Northern Light Desk Lamp Review

Northern Light Desk Lamp

Northern Light Desk Lamp is a leading therapy light box that has scientifically been proven to help avert various psychological ailments such as stress, mild depression and seasonal affective disorder.

It runs on a set of electronically powered ballasts that assure quality performance each time that the switch is turned on, users are guaranteed reliable performance without any unnecessary hums or flickers to contend with.

What Users Said about the Northern Light 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Desk Lamp


  • The lantern is multipurpose in nature, apart from therapy it can also be used to provide light for reading during the night.
  • It’s engineered to deliver bright-light by combining high voltage fluorescent tubes with large parabolic reflectors, this often results in an efficient unit that draws 85 watts of power and is also able to deliver 10,000 lux of spectrum light. Such efficiency can only be achieved because electrical power is converted to light and not heat.
  • It is very solid in terms of long term performance and sturdiness, the bulb will stand by your side for years without the need to make any replacements or change parts whatsoever. Furthermore, SAD Lamp’s light can be resized or angled down to any frequency level that one deems appropriate. You can sit right next to it without burning your eyes.
  • According to research, light therapy with this Northern Light Bright Light Lamp for SAD can reactivate your sleep-wakeup cycle by preventing insomnia and increasing energy levels where appropriate.
  • The light produced is soft compared to other SAD light brands found in the market, which means that you can use your therapy bulb without experiencing any adverse side-effects such as headaches or nausea.
  • It’s quite simple to install since there are no cables or vaults that one should connect first, in fact the entire unit only consists of three parts which are the base, stand and bulb itself.


  • Sometimes the company delivers defective units but what makes things worse is that they are quite unresponsive to warranty complaints, filing for a product replacement or money-back is as good as nothing.
  • It’s quite bulky and difficult to carry around. Moreover, when placed next to a monitor for reading purposes it can create an obstructive shadow that hinders sufficient supply of light. The only way to prevent such problems is when the room is large and spacious enough.


If you’re the kind of person who suffers from depression during winter season, it’s high time you got yourself a Northern Light Technologies Desk Lamp for instant relief. With this product, you no longer have to endure long, cold and dark nights characterized by uncontrolled gnashing of the teeth.

Bright light therapy works perfectly for everyone despite their age or gender. On top of that, the manufactures offer professional customer service to buyers and are always ready to answer any queries that may arise.

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