Caribbean Sun SAD Light Box Review

Caribbean Sun SAD Light Box

Light boxes are becoming quite versatile in their shapes and intensities but the Caribbean Sun SAD Light Box clearly stands out as being quite impressive with its slim, modern shape and powerful 10,000 lux LED light source.

Not only is this energy-efficient device said to be ideal for easing the symptoms of SAD, buyers are encouraged to “take it with you when you travel”, suggesting an added sense of reliability. Are buyers seeing all this or is there little benefit behind the bright lights?

Does this sense of portability come through and what other benefits have users enjoyed with this Caribbean Sun Light Box?

This notion of being able to travel with the product is interesting as it offers an extra benefit for those that do not want to lose the effects of the light while travelling for holidays or on business trips. Buyers report that they have seen great success in transporting the box in their luggage and attribute this to the size, weight and construction.

This box is made of steel to ensure that is rugged but only weighs just under 3 lbs and measures 9 x 5 x 1.25 inches. Furthermore, the light is so easy to set up and use pretty much anywhere that it really can become a reliable travelling companion.

The reason why so many buyers are keen to test out these capabilities and keep the device with them each morning is because it really can work wonders for SAD and other related conditions, with many happy users mentioning a positive change in their moods and ability to function in the mornings after using the device.

This effectiveness is largely due to the light source, its lux and the distance it can be placed away from the user but this does not mean that everyone is thrilled with the light.

Why are some buyers less impressed with this Caribbean Sun SAD Light Therapy Box’s light source and what other disadvantages have been noted in reviews?

There is no denying that this is a bright light box, and it needs to be to produce adequate lux for the results desired, but there are many buyers that say it is just a little too bright to be comfortable, with some going as far as saying that it hurts their eyes.

There is a UV filter on the device for protection but many users suggest adding a diffuser to reduce the harshness or simply having a dial to adjust the brightness a little. Thankfully, the only other major flaw that has been put forward is that the stand is a little bit flimsy and does not match up to the solid feel of the rest of the product.

Summary: how does this brightness issue affect the final recommendation for this Caribbean Sun 10,000 lux SAD Light Box?

Ignoring the stand for a moment, there is only one major problem here and that is that the brightness makes this product far too uncomfortable for some users to handle. Clearly this will be a big problem for those with sensitivity to light and the box is therefore not as universally suitable for SAD treatment as its creators may have hoped; however, where this problem can be ignored or put up with, it is arguably worth doing so for the other benefits gained.

The Caribbean Sun Box would be better with a diffuser or dimmer but it is still a great product because of the results that can be achieved with this high-lux light source and the unusual quirks of the portable design.

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