Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion Review

Are you looking for a natural bronze tan that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft after application? Then you can’t say no to Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion! This solid black tanning lotion is a product of Millenium Tanning’s and it’s among the best sellers. It is a great tanning lotion due to its lovely incredible dark results and low price. It is a pretty awesome lotion that offers quick tanning results.

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Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Consistency and Feel

It is not like your average lotion! It has an excellent consistency. It speeds evenly, and it is non-greasy. Ensure that you apply it evenly on your skin for great and quick results. This lotion leaves your body feeling smooth and attractive afterwards.


This tanning lotion offers off a pleasant orchid scent – it doesn’t have much tanning lotion smell. It has a lovely scent that sets it apart from other similar lotions. Its smell is great as compared to your ordinary tanning lotion. It gives a natural, enjoyable scent after moving out of your tanning bed – an added advantage!


This tanning lotion disperses nicely on your skin. It is also easy to apply, and it spreads evenly on your skin. It dries relatively quick allowing you to get in the tanning bed or even to have a short sunbathe. Don’t worry if you face any of this lotion build-up on your skin. It will fade away only after one shower!


  1. It has a nice fragrance, and it quickly leaves the skin super soft.

  2. It is a non-greasy lotion with no streaks.

  3. It is a bronze lotion that gives a pleasant golden brown tan and no orange streaks.

Features and Specifications

This lotion is pretty nice since it utilizes a tanning technology to deliver 100X – the ultra darkening, which helps to give dark results within the shortest time possible. Its quality surpasses all the other lotions available in the market today. The fragrance is ensured by a mixture of different ingredients. These include silicone bronze blend and tan enhancer that functions effectively to moisturize your skin while offering an even tan.

There are many lovely natural ingredients that are used to deliver the final features of this lotion; some of these include walnut, pecan seed oil, and sunflower, oleracea fruit oil, banana fruit extract and camellia oleifera leaf extract.

Tanning Results

The Millenium darkening lotion has 100X auto darkening ability – since it is a bronze lotion. When you apply this lotion on your body for the first time, leave it to soak in, and you will see some color on the skin because it functions fast.

People with golden skin complexion will appreciate this lotion because it gives a remarkable difference in the skin color within a short time. Most people recognize significant changes in only within two to three sessions.

Bottle Design and Look

This lotion comes in a pretty cool white and grey 13.5-ounce bottle featuring a cross sing and beautiful swirls on the front, and then Solid Black printed in vivid, white lettering.


  1. It stains the hands and dries the skin for some users.

  2. It has skin build-up effects. You should rub the lotion effectively to ensure even distribution.

The beautiful features of this lotion compelled me to give it such a high score. It is pretty, easy application and it spread evenly on your skin. This darkening lotion also offers the body a silky smooth touch and leaves the skin rather quickly. It is affordable and comes in a beautiful bottle. The amount of lotion inside the bottle is also much for a relatively long use.


The few disadvantages should not be overlooked though they don’t lower the quality of this lotion. To avoid the side effects, test by applying it to a small area on your skin or you can consult your dermatologist. The Millenium Tanning New Lotion is perfect for all people who want a quick and affordable skin darkening solution. It is very consistent (spreads evenly), and it has a pleasant smell that you will love.

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  1. I wanted to add my subjective opinion as well. I have been tanning for quite a few years, as I have fair skin and freckles, and by tanning before summer begins, it helps me to build a nice base tan so that I do not burn, (I enjoy outdoor activities throughout the summer, and burning is really bad for you, when you burn is actually the cause behind skin cancer, so tanning is actually safer if you do it the correct way and slowly build exposure time). I have tried a very diverse variety of lotions paying anywhere from $10 to $150. I have noticed that just because the salon raves about the expensive lotion being the best, it was pretty much just a marketing and sales technique used to increase profit, (who can blame them though, don’t we all like to make money? smile). Yet, many of us have budgets and I feel as though such a “splurge” should be used for something that provides a more lengthy period of enjoyment.
    This year I decided rather than splurge on lotion I would save my $$ for a vacation. So I looked to Amazon read some reviews and made the decision to try “Solid Black 100X”. I must say I was skeptical in the beginning. However, to my surprise, I was thrilled after 3 tanning sessions when others would notice my tan and make kind comments on my complexion. I too noticed that I looked as though I had been tanning for about two months. The best part is, unlike other bronzers and/or self tanning lotions , “Solid Black” does NOT give you a fake “orange”, (what I call the “Oompa Loompa” look.) The result is a beautiful, natural looking tan.
    I will also say that a good technique for using this lotion is exfoliating, (I like bodycology sugar scrub @ Wal-Mart for $4), shaving, then applying a good moisturizer, before tanning. This ensures a nice even skin tone with no worries of “streaking”, it also helps your tan last longer, not to mention moisturizer protects the skin from aging, also included are the “firming” ingredients in the moisturizer, (yet another perk, smile).
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for quick results, as well as a quality product. I even compare this to “Miss Designer” by Designer Skin retail $150 (yikes), and would conclude that “Solid Black 100X” is a BETTER lotion !!!! Of course if a “prettier” bottle and social status icons are your thing then by all means, go with the most expensive, whatever. But if quality and price are a your interest please try this lotion! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

    • Thanks for your review!

    • I also use this product. and I can say it is the best tanning lotion for indoor or outdoor I have ever used. I am a 67 year old male. I had that dry ageing skin look on my arms and legs. I now have very smooth looking arms and legs. I would use this lotion even if I did not use a tanner or the sun to tan. Just for the fact my skin looks smoother and younger.

  2. I was able to see visible results after the first tanning session. Exellent product, worked very well in my opinion

  3. I am 77 and look no more than 60 with a great tan. It is a remarkable product

  4. Hi, can I use it for indoor tanning, meaning inside those infra tanning machine that tan for 15 mins.

  5. The sun beds would be a faster process than the natural sun how long would it take to get the same results in the natural sun?

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