The Best Tanning Oil – Unbiased Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good tan without burns? Its summer and you want to go outdoors and get a good tan. We will help you find a good tanning product to give you a glowing tan and also protect your skin.  Whether you are planning to stay outdoor or just use a tanning bed, we’ve got you covered.

Read below to find the best tanning oils and enjoy the sun without getting burns.

What Is Tanning Oil?

Tanning oil is a very popular product used in summer. Exposing your skin to sun and UV rays for a long time will give you a deep color. A tanning oil provides a good dark tan and it also keeps the skin free from burn and peel and moisturizes the skin preventing it from itch and uneasiness. They usually have melanin in their formula or increase blood flow to increase the melanin level in the top layers of skin.

How Does It Work?

Most tanning oil contains DHA as a main ingredient. DHA is a dihydroxyacetone, a colorless sugar.  It interacts with the dead skin on top most layer and color darkens on the skin.  The tanning effect from using the oil last up to 7 days.

Human skin has a natural process of eliminating dead skin every 35-45 days. They work the same as tanning lotions, sprays and bronzers. There are tanning pills which distribute canthaxanthin, a color additive all over the body.  This will give your body a very orange-like tan.  The pill is known to have many side effects compared to tanning sprays.

How To Pick The Right Tanning Oil?

  • To get a healthy tan, you should maintain a well moisturized skin. Your skin is less likely to chip and appear blotchy if it is nourished with a moisturizer.
  • Buy a good tanning oil suitable for your skin type and needs.
  • Price: Tanning oils are expensive so make sure you are buying what you really need.
  • Size: Try to buy a big sized bottle that will last you throughout your holiday or summer. Some products are very concentrated and used in small amounts; this is a great investment too.
  • SPF: If you are planning to stay outdoors for long make sure the tanning oil has some sunscreen in it.
  • If it doesn’t come with a sunscreen, then apply sunscreen prior to getting out in the sun.
  • If outdoors and you plan to get into water, get water resistant or waterproof oil that will help you get that perfect tan.

Top 5 Tanning Oil Reviews

Art Naturals Protective Body Tanning Oil

1. Art Naturals Protective Body Tanning Oil


It is a perfect tanning oil for people who want to get rick a dark tan. You can use it before going out in the sun to enhance your tan and even after shower as a moisturizer.


• It is made up of Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil, this tropical tanning oil nourishes your skin when you are enjoying the sun.
• It is best if you use it over a self-tanner and is good to tighten aging skin.
• Anti-aging ingredients green tea, sea algae and chamomile extracts for a great antioxidant protection.
• Its serum like product is good for all skin types, especially oily skin and is not greasy.
• It is one of the few paraben free and cruelty free tanning oils.
• Coconut oil used in this product helps tone the skin and lessens any dimpling effect on the skin right from the first use on problem areas.
• It tightens lax skin firming the areas of the skin with lumps and bumps on buttocks, upper thighs and arms.

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Intensifier Oil

2. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Intensifier Oil


All Australian gold tanning products are leading tanning products in the industry for long. Their products are tested and approved by COLIPA and FDA making it safe for your skin. It is suitable for all skin types to provide a good tan. It doesn’t have a bronzer so if you want a orange tan this might not be for you.


• It has a ColorBoost intensifier which helps skin develop a dark color faster making it last longer.
• Its banana extract deepens a dark skin tone or a faded tan.
• It contains vitamin A and E nourishing the skin with antioxidants making it smooth and soft.
• It has a beach inspired fragrance of tropical coconut.
• It is a dry oil formula which won’t stick to your clothes on any surface.
• It has no mineral oil so there are no pores getting clogged and your skin can breathe and absorb all the nutrients.
• This is ideal to be used by those who want to accelerate tanning and make ingredients glow with a fresh scent.

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil

3. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil


This dark tanning oil by Hawaiian Tropic softens your skin adding moisture. It is formulated to soothe skin and tan it. It has a fragrance that will take you to a tropical island straight from your tanning salon.

Hawaiian tropic is a brand synonymous with a perfect golden tan. It will make your skin glow beautifully with a sun kissed glow.


• It contains a blend of rich oils to nourish and moisturize skin along with the tan.
• It is made with exotic island botanicals with a classic coconut fragrance with skin conditioners.
• It works well on extremely pale skin as well.
• It is a very easy to apply formula with a hydrating and long lasting effective tan on your skin.
• It has antioxidants with vitamin A, C and E which will make your skin softer without a harsh burn when exposed to powerful sunrays.
• This is a good option if you are looking for a faux tan at a drugstore price. This sun tanning oil is capable of enhancing a faded tan.

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4

4. Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4


This is a tanning spray by Banana Boat, who is the leaders in sports industry and has been making the best sunscreen for sportsmen. It is ideally designed to provide you a comfortable day out in the sun and sand and is tested in 7 real like conditions-sun, pool, ocean water, sand, sweat and 100 plus degree.


• It is a tanning oil made up of extracts of oils and fragrance from banana, carrots and coconut to nourish your skin for a silky feel.
• Available in two SPFs, 8 and 15 providing a broad range of UVA and UVB protection.
• Water resistant formula for up to 80 minutes.
• It is recommended that you use this spray all over your body and reapply frequently if staying out in the sun for more than an hour.
• It is an absorbent formula which doesn’t sting or accumulate sweat.
• It is ideal for all skin types and is a good buy for someone at the beach all day.
• It is a good scented formula if you want to get a good tan with this.

All Natural Dark Tanning Oil by Tropical Sands

5. All Natural Dark Tanning Oil by Tropical Sands


This age old recipe secret recipe form Acapulco is a perfect blend of natural oils to give you that perfect tan. All the ingredients together give you a perfect tan and provide a nourishing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.


• This tanning oil is 100 percent natural with no harmful chemicals, no emulsifiers, and scent free and hypoallergenic. You will not be afraid of any harmful effects on your skin if you are using this product.
• This water proof formula is good for both outdoor and indoor use with no mineral oil. It will not damage your tanning bed in any way.
• Comes with a spray which makes application on the back very easy.
• You can use a lot of this product and it will not feel greasy or oily.
• It a one of the rare natural biodegradable and eco-friendly and is accepted in ecological parks and in any water bodies.
• It is recommended that you apply it twice every day before tan and after shower to keep your skin moisturized and tanned.


Ever been to a tanning salon and not been happy about the longevity of the tan? If you want it to last longer without losing its color, then we strongly recommend adding tanning oil to your routine. Make sure you are buying the best tanning oils with all the benefits you need.

Using the best oil, you can be sure that you retain the bronzy tan from your beach vacation for weeks after you are back. You can avoid sun burns when you pick one of the moisturizing oils that we have listed above maintaining a healthy skin.

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