin and also limit the damage from the UV radiation. The presence of flavonols, a strong antioxidant is what makes dark chocolate a good remedy here.

  • Fruits

    Fruits help in providing the lost moisture from your skin. So, consuming a lot of fruits especially the ones with huge amounts of flavonols is a very important aspect here. A few ideas would include grapes, apples, pears, cherries, pomegranates and the likes.

  • Burns

    If there is a burn on your skin from all the tanning, make sure you treat it immediately. Else, it might become really unhealthy for your skin. The faster you treat it, the lesser the damage it will cause.

  • Damp towel

    After a long and extensive tanning session, you could try to cool the skin down with a cold damp cloth. This will soothe your skin after having left open to UV radiation for long hours. Also, it is essential that you follow this up with a moisturizer immediately.

Things you will need after a tanning bed session

  • Water
  • Moisturizer
  • Fruits

Tips and Warnings

  • Drink lots of water before and after your tanning session. This will prepare the skin for the extensive stress it will undergo. So, carry some water to the tanning bed and be in constant touch with it.

  • Excessive use of the tanning bed can cause more damage to the skin than what you could think of. So, don’t use it for too long, beyond the prescribed time.

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  1. I use to go to a tanning salon and the woman that owned it always had a bath cloth that had some kind of moisturizer in it she kept the cloths in a small fridge i was just wondering if any other salons did this and if so what did she soak the towels in.the small wash cloth smelled really good and made my skin feel great afterwards.i have my own bed now and i kinda want to make some of whatever that was up for myself

    • Wow! That sounds really nice. Did you ever find out? If not, I wish someone had an answer, as I have a bed at home, too.

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