Drinking Milk May Promote Strong Bone Health … And Acne?

You know well enough by now that the health of your skin is largely dependent upon what you put in your body, no matter if it’s a food or a liquid. Greasy and fatty foods can make you break out, while drinks such as alcohol can dehydrate and damage the elasticity of your skin. But did you know that dairy products can also be a harmful addition to the mix? Yep, dairy-rich foods such as ice cream and milk can be detrimental for your skin, especially if you are already suffering from or more prone to acne and breakouts.

Got Zits?

Here’s how it works: cow’s milk has certain properties about it that can cause inflammation in your skin. The more inflamed your skin is, the more distressed the surface becomes, hence the red and swollen pimples that begin to congregate. You already have bacteria on the surface of your skin that is causing the inflammation, and ingesting milk only makes it worse.

Milk an also “wake up” and interact with the testosterone in your body. Testosterone is one of the hormones guilty of setting sebum production in motion. The more sebum your sebaceous glands produce, the oilier and shinier your skin, and the more likely your pores are to clog. This is what produces the white or yellowish pus-filled pimples you see around your face.

Skim milk, according to research, is said to be one of the biggest culprits in triggering breakouts, due notably to the fact that there are proteins added to the skim milk, supposedly to make it healthier. But the drawback is that these components, such as casein, can also trigger production of a hormone that mimics insulin in the body, which is the other hormone responsible for your sebaceous glands going into overdrive.

Your Metabolism is Also a Factor

Don’t get me wrong; dairy has a ton of benefits to your health. It is known to speed up your metabolic rate. Yet here’s the catch: people who increased their dairy consumption were more susceptible to a decrease in Vitamin A levels. When the level of Vitamin A in your body decreases, your body’s skin cells have a harder time regenerating, since Vitamin A helps in the re-growth of cells. Your skin might appear old and not as fresh, and therefore more susceptible to acne and pimples.

An important note: the causation of acne by dairy is yet to be proven in the scientific world. Yes there is a correlation between those who suffer from acne and dairy consumption, but as we’ve explained in other articles, everyone is different. If you are easily susceptible to acne, you might want to lay off the dairy. If you are a dairy lover and notice no difference, by all means, have that glass of milk!

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