Can You Use Tanning Oil In A Tanning Bed?

Sun tanning is no more a viable option because it has a burning effect on your skin which remains exposed to the harmful UV rays. Using a tanning bed is a far better solution to getting the glowing darkened skin color. The process is simple and is not very time consuming. There are a number of products that you can use in the tanning bed like lotions, bronzers and the likes. But there is one pertinent question. Can you use tanning oil in a tanning bed?

What is a tanning oil?

A tanning oil is a product that can be applied on to the skin to give it a coating before getting inside the tanning bed. There are a number of tanning oils for tanning beds in the markets. All of these come with different brands names. If the tanning oil in question contains bronzers, then it will be likely to give a strong tan. But this tan will stay for only a week. A good oil should come with a number of hydrating agents and useful substances that can keep your skin healthy and safe.

Can you use tanning oil in a tanning bed?

Is it safe to use tanning oil in a tanning bed?

For starters, if you have been a regular to tanning bed salons, you would know that most salons are not too fond of the tanning oil. In fact, they won’t even allow the use of it. There are specific reasons for this. Firstly, it can actually damage the bed. The first time might feel alright but it can have disastrous effects on the bed thereafter. Besides, if you are caught using tanning oil in a salon that doesn’t allow it, be prepared to face the consequences!

According to reports, tanning oil gives an efficient tan the first time. You would actually feel the difference and get a good tan. So you could come back home all happy and satisfied. But the real problems start a few days after the tanning session. Your skin will no longer be the soft and smooth that it was just after the tanning bed.

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What is a good tanning oil?

Having said that tanning oil isn’t the best option to go for a tanning bed, there are a number of products that can be used for improving the health of your skin. A good tanning oil should contain the richness of glycerine, coconut oil and the likes of important vitamins like Vitamin E. These products contain skin friendly cosmetic oil that can enhance the tanning session and give your skin the perfect color. These tanning oils might contain Sun Protecting Factor (SPF) for best results. So, it is not harmful to use the ones which come with vitamin E extracts, glycerine and SPF.

Most of the tanning oils might have adverse effects on the skin. But there are still some products that come with essential nutrients that nourish the skin and keep it hydrated at all times. Be wise in your choice!

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  1. So you can or you can’t use oil in the beds?

  2. I’m using a stand up tanning bed, my body touches Nothing. So the answer is….

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