Northern Light Technologies Flamingo SAD Lamp Review

Northern Light Technologies Flamingo

The Northern Light Technologies Flamingo Nlt-fla SAD Lamp is advertised as being a worthwhile natural light source, thanks to the ability to provide 10,000 lux at 12 inches, with an “attractive and unique style”.

Consumers often buy this lamp because it is more of a standard lamp with a more beneficial light source than a fancy SAD light with all its timers and special features. Does this Flamingo model prove to be a great option because of this simplicity and familiarity or could it do more for its buyers?

What benefits have users noted in their reviews of this Northern Light Technologies Nlt-fla Flamingo Lamp?

A common benefit that buyers talk about is the idea of this light source flooding the room with natural light for general use over long periods. There is no timer, unlike many other models, but this is a benefit for most buyers that just want a simple substitution for harsh, artificial lighting in the home.

There is also the benefit of the pivoting head for better control of direction for concentrated light in specific areas, a feature that means that it also acts as a great reading or sewing light. It may only use 48 watts of power but its fluorescent bulbs are efficient and wide reaching with a pleasant tone. In addition to the quality and reach of the light source, there are some suggestions that this lamp helps people with the winter blues.

There is little mention in the descriptions of the model’s credentials as a light therapy device and its health benefits aside from the word SAD in the name but buyers say it has come recommended by doctors and it seems to work on a variety of symptoms.

What criticisms do buyers have about this Northern Light Technologies Nlt-fla Lamp?

The lamp has not received great reviews for its looks; it has a no-thrills design with a basic black lamp and the word “ugly” has be thrown around by some more critical users.

The biggest issue, however, is the cost. It is not the cheapest SAD light therapy lamp around. Some would say it is more expensive than other options because of the therapeutic light source.

However, it is also designed to be a more simplistic option with less features so the justification for the price tag starts to falter. Additionally, there have been construction issues with the base that suggest cheap parts have been used, adding to this idea that it is overpriced.

Summary: is this Flamingo Nlt-fla SAD Lamp too expensive to be worthwhile?

There are two ways to look at this lamp: one the one hand, you have the fact that it seems to be overpriced for what it is, given the general simplicity of the parts and construction and lack of features; on the other, it is a nice, basic lamp with a pleasing natural light source that works in the way that most buyers hope for.

The divide between the two means that this is a love it or hate it product but the fact that there are numerous reports of people using this on a long-term, daily basis and seeing improvements in their moods and cognitive abilities suggests that it is worthwhile in the right home.

If you are suffering with SAD or related issues, need a simple, reliable light source and are happy to pay a little extra for good results, this Northern Light Technologies Nlt-fla SAD Lamp could be the product for you.

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