Choosing The Best Ed Hardy Tanning Lotion For You

>When it comes to tanning lotions the number of options on the market are limitless. This can lead to some confusion, but one of the best brands is Ed Hardy. Here w have gathered some of the best Ed hardy tanning lotions available on the market. When deciding on a…

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How Often Should You Use A Tanning Bed

How often should you use a tanning bed

Keeping your skin protected against the summer heat might be challenging because everyone has a good time swimming at the beaches, playing volleyball during the midst of sunshine, or relaxing under the solar therapy of the sun. It’s actually difficult to skip the most awaited season of the year and…

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How To Use Tanning Bed Cleaner Effectively

​Cleaning your tanning bed is imperative, and you should make sure to give proper maintenance after every session of tanning by using a safe tanning bed cleaner. You have to give thorough inspection to the bed on a regular basis so that you can keep it in perfect condition. Whether…

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5 Ways to Remove a Fake Tan

how to remove fake tan

Tanning can be perfect if you handle it with proper skin care and bronzer treatment. It’s actually a technique to use a fake tan and it might become troublesome if you overexpose too much or if you apply a great amount of tan. Applying bronzer treatment on the skin is…

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How Long Does a Spray Tan Last

How Long Does Spray Tan Last

Is your spray tan faded just a few days ago? You might be asking yourself, “Did I buy the right brand?”. Girl, it’s not actually the product or brand that makes the tan gone wrong and probably, there’s something odd that you did before applying the skin tan treatment. A…

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Be Safe, Go For Sunless Spray Tanning!

Be Safe, Go For Sunless Spray Tanning

For those of you who are keen on getting a glow on your skin and tan it to a shade darker or more for a temporary change in your look sunless spray tanning is what you should be opting for. Sunless sprays are very common these days and it is…

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