Red Light Therapy For Face

Red light therapy for the face (skin) is a skin care treatment which is being provided as a substitute for the laser therapy. The majority of studies relating to red light therapy rotate around the curing of bad skin, acne, and of its capacity to do away with wrinkles. This treatment is generally provided in salons, even though you also have the choice of setting one up at home. The therapy makes use of infrared lights as the major facet of this machine, and it has been famous to offer healing benefits to the body.

Red Light Therapy For the Face

​The History of Light Therapy

​Light therapy was initially used by NASA astronauts as a way to raise plants in space. It has ever since been used for the healing of specific psychiatric situation and sleep disorder. Red light therapy for the face in skin care industry was started as doctors observed a growing quantity of patients who were impervious to the ordinary antibiotic treatment, used for treating acne. The studies in recent times stretched out to monitor whether this therapy can also be used to get rid of wrinkles.

​How Does It Work?

​The red light penetrates the skin 8-10 mm at a wavelength of 633 nanometers. The red light activates the body to produce elastin and collagen and also creates new capillaries. The effect of more production of collagen and elastin will tighten and generate younger looking skin. Further, as a consequence of the treatment, it improves circulation of blood through the capillaries, which enhances wound healing and also benefits reduction of the scar tissues

​Red light therapy for the face is quickly becoming the safest, best, and most unproblematic and most reasonably priced way to attain a pulsating, younger-looking skin

Benefits for a Healthy Life​

​Red light therapy for face appears to be having an enormous amount of recognition in recent years and certainly for good reasons.

​Red light has the capacity to fuel the making of ATP, an imperative cause of energy in body tissues. This lets the ATP encourage quick action on the body’s defense system. The ATP aids in boosting circulation of blood which in turn decreases swelling and irritation. The improved blood flow can help those with high blood pressure as better circulation permit the heart to do a lesser amount of work.

​The ATP also improves white blood cells that work to fix hurt tissues and enhances collagen creation that generates suppleness in the skin and can help in wound healing. ATP also stimulates endorphins that offer calming relief from constant and sharp pain.

​Some of its benefits are given as follows

  • It promotes production of collagen
  • May perk up skin clearness, tone, and quality
  • Reduces wound recovery time
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • It is perfect for Headaches, Sinus pressure, blocking of nose, Sore throats, Ear pain, and Coughing
  • Can be used over the skin, joints and muscles to decrease inflammation or pain
  • It aids you in sleeping and getting a better, more soothing night’s sleep
  • Calms swollen tissues

​Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

There is No UV light linked with RED light therapy. Hence, it is absolutely safe to use the same for your glowing skin.

It can provide an excellent result if done under the supervision of a health expert by using a light box therapy. In terms of medical advice, it is always a fine idea to speak to a doctor before initiating light therapy. Red Light therapy for the face is usually safe. If side effects happen, they’re generally placid and short lasting. They may comprise:​

  • Strain of eyes
  • Heaviness
  • sickness
  • petulance or agitation
  • exhilaration, hyperactivity or anxiety connected with bipolar disorder

​When side effects do happen, they might go away on their own in some days of starting the therapy. Moreover, you may be capable of controlling side effects by decreasing healing time, moving farther from the light box, taking short breaks during elongated sittings or shifting the time of day you decide to use the therapy. Consult your doctor for suggestions if side effects are a problem and persist.

​Can you try it at home?

​If you are thinking to get a light-emitting device at home for Red Light therapy for face for anti-aging or getting rid of acne, we’d advice shopping the device cautiously and purchasing only from trustworthy manufacturers.

Due to worry over lawsuits, all producers of these devices are obligated to limit their strength, frequency to a much inferior power than the LED-emitting machines used by the dermatologist. That’s actually good news since it is likely to go over the top with these treatments and customers could end up harming their skin, which is by no means the goal.


​Because RED light therapy for face works on the defense system of the body, it, in reality, heals the cause of pain and doesn’t just camouflage the symptoms. RED light therapy offers respite from pain and uneasiness without the side effects of drugs or surgical treatment. Moreover, it provides you with younger and flawless looking skin. If you can try the therapy, you can really feel the difference. Yes, it can give you promising results without any side effects.

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