Can You Use Sunscreen In A Tanning Bed?

How often have we thought about getting that perfect tan? It adds the perfect glow to the skin. Spending hours under the sun is a rather exciting option then. But nowadays there is a more plausible option out there which acts as a method to get tanned. A tanning bed is of the essence here. It is a type of artificial tan that gives you the perfect skin color while keeping your skin away from the direct rays of the sun.  But there is one problem here. UV rays are the ones that give you a tanned skin color and they are the same rays that cause cancer. So, can you use sunscreen in a tanning bed to protect your skin’s health?

Can you use sunscreen in a tanning bed

Why Not?

Here, we are going to find out a possible answer to this question. Yes you can use a sunscreen lotion in a tanning bed. But that defeats the whole purpose of it. The only component of the UV radiation that causes cancer and from which you are trying to save your skin is the same component that helps you get the tan. So, if you put a lot of sunscreen lotion, it is just going to block the UV rays and the whole process would be rendered useless. So, if you are using some sort of a sun block, yes you are definitely reducing the chances of skin cancer. But on the other hand, you are also making the tanning bed less effective.

Possible Solutions

Then, what is the solution here? An easy solution here would be increasing your time in the tanning bed if you choose to wear sunblock. Since your skin is already protected from the UV rays by means of the sunscreen coating, you could spend more time getting tanned so that you would have the necessary treatment. This makes sure that you get the same amount of tan over a longer period. But as some people would argue, this doesn’t quite reduce the risks of skin cancer at all. This is because almost the same amount of UV rays is reacting with your skin here.

Another option would be applying a lighter coat of the sunscreen and then going out in the tanning bed. This might be slightly better for the health of your skin. This is one method that definitely could be tried out.

Additional Information

But there is one thing we must know here. Just the mere fact that we want to get the tan makes us exposed to the UV rays and thus to skin cancer. The former comes with the latter and there are very less chances that you could avoid it. So, if it is absolutely necessary to get that perfectly glowing skin, you would also need to make peace with the fact that your skin is prone to skin cancer. The moment you get into the tanning bed, you should be clear about the consequences you have to pay. The end result is not always skin cancer, but weakened skin cells, which are sometimes not even very eminent!

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  1. I found that using sunscreen in the tanning bed, I get a more even tan all over and I don’t burn after. At all! I don’t use it for cancer reduction, it just helps you from burning, especially when you tan after not tanning for a long time.

    • Are you fair skinned? Or do you already have a decent amount of melanin? Asking because I am fair and burn easily.

  2. Which article is telling the truth
    Maybe you visit a tanning salon regularly or do so in hopes of getting a “base tan” for an upcoming vacation, but are concerned about damage to your skin. Aside from the fact that using sunscreen in a tanning bed won’t result in the bronzing of your skin that you are after, sunscreen is only effective at blocking natural UV rays—not the artificial ones emitted by tanning bed bulbs, which are sometimes stronger (and more dangerous) than the sun.

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