Northern Light Travelite Portable SAD Lamp Review

Northern Light Travelite Portable SAD Lamp

Northern Light Technologies Travelite 10,000 Lux Full Spectrum SAD Light Therapy Portable Desk Lamp is a solid and portable lamp that’s suitable for home and office use, it delivers approximately 10,000 lux of spectrum and can diffuse incandescence at a convenient room distance of 12-inches.

The lantern is usually delivered with a support stand where one can lay it vertically or horizontally, it’s also energy efficient running perfectly on just 48 watts of electricity.

Scientists have discovered that this product can be useful in treating seasonal depression that usually occurs during winter season, when the climate is cold and dark. Likewise, it can still be used to perform everyday office tasks that require bright light.

You only need to use the lamp for 30min a day to experience firsthand the relief it instantly brings out, bright-light therapeutic remedies have been proven effective in the treatment of various sleep disorders and jet lag.

What Customers Said about the Travelite Portable SAD Lamp


  • The device has an electronically-powered ballast system that guarantees reliable performance even when being used for extended periods of time, you will never hear it emit clanging hums or flicker for no apparent reason.
  • Travelite is officially manufactured in Canada following stringent CSA safety rules and assures customers total safety and satisfaction. It comes complete with a 7yr unlimited warranty so that users can save on the costs of repair/maintenance.
  • The bulb doesn’t have any negative effects on the eye unlike blue light sources which are known to cause macular degeneration when used for extended periods of time. Being a fluorescent based lamp, it delivers a standard amount of radiance that’s not too bright nor too dim for the eye.
  • Psychiatrists recommend the Travelite full spectrum light therapy lamp for rare circadian rhythmic disorders, such as when the body clock is running for extended periods of time other than the usual 24hr cycle. Those who suffer from this condition often have their bedtime hours shift ahead by at least 5 hours every night. However, by using Travelite the body’s false sense of time would be corrected to a normal sequence.
  • It doesn’t break down easily, you can use the brand for more than 10 years consecutively without worrying about mechanical problems. Cleaning is also straightforward and all that you need is a clean piece of cloth.
  • The lamp is portable and can easily fit inside your duffel bag, this means that one can take the bulb to work and bring it back home in the evening without shedding a sweat. As such, users can save money that could have otherwise been spent buying separate units for the two sites.
  • The psychological effect it creates can help reduce appetite for those who suffer from uncontrolled binge eating habits. Some customers who previously felt the urge to consume anything edible that they came across, reported having improved food intake behavior only after 3 days of using the SAD Light Box. Patients are also guaranteed to feel more active and energetic once the lights are turned on.


  • It requires some skill to assemble the product once shipped by the manufacturers, without the manual there’s nothing much you can do to get the bulb working.
  • There are individuals who complain that the light produced is extremely yellow and glaring, something that’s uncomfortable rather than soothing.
  • The lamp is basic in design and lacks any unique features that make it stand out from your typical household bulb, this coupled by the fact that it has higher price tag makes Travelite a deterrent to some people.


Travelite SAD Light Therapy Lamp is suitable for small to medium-sized apartments, it delivers a steady and distinct light that usually covers the entire room space. For more than 10yrs that the product has been in the market, physicians have always been recommending it for therapy which just goes to show how much people appreciate it.

The stand is simple to screw/unscrew yet still holds steady when one wants to unfasten it. The bulb doesn’t overheat either and can glow for well over an hour without the user having to recharge its battery. If you’ve been suffering from depression and looking for a fast, effective and affordable way to mitigate the disorder then this is just what you need.

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