The Best Indoor Tanning Lotions – Unbiased Reviews

Before you even hit that tanning bed, you should apply the best indoor tanning lotion to your skin — especially made or designed for indoor tanning — or else, you’ll be regretting the results.

There are many tanning lotions on the market. As a result, it can be difficult for you to find the best one for your skin.When you’re shopping for your tanning lotion, make sure you read the label. Understand and learn about its ingredients.

The most common ingredients of indoor tanning lotion will include body blush, silicon, vitamin E and shimmer, among others. Knowing these ingredients will be able to help you choose the indoor tanning lotion that is the most suitable for you. If you have a very sensitive skin, you should choose a body blush lotion. And if you’re already seeing signs of aging on your skin, it’s best to opt for an anti-aging option.

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Whatever your case may be, it’s ideal to choose the option that matches your skin type.

Applying this product on your skin before entering a tanning bed will help keep the tan glowing, without having to be sitting or lying under the heat of the sun all day. Apart from providing you with terrific bronze shade, applying it will also protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, which among other things, can be painful. Plus, it protects your skin against the signs of aging.

No wonder many people with fair or pale skin are going for this trend. The lotion won’t only maintain a glowing tan for a few days or weeks, but it can also keep your skin as healthy as possible.

As mentioned earlier, there are many lotions with the same purpose on the market. To help you with your quest of getting the perfect tan or golden glow, let us help you out by providing you with the top ten indoor tanning lotions on the market.

In this way, it’ll be easier for you to make the right decision as to what lotion to buy for your skin type.

Pre-requisites for Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor Tanning lotion is something that promotes and enhances the tanning process that gradually sets in with increased production of melanin. The tanning lotion contains bronzers that have advanced technology to stimulate the production melanin from melanocytes.

The indoor tanning lotion gives perfect brownish golden shade of tan. However, there are certain pre-requisites to ponder upon before purchasing the tanning lotion.

  • Check SPF inclusion – Indoor tanning lotion generally doesn’t contain SPF and does not protect against sunrays. Tanning lotion application helps in limiting exposure to UV rays but by purchasing a tanning lotion with SPF, it gives protection against sunlight as well.
  • Check formulation – The typical formulation of an indoor tanning lotion is 95% UVA and 5% UVB which helps in enhancing the effect of UV rays. This is one of the benefits of indoor tanning lotion.
  • Natural ingredients – Always read the contents of the tanning lotion and make sure it is enriched with natural ingredients like vitamins, natural oils, mineral natural herb extracts, Aloe Vera and anti-oxidants.
  • Hydration capacity – It is important that the tanning lotion have hydrating elements that keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Most of the lotion make skin smooth, firm, soft and supple. The indoor lotion should be good enough to keep your skin from dehydration from heat and light.
  • No after –tan smell – Make sure the tanning lotion has a good smell because there are many tanning lotion that tend to give out a bad smell due to bacteria on skin after falling of sun rays on skin. Ensure the tanning lotion have anti-bacterial elements to reduce odor.
  • Tan enhancers – The tan enhancers gradually helps in increasing the skin tan and color naturally giving a natural glow. The indoor tanning lotion should reduce skin drying and make skin firmer through its anti-aging properties.


The Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Millennium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion

1. Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Tanning Lotion


The product from Millennium Tanning is an impeccable purchase if you want to get tanned instantly, effortlessly and with one application. The tanning lotion is amalgamating of extreme bronzer with advanced silicone that brings about even tanning. The temporary darkening of face is protected with its rich ingredients ensuring sufficient skin hydration.
The product is a revolutionary one integrated with technology supporting advanced auto darkening, bronze look assured. It is easy to apply and also to remove.


  • Loaded with Advanced Silicone Bronzer technology to instantly bring tan in one application. Auto-darkening Tan technology makes the product a real quickie for tan.
  • 100X darkening capacity bringing a tinge of bronze tanned glow on face, visible color changes within minutes.
  • Non-greasy lotion enriched with ingredients that keep skin smooth and hydrated while applying on skin.
  • A pleasant fragrance that blends well with skin with its refreshing orchid perfume like smell.
  • Enriched with natural ingredients like walnut, sunflower, olarecea fruit oil, banana extracts etc to keep skin from damage.
  • Easy to apply and darkens skin at the quickest. No streaks or lines, smooth golden brown shades of tan.
  • No sunbathing needed with the lotion. Easily comes off skin with one single wash.

 Millennium Tanning New Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

2. Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Tanning Lotion


The product exemplifies the integration of technology in beauty with 50X auto darkening advanced technology created tanning lotion. The lotion gives perfect tanning in shades of dark bronze instantly with one application. Flaunt your tanned, golden bronze skin with the tanning lotion.

The product is enriched with essential natural ingredients that keep the skin moisturized along with maintaining the smoothness. Don’t lie for hours under the sun when you can get temporary glittering bronze skin without any hassle. The tan looks very much natural and can be removed easily with water wash.


  • Gives great tanning and fine bronze tinge with its effective 50X auto–darkening tan technology, instantly tans skin with perfection.
  • Leaves skin smooth, supple and soft like silk with its active ingredient of the silicone emulsion.
  • Hydrating properties of the lotion keeps skin hydrated and retains the moisture all day long.
  • The product has multiple actions apart from bronzing and tanning and supports skin firming with silicone emulsion.
  • Pleasant and mild scent, lasts till the product is applied on face.
  • Smooth application process, easy to apply and use the Works fastest and instantly on skin. Easy to remove in few washes.
  • Long lasting product with the effect lasting for long, does not form streaks and is okay to use on sensitive skin.

 Australian Gold Accelerator

3. Australian Gold Accelerator Lotion


It is one of widely used and popular tanning lotion enriched with natural ingredients that brings instant tanning with shades of golden and brown. Flaunt your tanned skin without having to sit under the sun for hours.

The tanning lotion has essential Australian oil from native plants that ensures proper hydration and moisturizing of skin. The lotion is also enriched with the goodness of Vitamin A and E, bringing a mellow and light fragrance of Cocoa.


  • The lotion is enriched with advanced tanning formulae that instantly tan your skin with just one application.
  • The product has many native Australian oils that ensure smoothness and moisturizes the skin, till the lotion is applied.
  • Keeps skin hydrated and protects skin through the blend of unique and exclusive Biosine Complex carrying rich nutrients.
  • The nutrients and components enhance the formation of melanin to quickly produce natural looking tanning.
  • Has a good smell and causes no irritation due to artificial smell usually the tanning lotion carries with it.
  • Natural bronzing extracts that compromises of extracts from Aloe Vera, wheat sprout, olive oil, sunflower oil and is enriched with Vitamin E and A. The tea tree oil protects the skin from acne.
  • Consists less amount of alcohol that maximizes its hydration capacity.

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Forever After All Day Moisturizer  Australian Gold

4. Forever After All Day Moisturizer Australian Gold


If you are tired of dry and rough skin, it is time you find yourself a great lotion that keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. The lotion has many effects on your skin and helps in making your skin smooth, supple and soft. The smell of the lotion is tempting and gives you baby soft skin even at older age. It is a great lotion that imparts triple action to skin including anti-aging, slimming lipocare and skin firming. It provides hydration and moisturizes skin evenly and keeps it intact for 24 hours after the application.


  • Enriched with extracts of hemp seeds that helps in firming and softening of skin, gives a youthful long.
  • Smells nice with the inclusion vanilla fragrance that gives a refreshing smell.
  • Amplify the moisturizing properties to keep skin supple, soft and beautiful.
  • Best product to use after tanning that keeps the tan intact with proper moisture retention, non-greasy product.
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles with its firming ingredients, improves skin texture as well.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion

5. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion


There are many tanning lotions in the market but making the right selection at times become daunting task. The cheeky brown accelerator tanning lotion acts as base tanning lotion that gives you golden, sun-kissed smooth skin, just the right amount of tan before heading to a tanning location.

The tanning lotion consists of dark brown bronzers that evenly tan your skin, acts as perfect base tan. It has the richness of natural bronzers, native Australian oil and vitamins to make skin smooth and supple along with keeping it hydrated.


  • Gradually builds up color, less likely to burn away when exposed to sunlight and UV radiation.
  • Formulated with native Australian oils that keep the face smooth and supple, uniform tanning throughout and moisturize skin.
  • Enriched with Vitamin A & E which helps in moisturizing skin and providing potion to skin.
  • Bronzers made of natural herbal extracts that is safe for using on skin and gives beautiful glowing tan.
  • Fight aging, gives a very youthful look and help in repairing damaged skin with its natural DNA content.
  • Texture of the product is not very oily neither dry, easy to apply and leaves skin glowing, soft with tinge of golden brown shade. Gives uniform base with no steaks or spot and leaves a soothing smell.

Australian Gold JWOWW Black Broner

6. Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark


Get the perfect tan with the black bronzer enriched tanning lotion, perfect base tan before you step into actually tanning zone. The tinted tanning lotion brings dark and extremely sultry tanned skin on its application. Along with dark brown tan, it ensures your skin retains its smoothness, glow and softness.

The dark natural bronzers impart deep, rich color through the non-greasy lotion. It is an indoor tanning lotion that gives great base tan. Apply and wait for 10 minutes before getting on tanning bed. The product has natural extracts and vitamins that give orange-brown color and is super absorbent, leaving no greasy feel.


  • Consists of natural dark bronzer that gives smooth, silky and supple appearance. The cream gives silky, non-greasy texture and feel to skin.
  • The touch up is required after longer time of around 2 weeks, 1 application dose is enough for the perfect base tan.
  • No streaking and spots, uniform application and golden brown shade of color.
  • The lotion is a great skin moisturizer and offers great facial glow, easy to apply.
  • Quick absorbent and creamy, without leaving any greasy residue on skin surface.
  • Enriched with ingredients like carmel, walnut shell extract, dark natural bronzers and Monoi de Tahiti to bring the dark tan shade.
  • Blend of rich material including vitamins, sunflower oil and Kukui oil that softens and makes skin smooth. Includes extract of natural ingredients like hemp seed and black currant oil.

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Firstly, you must know the kind of tanning that you want. Would you like to have darker tan or a simple tan?

Next, you should know is your skin type. Not all indoor tanning lotions are the same. And not all people have the same skin type. If you have dry skin, make sure to opt for a tanning lotion with moisturizing ingredients.

On the other hand, if you have very fair skin and consider getting a bronzer, you’ll get the kind of tan color that you wish.

You should also know your endurance level. If you have hit a tanner plateau, you should go for a tanning lotion that can break the plateau.

The best way to get the right tanning lotion for indoor use is to read the product’s label. For an experienced tanner, it’s best to go for a tanning lotion that doesn’t only provide a good tan, but will give you enough UV protection when you’re out under the heat of the sun. Make sure the lotion that you like to purchase contains superb moisturizing ingredients. In this way, you won’t only achieve a great tan, but you’ll also have smoother, tan skin.

You should never use a cheap lotion. Instead, go for a quality one with a great moisturizer. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive lotion available. What you need to find is a lotion that suits your skin and the kind of tan that you’d like to achieve.

Types of Indoor Tanning Lotion

When choosing for the right indoor tanning lotion, it’s best to acquaint yourself with the different types of tanning lotion available for indoor use.

1. Bronzer

As the term implies, it comes with a bronzing ingredient that enhances and darkens the tanning effects. Bronzing elements of a tanning lotion differ from one another, but all of them are designed to give you a healthy bronzed look.

The downside of this type of lotion is that it may turn your skin into a shade of orange.

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2. Accelerator or Intensifier

It won’t only make your skin tan, but it also hydrates your skin. This means that it’ll give your skin a smoother appearance. It’s great for newbies with really sensitive or pale skin. It can help you develop a natural tan, instead of orange tan.

Unfortunately, most accelerators have higher price tags. This could be worth it to you if you want a supreme tan.

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3. Coolant

It’s designed to give you a cooling effect while achieving a tanned look. It can also help you cool down faster after you step out of a tanning bed.

On the other hand, it doesn’t offer darker tan.

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4. Tingle

It deepens the tan color of your skin as it improves micro-circulation. Tingly indoor tanning lotion’s main goal is to help your skin become firmer.

However, this type of lotion is not ideal for people with very sensitive skin as it may leave them feeling uncomfortable after application.

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5. Maximizers

It is designed such that it gives you an even darker shade and is a step two product. However, it should be applied just before the tanning session.

However, it has lower moisture content as compared to other tanning lotion types and can only be used after the base tanning.


How to Use Indoor Tanning Lotion

When using an indoor tanning lotion, there are things you should consider.

1. Making a small patch test

It’s for sensitive skin. Just because a product says that it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause redness or blotches. You should know that some people experience a full allergic reaction as they failed to make a small patch test.

2. Perform patch test for color

In addition to skin sensitivity test, you should also make a test patch to know the kind of color that your skin will achieve. Bear in mind that each person’s chemistry is different. This means that if your friend has achieved a golden bronze color, it doesn’t mean that you’ll also have the same result.

3. Avoid using it outside in direct sunlight

The lotion may have a label for outdoor and indoor use, but you should avoid going outdoors in direct sunlight as it may damage your skin. If you’re going to go outside in the sun, you need to limit your time exposing your skin under its heat. This is especially true if you haven’t applied a sunscreen. If you did apply indoor tanning lotion and then spent hours in the sun, you’d likely develop a sunburn, causing an increase in your risk of skin cancer.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

This is for safe tanning results. It doesn’t matter how good or expensive the product is if you don’t follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Following their instructions will get you the best results and limit UV ray injury. You should read the label and use the product accordingly. You should also be mindful of the safety precautions found on the label as they are there for a reason.

5. Wash your hands after applying the lotion to your skin

This is to prevent discoloration around your fingers. You should also avoid touching your clothes while there are still remnants of lotion on your skin. This will keep you from having to spend time trying to eliminate tough-to-remove stains on your clothing.

6. Don’t use it on children

When you read the product’s label, it will say it is not for child use or something like that. The reason for this is that young skin is still very sensitive to UV rays. Also, applying the lotion may result in allergies, hives and extreme itchiness. You don’t want that to happen to your children.

If your kids love to apply a tanning lotion, make sure to ask about their pediatrician for their recommendation as they can give you pediatric-approved lotion that’s ideal for your child’s skin.

How To Tan Safely


What are the Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Lotions?

There are various differences between these two products. Outdoor tanning lotions have SPF to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, while not all indoor tanning lotions have sunscreen protection included.

When you go out in the sun, you can’t control the amount of UV rays you take in, no matter how much lotion you’ve applied. However, indoor tanning lets you control how much tan you can get, even with a single application of an indoor tanning lotion. But the lotion doesn’t contain a sunscreen.

And if you’ve applied an outdoor tanning lotion and entered a tanning bed, you wouldn’t get the kind of tan you wanted. The reason for this is that the lotion could block the rays entering your skin, thereby, wasting your tanning session. Thus, make sure to use only indoor tanning lotion when undergoing tanning session in a tanning bed.

How About Regular Tanning Lotions?

As the term suggests, they are just basic tanning lotion. This means that they don’t have bronzing ingredients or added elements that can enhance your tanning effects. But just because it doesn’t have some extras, doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. It can still help you get the tanning effect you want, but perhaps not as dark as you would want it to be. Plus, the effects may not last as long as you’d like.


Regardless of the favorite tanning lotion your friend or sister is using, you shouldn’t use the same if you haven’t tried taking a skin sensitivity test yet. Remember that the specific lotion that will work best for you is the lotion that meets your skin’s preference and not of others. Plus, it must be able to give you the dark tan that you wish to get or the tingle that you want to experience.

Since each lotion has its own scent, make sure that you opt for a product that has a scent you really enjoy. If you’re not sure about what types of scents each lotion offers, study our comprehensive reviews of the top indoor tanning lotions on the market. They have all the pieces of information you need to make an informed decision.

When it comes to indoor tanning, you should remember that it’s an art. Thus, it takes a lot practice before you can master it. This means that you’ll surely experience trial and error before you can achieve the kind of result that you wish for using the best indoor tanning lotion.


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