Alaska Northern Lights SAD Light Therapy Box

Alaska Northern Lights SAD Light Therapy Box

Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 SAD Light Box is a scientifically proven therapeutic product that can help combat problems such as seasonal depression, mood swings and stress amongst other related psychological disorders.

The suitcase is silver-gray in color with sets of tiny luminous spectrum bulbs covering the entire surface, moreover this product only generates light that is free from UV Radiation. It’s UL-listed meaning that users can expect nothing short of top-grade reflectors for optimal brightness.

What Customers Said about the Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10000 SAD Light Box

Positive Comments

  • The streamlined reflector design helps in spreading light evenly across the diffuser’s entire sub-surface. Adding on to that, each light bulb has both UV and EMF shielding properties for maximum safety, especially when one is planning to use their system for extended periods of time.
  • People can trust this product since it has severally been tested and approved by medics and clinical institutions around the world. Once turned on, it churns about 25,000 hertz of electricity with no eye irritating flickers or electromagnetic fields.
  • Moreover, Alaska North Star 10000 is portable enough for one to carry it wherever they go, it doesn’t really matter if you are using the system at home, the office or while traveling abroad. The product is quite easy to maintain and won’t give you unnecessary problems while on use, also available is a comfortable low-glare prismatic lighting diffuser that protects your eyes from glare.
  • This SAD light box is UL-listed and features the highest grade of bulb/ballast combination for maximum efficiency, once fully charged it can last for 3 days without requiring another session of power input.
  • It works consistently from day-to-day delivering the same level of quality for each session, there’s not a single day that you will wake up to find your system is malfunctioning without a meaningful cause. Those that suffer from bouts of sporadic sadness should get this product ASAP to lift up their spirits, its money well-spent hands down.

Furthermore, the Therapy Box can be used by people of all ages whether young or old with the same level of success. Get it as a present for someone you hold dear at heart and he/she would appreciate you even more.

Negative Comments

  • This Therapy Box isn’t recommendable for use during the night time, it may release high levels of energy that can affect one’s sleeping patterns. Not unless you are the kind of person who prefers napping with the lights turned on. Alternatively, if you want to feel energized use the product early in the morning before going to work.
  • The tilt and floor stands are usually sold separately, meaning that one would have to spend more money acquiring them as well. On top of that, if one files for a return without prior notification of the vendors concerned then they will not get refund for money spent.
  • User instructions are quite unclear and most of the time one has to figure out things by themselves, the plastic clips which lock up bulbs into place are too tight meaning that the owner may find it hard to adjust brightness levels as required. You may be tempted to use force when adjusting the clips, but this can only lead to more problems as the system can break down.
  • There are customers who complain that some of the bulbs are delivered DOA/dead-on-arrival, they just won’t work despite the socket and wiring being in perfect condition. This greatly affects the product’s quality since brightness levels would be quite low, if this happens then the buyer would have been dealt a raw deal since they paid for a fully functional product and not one that has half of the bulbs malfunctioning.


Whether you’re suffering from major depressive syndrome, bipolar or seasonal affective disorders the Alaska Northern Lights therapy box has got you covered. It works in a cool and calm way to get you well within a matter of days. It looks pristine right from arrival and troubleshooting is also very straightforward, the entire setup process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

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