Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Review

Verilux HappyLight Deluxe

The photos of the Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator give little away about what buyers can expect from the lamp in terms of light quality but it shows its size and potential for convenience and portability, something that is also heavily highlighted in the specification.

The designers also mention the concentrated output for quick daily therapy sessions and encourage buyers to get their “daily dose of sunshine” to enhance their “body’s sense of well being”.

Even though it seems like quite a simple product at first, the makers of this sunshine simulator seem to have considered a lot of buyers needs: does this come through when the lamp is actually in use and is as convenient and helpful as buyers hope?

What benefits have buyers seen when using this Verilux Deluxe Sunshine Simulator lamp at home?

There is a distinct pattern to the online user testimonials for this HappyLight: buyers state their reasons for buying it, often citing SAD and doctor recommendations; they talk about the design of the lamp, its size and brightness; then they discuss whether or not they have seen any benefits.

The results and viewpoints vary but the template remains the same. When discussing the design and brightness, the responses are generally positive but they are mixed. Some think it is too bright, others wish it was brighter and many think it is just right as they appreciate the “soothing, glare-free” effects and the frosting on the bulb.

It is possible that those that find it too bright are simply sitting too close to it. On the subject of brightness, there have been questions about the lux levels. It is advertised as 10,000 lux at 12 inches, which is pretty good, yet says 6,000 on the box. Thankfully, this is a misprint and it is really 10,000 lux.

Again, the design and construction of the Verilux Happy Light Simulator generally receives great reviews from users, with many saying that it is solid and stable.

The light is bigger than some other models on the market, which is worth considering if it is being purchased for something like a bedside table or small space, but many appreciate this size as it helps the lamp bring that natural glow to the whole room.

An additional bonus here is the option of wall-mounting the light for extra versatility. It is only once these reviews start to talk about the results that the product starts to lose a few marks.

Why are the results an issue and what other problems have users reported with this Verilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Simulator?

There are a surprising amount of comments stating that it is not like sitting in the sun and buyers have to remember the artificial, simulation side of this product; it is a substitute with similar effects not a perfect replication. For those that appreciate this nature, there are additional concerns than just the brightness of the light.

The results seem to be varied, and in some cases quite limited; it is advertised as being ideal for dealing with SAD, seasonal time changes, shift work and jet lag but while some people are seeing a difference in these areas, others are seeing no difference and a few are not sure either way.

The biggest problem is that a few users have noted adverse effects, such as headaches after prolonged use and nausea, which suggests the style of the light may not be suitable for everyone.

Summary: if the results and user verdicts on this Verilux HappyLight Deluxe model are so mixed, what is the final recommendation of this review?

There are a number of buyers that are unsure of their own final verdict because they perhaps need a little while to get used to using the lamp and this can have an impact on ratings. There is the problem of what happens when our expectations meet our first experience of using a product.

Buyers expect a bright form of natural light from this HappyLight that acts as a great substitute for the artificial lights in their home and are a bit disappointed when they find that it is not quite as bright or a natural looking as they had built it up to be in their minds.

However, with some time to get used to it, it becomes clear that the Verilux Happy Light Deluxe Sunshine Simulator is more beneficial than a regular lamp and it can have an effect on users’ moods and energy levels.

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