How to Use A Tanning Bed

A lot of us love to sport that dark complexioned skin. But for achieving this, you do not need to spend hours in the sun burning your skin anymore. The easier way out here is the use of a tanning bed that can smoothly give you the tan you want without being under direct sunlight. Thus, a very pertinent question now is how to use a tanning bed. It is not complicated as it sounds. The process is simple and easy to follow. Let us go through some of the steps in brief:

Skin Analysis:

Once you have visited the local salons and decided on a particular tanning salon, the next step involved would be carrying out the skin analysis. This is something that most of the salons work on. You need to be sure of how your skin will react to the excess heat. You should also disclose to the salon about any prescribed medicines you might be using during this time.


Wearing goggles while undergoing a tanning bed treatment is an absolute must. This will help you protect your eyes from the UV heat and prevent you from going blind in case of accidents.

Cleanliness of the Room:

The room with the tanning bed must be absolutely clean. One thing must be borne in mind and that is the fact many others have used the same tanning bed before you. So, when you strip down your clothes, make sure that the place around you is hygienic.

Getting inside the Bed:

The next step here is getting yourself inside the tanning bed and pressing the button to flip the lights. You will be given a small timer like 10 minutes to help you get the job done. Also, make sure that you start off with small short so that your skin gets accustomed to the heat. Inside, you would be required to stay as still as possible for best results.

how to use a tanning bed

Coming out of the Bed:

Once your tanning session is over, you can come out of the tanning bed. It would be best to wipe yourself with a towel after the heat session. Thereafter all it needs is some time to allow the tan to settle in and you’re set!

Tips and Tricks for using a Tanning Bed:

  • Sun block: No matter how hard we try to ignore this sun block, it is an essential part of a tanning session. Exposing your skin to the UV rays of the sun only means increasing the risk of skin cancer. So, while you want the tan badly, you need to take care of your skin.
  • The skin continues to get tanned for about 24 hours. So, do not tan more than once in two days; else you might end up harming your skin.

Start with shorter tanning sessions and go up in order to get a complete tan. Do not rush into a long session and judge the time by the color of your skin.

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