Live Thorough Winter Joyfully By Using These Simple SAD Treatment Solutions


Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be described as recurrent periods of depression that affect people during certain periods of the year, particularly winter. Some common symptoms to watch out for include sleepiness, hopelessness, irritability, anxiety and weight gain.

Other less prevalent indicators include insomnia and appetite loss. Apart from psychological factors, individual personality and emotional predisposition can also play a part in contributing towards this ailment.


There are many techniques that can be used to bring about healing such as psychotherapy, light treatment and medication. Antidepressants can also be given to those who show severe depressive tendencies. Doctors recommend that SAD pills should be taken throughout the year, with dosage amount slightly being increased at the onset of that particular season when symptoms are prevalent.

As for psychotherapy, it should be done by a qualified and well-trained counselor who helps patients identify their negative thoughts and combat them appropriately. This eventually brings about positive thinking and behavior, which are key ingredients to healing. SAD Light therapy works in a different way by triggering the production of certain hormones and chemicals in the brain that control mood.

Changing Lifestyle

Since most of the symptoms are seasonal, there are certain lifestyle changes that can be made to remedy the situation. For starters, try not to skip meals as this can cause hormonal imbalances which may compound your seasonal affective disorder. Imbibing on alcohol is also not recommended as it only leads to a temporary high, followed by depression and dependency.

You can always substitute them for fruits which have scientifically been proven to aid in the release of feel-good-hormones. You may occasionally feel fatigued or lethargic and not in a position to move your body, but don’t be tempted to slack around. Regular exercise can help you stay active and revitalized by improving blood supply to the brain, choose a few workout regimes and stick to them without skipping a single session.

Apart from curbing stress and depression that are associated with SAD, exercise also triggers the body to generate heat so as to ward off cold winter weather. Try to interact more with other people around you, never do the mistake of shutting yourself up from friends or family.

Socialization is key in improving your mood as well as mental aptitude, talk to them about the problems you’re facing for some emotional support. Positive behavioral change would be witnessed within the first few days. Moreover, during daytime hours try to spend more time in the open rather than being locked in your house. Even if there’s no sun in the sky, bright daylight would still help in lifting up your moods. Take a stroll down your neighborhood-street or just chill out in the park, this technique works magic.

Likewise, mental relaxation exercises such as yoga, deep breathing and meditation can help induce relaxation and ease the tension that’s associated with SAD. They can be used alongside a SAD light therapy box for much faster healing. Nonetheless, for the best results remember to consult with a physician before using this particular product. Radiance treatment is absolutely risk-free and suitable for those who want to avoid using antidepressant pills.

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