Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Review

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation is one of the bestseller incandescence simulator online that also doubles up as a natural alarm clock. Upon activation it allows light to enter the user’s eyelids automatically triggering the body to switch into wake mode.

It also fosters the release of cortisol hormone which is responsible for alertness, when one uses this product consecutively they would eventually be able to rise up in the morning without necessarily requiring an alarm clock.

Users would also benefit from:

– A choice of five unique wakeup sounds to accompany the light being produced
– Colored daylight simulation effects are designed to wake you up naturally without feeling as if sleep has been deprived halfway

What Customers Said about the Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light


  • It has a total of 20 brightness level settings where the light progressively increases after every 20-40 min interval, just before the integrated alarm system finally gives a warning call. The product also gives users an option of waking-up to one out of five simulated nature-inspired sounds.
  • Backed by years of scientific research, the UV-free Light bulb has been proven to wake users up in an improved mood, while at the same time improving their energy levels with zero side-effects encountered.
  • At night the product releases a shallow and relaxing dim light effect, which soothes you into a relaxing restful sleep within minutes. In case your bedroom is still dark, the display unit would automatically adjust brightness levels to a nice soft level. One can easily activate the Smart Snooze feature by touching the lamp’s surface after alarm goes off, this consequently results to an extra 9min of sleep.
  • The robust Philips HF3520 light has been designed with a nonslip rubber base that securely fits on the nightstand, even if you accidentally knock down the table that’s holding your lamp it would not fall down to the floor because of the sturdy rubber surface which provides maximum friction.
  • You no longer have to worry about getting late to work due to a malfunctioning wall-clock, the bulb gradually changes color starting with a light pink shade and then transitioning to yellow and finally white. This helps one to know which time of the morning it is for proper planning of the day ahead, whether it’s dawn, midmorning or approaching noon.
  • It can be helpful to those who suffer from panic disorders and terminal insomnia, the shallow soothing incandescence helps to calm down nerves so as to keep you safe. Parents with kids who suffer from autism and tend to sleep for exaggeratedly long periods of time will also find this product helpful, beeping alarms can be too loud for these special children and may even cause shock. The only reasonable solution to stabilizing such people’s sleep/wake circadian cycle is using HF3520 Wake-Up Light.


  • The product isn’t consistent and some customers have complained that it may actually stop working after a few months, for such a pricey bulb one would definitely expect much better performance.
  • Sometimes the lamp is delivered with a few missing parts, for instance, the sound system that usually accompanies your lighting may be absent and this can be inconveniencing. Without the standard alarm sound system, there are chances that you may not wake up at all given that some people require both senses to get out of bed.
  • Instructions are quite unclear to follow upon opening the box, not unless you’re a geek in such matters. The manufactures have tried to make things easier by adding a few pictures but it’s just not helpful.
  • Though you can easily customize the alarm system, the same doesn’t apply for sound, volume and light intensities. They were made to be static and there’s nothing one can do about it.

Summing Up the Reviews

If you’ve been having problems waking up during winter season then this product would definitely help you to relieve stress. It doesn’t necessarily blast you out of sleep but instead does so in a gentle way that leaves you happy and contented.

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