Day-Light Sky DL2000 SAD Light Therapy Lamp Review

Day-Light Sky DL2000

Day-Light Sky DL2000 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Lamp is a medically approved SAD therapy light that can help treat mild psychological disorders such as winter blues, jet lag, circadian sleep malfunctions and low energy levels.

It runs on BrightZone technology that delivers approximately 10,000 LUX of energy in a sufficiently broad illumination field, this is the kind of environment that light therapists internationally recommend for treatment.

The radiance produced by this lantern is 99.3% UV filtered, producing light from the top for an effective therapeutic experience.

Features and Benefits of the Day-Light Sky DL2000 SAD Lamp

– Has an angle and elevation adjustment knob that allows you to optimize utility settings at the touch of a button, there are two flicker-free settings that can be modified into therapy or reading mode based on your needs.
– It meets all the medical criteria of therapy set by experts, you can be rest assured that the bulb is safe and would work magic to solve your issues. The light has been described as a contemporary, eye catching and multipurpose system by leading industry figures.
– It’s a high grade task lamp designed to emit clear, non-invasive light.

What Customers Said about the DayLight Sky DL2000 SAD Light Box

Positive Comments

  • DL2000 is a stable and relatively easy to control device that promises you less headache and more runtime.
  • During winter season it helps in the production of serotonin neurotransmitters, this hormone can’t be released in sufficient amounts when the weather is too cold.
  • The light produced is sufficiently mild and can be left on for more than an hour without causing any burning sensations around the eyes, other standards bulbs would give you headache when switched on for such extensive periods of time.
  • The base area is strong and sturdy giving your machine sufficient balance, it would not topple over even when accidentally jerked by a passerby.
  • Day-Light’s ancillary diffuser cover helps to soften the glow so that your eyes don’t get damaged by the machine, use it for at least 20 minutes after waking up in the morning and your day would be stress-free.
  • The product is delivered with an instructions manual that can be useful in assembly, maintenance and general care of your lamp.

Negative Comments

  • Light intensity tends to degrade with time despite the fact that the bulbs have an 8,000 hours lifespan, unless you want to spend the remaining fraction of your lantern’s active cycle in dimness then it’s advisable to replace the energy bulbs after every 2yr interval.
  • Lux level may also reduce as you move off the central field range, therefore two users sitting shoulder to shoulder will not get 10,000 LUX but rather a lower level of incandescence. If such a thing happens, your need for a reliable therapeutic light would not be fulfilled.
  • Some people complain that at times the goods are shipped in damaged form, they look cheap and substandard compared to other brands in the market.
  • Conclusion

    Straight out of the box, the Day-Light Sky DL2000 SAD Light Therapy Lamp looks like it could fit into any setting/room in your house. Whether you plan to use your lantern at the bedroom or sitting room it would surely serve the function.

    This is a practical and user-friendly device that looks just as fresh as it works, the head and arm units can be locked into different angle lengths for enhanced usability. Moreover, many people like this lamp because it conserves energy and saves the user from soaring electricity bills.

    There’s a convenient chrome push key console on one of the ends that can be pressed to induce movement, nonetheless when the button is released it would automatically fall back into place. These knobs are moderately sized, not too large nor small, but just the perfect size to fit into your hands.

    You will appreciate the standard white light radiance that it emits without incessant flickers or harshness as is the case with other brands, this is what you’ve been waiting for all along to heal your winter blues. The product would make a huge difference in your family’s life, especially for members who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It’s the perfect gift that one can get this festive season to rekindle the spirit of joy and togetherness.

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