How Often Should You Use A Tanning Bed

Keeping your skin protected against the summer heat might be challenging because everyone has a good time swimming at the beaches, playing volleyball during the midst of sunshine, or relaxing under the solar therapy of the sun. It’s actually difficult to skip the most awaited season of the year and hide in the shade.

However, some people prefer the digital way of tanning their skin so that they can avoid the harsh and direct sun rays. They typically go to salons and make their skin pigmented through the use of a tanning bed. These sun beds are with radioactive and solar powered fluorescent lamps that works like the sun.

Why do people need to tan themselves? As the chief perception of many, if you have a tanned skin, you will have a greater protection against the prickly heat of the sun because your skin is enriched with melanin, which is responsible for keeping your skin protected and healthy at the same time.

For those interested people who would like to try a tanning bed solution to their skin, they should be aware of the several factors that may affect their skin and the proper procedure in handling the skin when having a tanning bed. As the primary query in this skin issue, how often should you use a tanning bed?

How often should you use a tanning bed

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How frequent you need to utilize a tanning bed?

First and foremost, you should find the best tanning salon with reliable assistants (must be SAE / Smart Tan certified) and ask for the equipment that they’ll be using. In addition, you should ask the assistant regarding the lamps because as a customer, you have the right to request for a new set of lamps to achieve the best tan.

  1. How many sessions are required for your skin?

The assistants may recommend tanning your skin depending on your skin type and vulnerability to the heat of the solar power, radiation, and pressure. They usually prepare a skin test first before inviting the patient to proceed with the tan using the sunbed.

Generally, if you have a fairer skin type, a 4 – 6 sessions every once or twice a week will be enough to have an effective and quick tan. For medium skin types, a 2 – 4 sessions will be ample for a once or twice a week bathing on the tanning bed to achieve the desired bronze glow results.

In any case, it’s actually an optional choice whether the patient will proceed with the next tanning session or she will be satisfied and contented already with the results. As long as being the patient, you don’t regret the color of your new complexion then you’ll be definitely happy with the result.

  1. How regular your tanning intervals should be?

As most recommended by the tanning salon experts, the patient should have an interval of 36 to 48 hours and get ready to have her next session. Reasonably speaking, the tan can fade especially if the individual has a pale to the fairer skin which means, the skin can regenerate and destroy the melanin hence, the complexion will get back to its original hue.

To avoid this phenomenon, the patient should strictly follow a once to twice a week tanning so that the bronze glow will be maintained and no harsh effects will occur on the skin. If the patient was already convinced and contented with her new skin, she may discontinue the tanning and maintain this bronze complexion by wearing sun blocks and applying moisturizers.

  1. Why does my tan fade?

The tan can be easily faded if the individual possesses weaker melanocytes in its skin glands. So, the recommended procedure is to follow the aforementioned tanning sessions and intervals to meet the perfect skin tan.


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Skin cells are active and they can renew the skin efficiently hence, it can turn back the original state and color of the skin. For those who desire for a much longer skin tan, they should have a regular maintenance to keep their tan and does not necessarily means to go to the tanning salons as frequent as possible. If they feel that they’re skin tan fades, they can renew their tan at least twice a month.

  1. How many hours do you need to spend per session?

Taking up a tanning bed per session, the assistant will normally advise you to have at least 15 to 25 minutes skin tan then rest your skin for a bit of relaxing for a while or taking a cool shower. Afterward, try another 15 to 25 minutes again until you finish the first session.

It depends on the skin test results and color of your complexion whether you will have longer minutes per session. The tolerance and type of the skin are the most significant key factors in dealing with the skin tan especially when you do it on a tanning bed.

  1. Can I tan for about 2x a day?

You will experience an extreme burnt and redness sensation that may eventually lead to risks of degree burns and black spots on the skin if you try tanning for about twice a day. As the law prescribes, the skin tan should only be done once a day and there should be a series of day intervals.


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Committing a twice a day tanning tantamount to a skin crime so better to listen to the salon experts and follow the skin rules of law so that you will never regret anything that will be done on your skin.

  1. Should I commit for a membership tan?

A membership tan would be a great plan for those that needs a regular tan and thorough tan complexion. It is also a great way to get discounts, promos, and free services every time there are seasonal events. The salon experts will be scheduled your tan sessions and it is best to have a full advice to achieve the perfect tan.

A membership tan contains consultations and other applicable topical treatments that may help your skin achieve its finest and bronze glow without deteriorating the healthy condition of your skin. In addition, estimate your budget if you’re willing to spend for a regular membership tan or resort to a skin tan only if you feel that you need it.

The Verdict: Do you know now how to tan properly?

Getting a perfect tan using the sunbed technology connotes an effective and efficient way of managing your skin to have the bronze glow. However, you should be aware of the caveats of having a frequent skin tan so you’ll keep in mind the proper guidelines to achieve a perfect tan without the risks of the tanning bed.

You should be aware of the 6 essential guidelines if you plan on how often should you use a tanning bed, which include number of sessions required for the skin, time to tan for every tanning bed intervals, reasons why tan fade, hours necessary per session, jeopardy of trying out a twice a day skin tan, and pros as well as cons of taking a membership plan tan.

By reading this entire context, you will now know the tips for a skin tan using the tanning bed technology. Actually, there’s nothing to be anxious about if you follow the proper procedures and check the services of the salon that you’re going to.

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