Top 5 Best Hempz Tanning Lotion Reviews for 2017

Hempz Naturals- Natural Bronzer has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 18 user reviews.

Staying out of the sun just got a little easier. This summer you can add a glow to your tan that will certainly make all your other tans seem a little lacklustre. The secret to getting perfectly tanned is in choosing the right lotion. If you make the right choice, your lotion should light up your tan with vibrant lustre and life, giving you a wonderful tan, faster and more easily than ever before. Here we review some of the best Hempz tanning lotions on the mark.

 Hempz Naturals- Natural BronzerHempz Naturals- Natural Bronzer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce
Hempz Naturals- Tan MaximizerHempz Naturals- Tan Maximizer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce
Hempz Naturals- 20x BronzerHempz Naturals- 20x Bronzer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce
Hempz 25x Bronzer - Dark NaturalHempz 25x Bronzer - Dark Natural
Hempz Touch of Summer MoisturizerHempz Touch of Summer Moisturizer

What Are The Benefits In Using Hempz Tanning Lotions?

Lurking around the intense summer heat may cause your skin in bad condition even if you’re actually aiming to have a tan complexion. It is important to have a safe and enriched with natural ingredient products that will make your bronze skin treatment, a healthy one!

Proudly to say, the Hempz Tanning Lotions have what it takes to make your skin tanned in a natural and healthy way. The Hemp Seed Oil extract is the main source of vitamin ideal for targeting a radiant, young, and glowing skin hence, a great herbal solution for a safer cosmetic tan.

Get infused with this Hempz brand and start exploring the different tanning lotions that it can offer. To expatiate this further, here are the exciting benefits of the Hempz Tanning Lotions.

1. Nourish The Skin

It can provide vitamins and food to the skin to make it soft, glowing, smooth, and healthy which includes Hemp Seed Oil and Shea Butter.

2. Protection Against UV Rays

The herbal extracts serve as the shield of the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. The active ingredients are Raspberry and Cucumber.

3. Anti-aging Feature

The Hempz products promote anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and anti-oxidant ingredients to fight free radicals and sun damage hence, the active ingredients are Grapefruit, Ginseng, Ginger Root, and Vitamin A.

4. Powerful Anti-inflammatory Effect

The cucumber and ginger root extracts are induced with natural anti-inflammatory properties that make the tanning less stingy and reduce the redness of the skin.

How To Choose A Hempz Tanning Lotion For You?

First and foremost, you have to consider the skin tone and type that you have since tanning solutions vary for every skin type. For instance, pale and fairer skin types can only tolerate a mild tanning lotion whereas for the medium, olive, and dark skin types, they can apply an extreme tanning lotion.

Moreover, some people have sensitive, dry, and oily skin types. In this case, the mild Hempz tanning lotions are the recommended tanning treatments for the sensitive, oily, and combination type of skin. On the other hand, the dry skin types should take note of the moisturizing factor of the tanning lotion so that the skin will be replenished with proper hydration, moist, rejuvenation, and suppleness.

It’s important to perform the gradual tanning procedure before sunbathing in a straight one hour period. You should stay for about 15 to 30 minutes then add some interval for every sunbathe that you do. You can reapply the tanning lotion if it does not show a deeper darkening effect but be cautious about it.

Make sure to have a cool shower bath after you do the natural tanning so that it will reduce the stinginess and redness of the skin. Don’t worry about the cosmetic tan, the effect will definitely last long for about a week or more. Try these Hempz tanning lotions now!

Top 5 Best Hempz Tanning Lotion Comparison Chart

Here is a simple comparison of all Hempz tanning lotions reviewed in detail below.

1. Hempz Naturals- Natural Bronzer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce


Hempz Naturals- Natural Bronzer

The natural tanning bronzer goes on with a glossy texture and is comprised of natural tanning agents, including DHA and several activators, to produce a good-looking tan. As per the product description, the spray also includes special ingredients that nourish and hydrate the tissues of your skin, leaving your skin feeling moist, smooth, and soft.

Pros and Cons

Even though several users say that they have never gotten a deeper and more brownish tan, some of them are not a fan of the odour. However, users with sensitive and fair-toned skin types seem to have had enjoyed better results with this lotion than the ones they have tried out already.

Some users complain that the natural tanning agents act so deep in the skin pores that a weird smell comes out whenever they sweat.

Bottom line

This lotion has a twinkling bronze tint for a streak-free tan and instant satisfaction.

2. Hempz Naturals- Tan Maximizer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce


 Hempz Naturals- Tan Maximizer

The slightly tinted lotion incorporates the Eco bronze technology’s innovative use of ingredients to deliver smooth, moist and softer skin. In addition, it also has natural antioxidants in the form of pomegranate and green tea, and an array of other multi-vitamins.

Pros and Cons

If you are after a lotion that won’t dry your skin and make you sweat, this is the real deal. It works extremely well, delivering natural-looking results in a matter of few hours, and more importantly, does not leave an oily residue like other tanning maximizers available out there.

Even though the colour of the tanning lotion seems a little disconcerting at first, it has the right ingredients to create the darkest and deepest tan in many people.

A few users, who have tried products offering darker tans, said they were quite disappointed that they got a lighter tan than expected even after applying this lotion for few days in a row.

Bottom line

It is a great tanning lotion that does not have even an ounce of bronzer in it.

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3. Hempz Naturals- 20x Bronzer, 10.1 Fluid Ounce


 Hempz Naturals- 20x Bronzer

This tanning lotion is actually a blend of natural bronzers and DHA, designed to give extremely dark tan results. Derived from natural tanning agents, this lotion also includes Eco bronze technology to promote youthful, healthy tans in users..

Pros and Cons

Despite being gluten- and paraben-free, this lotion has got stimulators that produce an instant glow on the skin, making the tan noticeable within a few hours.

Another characteristic of this tanning lotion is that it includes a good blend of green tea, coconut, natural hemp seed oil and other vitamins to lock moisture into the skin, producing long lasting colour.

Several tanning lotion reviews confirm that the tan started to develop almost instantly, grew darker over several hours, and then lasted for about six to seven days. However, the lotion did leave a few tiny dark spots near the hair follicles, but these actually disappeared in a couple of days.

Bottom line

This is a darkly tinted tanning lotion that promises the best tan you could get from a bottle.

4. Hempz 25x Bronzer - Dark Natural Looking Color


Supre Hempz 25x Bronzer - Dark Natural

Enriched naturally with the best hemp seed oil, skin nourishing extracts made out of organic plants, and vital antioxidants, this black bronzer gets deep into your skin and works its charm to give you dark tan fairly quickly.

Pros and Cons

This lotion has got a special formula containing active ingredients to smooth onto the skin, no matter what type it is, for an even tan. In addition, it dries up in a matter of few minutes. The best part is it leaves a subtle tint of colour that actually deepens every time you apply it on your skin.

Although many people say its smell is a huge let down, it is not that way for everyone. Some may like it while some may not.  But it is not a deal breaker considering the kind of natural results you get from this lotion.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a natural tanning solution free of gluten and other agents, then this is something worth looking into.

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5. Hempz Touch of Summer Moisturizer


Supre Hempz Touch of Summer Moisturizer

Hempz has combined Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, water and other top ingredients to give your skin a subtle tan and help moisturize skin. Other ingredients work to reduce free radicals that damage can inflict major damage to your skin. The high concentration of moisturizing agents will surely help replenish your skin and maintain its nutrient balance.

Pros and Cons

This works as advertised, giving users a lighter touch of pigment whenever applied. Though it takes a few minutes to dry up, the effect it leaves on your skin is impressive, leaving a light tan colour and skin that is smooth to the touch.

If you are looking for a dark tan, this lotion may not be the best for you. Perhaps this lotion can be used as a tan extender, but the colour it produces is just not good enough for a tanning lotion from a brand like Hempz.

Bottom line

Despite its easy application and lovely smell, this is certainly more of a moisturizer than a tanning lotion.


Sunless technology sure has reached new heights. Many tanning lotion manufacturers keep pushing the bar and leave no stone unturned in bringing out high quality tanning lotions for the best results. Having said that, Hempz is a distinct brand that offers a variety of tanning products and lotions; you will definitely find one to suit your type of skin.

Go get any of these lotions and apply them as advised. You will surely be impressed with the way you will have tanned.

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