Managing Winter Blues With SAD Lamps


The problem of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a common one in many countries with dark winters but that does not mean that dealing with the condition is simple.

Light therapy products are attractive because of the user-friendly styles and accessibility but there is the issue of having to use them regularly in order to maintain the effects.

This brief guide to manage winter blues with SAD lamps will consider these daily sessions and their results to help you deal with the condition more effectively throughout the winter.

Daily sessions of light therapy can be integrated into regular routines to make the treatments easier

Experts advise that light therapy be carried out as early in the day as possible; for some this condition will be met by simply using a dawn simulator when waking up but for others it will mean a session sat near a light box in the morning.

Some choose to do so during their breakfast, others may have the lamp at their desk as they work, but the important thing to remember is to sit at the right distance (never looking directly at it) for the right amount of time according the the lux level being produced.

The brighter the product, the less time you will need but don’t get a light that is uncomfortably bright just to be finished faster. Many lamps are designed to be placed on desks and bedside tables and others are free standing so there are plenty of options to make the sessions easier.

By making sure to carry out these regular, daily sessions you can slowly start to enjoy the benefits and have a better winter.

Thirty minutes next to a high-intensity SAD lamp wont miraculously give you lots of energy and improve your mood after one session but ongoing treatments will lessen the symptoms of the condition with time as the light substitution gets to work on hormone levels and the body gets used to the treatment.

Some say that they start to notice results in a few days, for other it can take longer, up to 6 weeks, and for a minority there will be no relief at all, the important thing is to keep at it and not let those melatonin levels rise again, even if it feels like it is taking a while to work.

When these lamps may not be the best option for managing SAD

Light therapy via light boxes is seen by most users as being the ideal solution because of many of the factors mentioned above but there are a few situations where these products may not be ideal and could even exacerbate the situation. The brightness of some of the high-intensity lux models may be too much for some people with light sensitivity issues, resulting in headaches and nausea, and it could potentially affect conditions like epilepsy. The best course of action is to speak with a doctor before using one.

There are a few factors to consider in order to deal with SAD effectively all winter but light therapy can be effective

Managing winter blues with SAD lights takes a lot of time and commitment because it requires daily treatments throughout the winter months but that does not mean that it has to be gruelling and that the effects are minimal. These short daily sessions with a simple light box can easily become part of a daily routine and could provide the results desired in reasonable time when managed properly.

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