Be Safe, Go For Sunless Spray Tanning!

For those of you who are keen on getting a glow on your skin and tan it to a shade darker or more for a temporary change in your look sunless spray tanning is what you should be opting for. Sunless sprays are very common these days and it is a lot safer than other kinds of tanning methods. As UV rays are not associated with this kind of tanning it is safe and thus this type of tanning is also termed as UV-free tanning as well as self-tanning or even just spray tanning.

There are a number of sprays available in the markets these days which are available at a range of prices and using them is comparatively easy and you at do it within a few minutes in the home environment itself.

Be Safe, Go For Sunless Spray Tanning

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How Do Sunless Sprays Work?

  • Sunless tanning sprays work very well tanning your skin. The chemistry behind its working is an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA).
  • This is a coloring agent that is mainly responsible for the tanning.
  • It is present in the form of a spray along with other additives aiding in the tanning process.
  • When the sunless spray is added to the skin the DHA reacts with the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
  • It tans them temporarily giving a color a shade darker or maybe more than your normal skin color.
  • As these dead skin cells are removed the color also goes away leaving no trace of the tanning when not required.

Things To Remember

There are a few things that you should never forget while spray tanning your skin. They are:

  • Make sure your skin is even and there is no broken skin. The Broken skin may lead to an uneven tanning of the skin.
  • Smoothen skin before tanning.
  • Do not use sunscreen with the tanning spray as it will not allow the tan to stay for long.
  • If you are planning to go out in the sun then surely use a sunscreen because otherwise the skin would be exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Take special care while tanning areas such as elbows and knee as these areas tend to catch more color than other areas.

Why Sunless Spray For Tanning?

Sunless Spray  is quite popular among people these days. If you can follow all the steps of spray tanning keeping in mind all the precautions then there is no harm intended. Another reason for the popularity of these sunless sprays is that it can work temporarily and the color can produce. As the coloring agent DHA only adds color to the dead skin cells, as the dead skin cells fall off the color is also removed. Thirdly it is also convenient to do this spray tanning easily at home or at a very low price. So self-tanning is the best option for tanning these days.

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