5 Ways to Remove a Fake Tan

Tanning can be perfect if you handle it with proper skin care and bronzer treatment. It’s actually a technique to use a fake tan and it might become troublesome if you overexpose too much or if you apply a great amount of tan.

Applying bronzer treatment on the skin is so easy and for just a few minutes you can achieve the golden brown skin. However, some people don’t like the result of their tan and it is bothersome to reverse the tan effect to retain the appropriate color of your complexion.

how to remove fake tan

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Sometimes, your terracotta skin won’t last due to several reasons hence, there might be uneven skin tone and the worst part is, it will make you look like a typical gray Scottish Fold cat. The fading part is really annoying to see on your skin so it’s better to remove it and bring back the original tone of the skin.

Now, if you wish to wipe off the tan Dulux, you should be following these tips derived from credible and proven sources that can eliminate the fake tan. There are many ways to try ranging from chemical-based, natural products, and home remedy treatments. Well, here we go, “how to remove fake tan?”

 What are the safe ways to remove fake tan?



  1. Douse Lemon on Skin

Lemon contains acid that can dissolve any stains and hyperpigmentation. It works well during the bath and it can be more effective if you pre-heated the lemon in frying pan or microwave. In this way, the lemon will be warmed and the juice can be extracted easily.

In addition, the warmth and the acid combination will definitely remove the fake tan perfectly. The step is just simple, you only need to get the juice from the lemon and rub it on your skin for about 1 to 3 minutes. Thereafter, you may now rinse it off by taking a relaxing bath tub time or shower.

  1. Rub Bath Oils

The oil contains natural substances and its immiscibility properties can isolate the fake tan treatment. Apart from the skin, the oil can render an effective removal agent for the tan. You may rub the bath oils all over your skin before taking the shower so that the oils will penetrate the skin layers and pull out the tan.

This skin regimen is the same with the double cleansing originated from the Koreans. They need to cleanse oil first before using soaps or facial scrubs so that the dirt will be taken away beneath the layers of the skin.

  1. Wipe it Off with Sponge

A sponge has a smooth surface and it does not cause any harm on the skin. You can use this bathroom amenity instead of the scrub. It’s not appropriate to scrub your skin or exfoliate it after putting some tan unless if you want a skin with scratches and stripes.

Also, wiping off the fake tan with a sponge would be a proper way of handling the skin. You don’t aim for removing only the tan but also, taking care of your skin at the same time.

  1. Wash it Away in Pools/Beaches

An instant way to remove the fake tan gradually is by swimming in the pools or beaches. The chlorine has the properties to remove the fake tan. It has like a detergent effect that can eliminate the stains and lighten the skin.

When it comes to the beaches, the water contains high salinity which makes the fake tan faded because the salt basin works like a bleaching agent to the skin. Therefore, it will smoothly remove the tan and at the same time, bring back the fairness of the skin.

  1. Apply Baking Soda on Skin


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Baking soda is another wonder item that can be used in any ways such as cleaning, exfoliating, whitening, and bleaching. Aside from its usual sanitary properties, it can also be applied to a tan skin to remove the pigmentation and attain the original fairness of the skin.

For the instructions, you may create a paste-like solution by adding a small amount of water to the baking soda powder and dump it on the skin. Massage the solution to the skin for about 1 to 3 minutes then rinse it after.

Why do we need to remove the fake tan?

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  1. Even Up the Skin Tone

Some women are being used to the trend and usually get along with it yet they are not happy with the results. Most of the women who fall out of love in tan normally experienced sunburns, over exposure, redness, stinginess, and darker skin.

This happens when the procedures in tanning your skin are not properly executed. While some, they seemed like the idea of having the tan but when they tried it, they become mess up and doesn’t use to having a brown skin, therefore, they will search on how to bring back their color.

Well, why some women remove their fake tan? As mentioned earlier, they are not fond of the color. They only think its stylish at the beginning but once they’ve tried it, they are not satisfied with it that’s why they opt to remove the tan to retrieve their even skin tone.

  1. Recover the Healthy Glow of Skin

Having a brown skin may cause dryness and scale on the skin hence, girls doesn’t want this skin to type no matter what color their complexion is. A smooth, supple, and glowing skin are the signs of the healthy complexion.

Too many chemicals on the skin may deteriorate the nutrients and it will end up in unfavorable effect. So, the solution for a malfunction tan is to remove it using lemon, baking soda, or bath oils.

  1. Remove Unwanted and Improper Tan Color

There are cases when the tan color does not entirely even up on the skin and there are spots like on the chest, bikini lines, waist, and back that marked a white line. If you’re encountering this improper tan, you will surely want it to be removed.

Instead of having a yin-yang symbol on your complexion, it is better to eliminate the tan gradually by using some products such as lemon, baking soda, bath oils, and sponge as well as trying to schedule your swimming trips to totally washed away the tan color.

The Verdict

It is not difficult to remove a fake tan but it does not mean that there’s a shortcut to eliminate it. Getting back the white skin that you have may take time but if you continue doing the procedure, it might be less than a month or even weeks to retrieve your true glow.

If you don’t want to spend much on the bleaching treatments offered by most salons, you may try the listed ways above to eventually clear up the tan. You may apply the juice of the lemon on your skin, rub your skin with oils, wipe it with a sponge, try having a swimming trips and improvise with the use of baking soda.

Why do some women want to remove their fake tan? Some of the factors why women wipe off their tan include the following reasons: (1) Retrieve their Skin by Even Up the Tone, (2) Recover the healthy glow of the skin, and (3) Remove the Improper Tan Color and Some Spots.

Having a tan skin is great and stylish as long as you exerted the right procedures in achieving it. Make sure that you’re 100% confident and no regrets in having a tan skin. So, you’ll be happy with your color!

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