Debunking 10 Myths About Self –Tanners

Self –Tanner are ready to go solution for you when you don’t want to get expose to the sun. Or just to avoid that painful all day sitting under the sun. In given situation self-tanner is your only savior. But there are many myths around there regarding sunless tanning. So here I am going to bust these myths for you.

1. Moisturize before applying tanning lotion:

Some might give you their expert advice about this. Trust me, don’t do this because this will create the additional layer on your skin which will prevent proper layering. In some cases this can lead to uneven layering, and also it’s effect will not last for long.

2. Self-tanner tan lasts for a month:

No, it’s not true. Nothing can make them last for so long. Self-tanner can only stay for 4 to 7 days. So don’t be prey to those marketing gimmicks.

3.Turning Orange:

As I have mentioned in my prevoius article that Choosing right type of self-tanner is critical. Keep in mind that. Turing your skin into orange color is not true it’s just you have not chosen right kind of tanning lotion according to your skin type. It might be too light or too dark for your skin tone.

10 Myths Busted About Self –Tanner

4.Sunlight is good for you:

It sounds to be true, but not the case. You are not going to get an extra glow from the sun. Instead of this, you will set your body under the harmful UV rays.

5. Spray Tans do not last more than two or three days:

Another day, one of my friends was telling me that don’t use spray tanner as it will not last long and will look unnatural. It is just humor. Spray-tanner is best when applied properly under supervision. So don’t shy away from them.

6. It is Unsafe for you:

Who told you? It’s totally safe. FDA approves self-tanner, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Even its safe when compared to other methods of self-tanning i.e. Sun tanning which might give you sunburn or in worst case scenario, skin cancer

7.Act as a sunblock:

Sun protection is a common misconception among users. Unfortunately, it is not true. Self-tanner will not be going to save you from sunburn or UV rays. Some claim that they have included SPF6 in Tanner, which is not true. According to the dermatologist adding SPF6 to a tanner will make it last only for few hours.

self tanning

8.You don’t need gloves:

If you are applying self-tanner by yourself than you might think why I need gloves as I also want my hands tanned. It might cause you a big trouble, as not wearing gloves can make uneven tan near your hands. So Tanner needs to be applied very carefully.

9.Not Safe during Pregnancy:

To some extent, this is true but only in case of spray tanner, because they contain harmful ingredients. Which can be inhaled during application and this can be fatal to the fetus.
But applying lotion is safe as it reacts with skin not go deep into the skin. So you can use self-tanner even in your pregnancy.

10. Applying more solution as topping will repair it:

This is not certainly the case. It can even ruin everything. Your shade will be looking bizarre. So never follow this formula this can save few bucks for you but can destroy your party.

Self-tanning is a clean, easy to use and ready to go process. You can get incredible body within a shorter duration. Just grab you self-tanner without any worry.

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