Advanced Facial Care Routines

A basic facial regular cleaning should be maintained to prevent having impurities on your skin and keep that great smile on your face. Most of the teenagers and even adults suffer from skin problems that may affect their confidence, dignity, social life, and personality. To solve this acne dilemma, you should be aware and take a good care of your skin. There are circumstances wherein you have to improve your facial regimen beyond the basic, why is that so?

Advanced Facial Care Routines

Sometimes, it is necessary to have an advanced skin care treatment because it could lead to a long term beautiful results than the ordinary facial routine. Don’t stick with the perception that a basic skin care is already enough just because you want to do it fast. Aim for a healthy, revitalized, glowing, beautiful, delicate, and flawless skin using various effective products based on the popular leading cosmetic stores. It is highly recommended by the satisfied users and dermatologically tested by the professionals.

What are the different maquillages to improve the skin?

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      • Liquid Makeup Remover / Makeup Remover Tissue
      • Cleansing Oil, Cream, or Gel
      • Exfoliating Cream or Lotion / Facial Scrub
      • Cleansing Cream / Mild Soap
      • Toner, Mist, or Refresher
      • Essence
      • Ampoule
      • Face Mask Sheet, Face Clay Mask or Peel-off Mask
      • Eye Cream or Eye Patch Sheet
      • Lip Moisturizer lipstick or sheet
      • Facial Moisturizer, Serum, or Emulsion
      • Night Cream, or Sleeping Mask

How to do the advanced facial care routine?

1. Regardless if you wear a makeup or not, the first skin technique is to gently tap and rub a thin sheet of tissue on the face so as to remove the dirt and makeup. You may also try a liquid makeup remover , then pour a liberal amount of liquid on a cotton ball and gently rubbed it all over the face.
2. To deeply remove the dirt and oiliness clogged in the pores, use your most favorite cleansing oil and gently massage onto the face. The focal point is to clean the face thoroughly before applying the other facial treatment products.
3. You may exfoliate at least once or twice a week in order to rid-off the dead skin cells and lighten the skin as well. Just rub the cream, scrub, or lotion to the face, massage it gently, and wash the face with warm water.
4. After the first cleansing technique, the final washing of the face is by using a mild soap or a cleansing cream. Make sure to select the soap that contains herbal ingredients, hypoallergenic, and gentle to the skin. Put a small amount of cream or rub the face with soap in less than a minute then rinse.

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5. Manage to use a toner, facial mist, or refresher to eliminate the remaining impurities left on the skin after the cleaning phase. Toners are enriched with antiseptic properties to protect the face from blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, pimple marks, breakouts, or oiliness. Just moisten a piece of cotton and wipe it all over the face and neck surface. Moreover, toners are infused with whitening properties intended for those individuals aiming to improve their skin complexion.
6. The active ingredients present on the essence helps to reduce the dark spots, wrinkles, and brighten up your skin. Put a small amount of the essence and massage it all over the face.
7. To boost your skin even more, try this ampoule skin care treatment that contains higher active ingredient concentrations compared with the essence. Usually, this product is being used after the essence. Manage a drop or a few drops onto the face and massage it gently. Let it dry after some minutes.
8. Enhance the collagen and nutrients to the layer of the face through facial masks . Usually, these masks are resting on the face for about 3 to 20 minutes and actually, some are used for overnight sessions.
9. If you want to emphasize the effect of skin food vitamins on a particular area like eyes or lips, you may put on the eye patch sheet or cream around the eyes to reduce the dark circles while a lip moisturizing sheet, a balm or lipstick to eliminate the dryness of the chapped lips.
10. Of course, it is important to apply moisturizer , serum , or emulsion to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. Just select your most favorite moisturizer and apply it on the face in circular motions using your tip fingers.
11. Complete the facial care routine by applying a night cream or a sleep mask to ingest the effect of the beauty product in an overnight session.

Keep your face rejuvenated, healthy, moisturized, flawless, smooth, and delicate by following these step-by-step procedures. Stay gorgeous, fabulous and young with these easy to do facial tips.

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