The Best Tingle Tanning Lotions – Unbiased Reviews

The tingle tanning lotion does not only give you a tingling sensation when applied on the skin but it also gives you a darker tan.

Compared with other tanning lotions, this type brings more blood to the skin’s surface creating an increase in the skin’s melanin production. As a result, it helps you achieve a darker shade on your skin. Essentially, its main goal is to enhance the effects of the UV rays on your skin when lying in a tanning bed.

If you’re interested in using a tingle tanning lotion, but are wondering which product to use, we have listed the best tingle tanning lotions on the market we believe can truly break your tanning plateau and finally give you the tan you’ve always wanted.

The Redness of Your Skin

The products we’ve listed below are tingle tanners. This means that it’s normal to experience redness on your skin immediately after application and getting out of the tanning bed. The redness is almost similar to having sunburn, like when you’re out and exposed to the sun’s rays. But don’t worry about it; it will fade after one to two hours after application. You’ll be fine afterwards.

The Pain

The tingling sensation as a result of the lotion’s tingling ingredients may cause pain to some users. This is one of the reasons many folks give up using this type of tanning lotion because of the extreme tingle the lotion gives. Some would even complain of experiencing discomfort and even pain. For that reason, this type of tanning lotion is only advisable for advanced or experienced users.

The pain will also depend on how rough your skin is or on your body’s pain level tolerance. For some, the skin irritation is worth the darker tan they are able to achieve after using the lotion.

The Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

Best Tingle Tanning Lotion Reviews

1. JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer


Since it gives you an extreme level of tingle and provides you immediate reddening, this tingle tanning lotion must only be applied or used by experienced tanners. It has a blend of skincare and anti-wrinkle ingredients for a darker color and smoother skin.

The bronzing ingredients included are melanin and tyrosine with some natural bronzers to give you an outrageously darker color. It’s yogurt-based and filled with black currant oil. For visibly smoother skin, pear oil has been included to assist in delivering moisture. Obviously, this is not just the everyday natural bronzer.

Pink Diamond® T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty

2. Pink Diamond® T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty


This lotion features the original T2 tingle power, increasing oxygen level and resulting in a faster, darker tan color. With its bronzing and tingling ingredients, it doesn’t only give you a darker tan, but it’ll stay dark for longer period of time.

To enhance the tingle color, it comes with a Carat Complex, which is a proprietary blend, which offers a deep dark tone. In order to further stimulate tissue growth, it has caffeine and allantoin to firm the skin. These ingredients are part of the lotion’s firming and toning blend.

After tanning, you’ll have flawless tan skin. Thanks to its trio of ingredients that heal and soothe to keep the tingling sensation at a perfect balance. The moisturizers included will also promote, not just a dark tan, but glowing bronze-like skin.

Designer Skin Body Bronzer

3. Designer Skin Body Bronzer – Ruby


This bronzing lotion is both a tingle and a cooling tanning lotion. It contains the spicy fruit of capsaicin, which causes the tingling sensation when it’s applied on the skin. But the minute it tingles the skin, it refreshes it with the cooling technology of emerald and licorice extract to soothe your skin.

When you apply it, your skin becomes red for a minute or two. Afterwards, the redness will be gone leaving you with a dark shade of bronze. To deliver a darker tan, this lotion has 19x bronzing capacity with MelanINK technology. It also comes with a silicone emulsion to hydrate your skin and give it a feeling of softness after every tanning session.

The tingling sensation is intense. Thus, it’s only ideal for experienced tanners.

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Ed Hardy Body Shots Extreme Black Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion

4. Ed Hardy Body Shots Extreme Black Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion


This lotion is one of the most intense tingle tanning lotions on the market. Thus, it’s not made for beginners. After application, you’ll immediately get a redness that will last for almost two hours. Soon after, the redness on your skin will be gone, leaving you with excellent tanner skin.

You’ll love the orange citrus scent of this lotion. It’s not only a tingle tanning lotion, but it also gives you an enhanced tan and firmer skin. The extreme tingle sensation is what really helps in giving you a quicker, longer-lasting tan.

5. Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion

This bronzer doesn’t only give you an ultra dark tan, but it also assists you in getting a “Jerseylicious” look, just like Snooki of Jersey Shore. With its blend of bronzers, it lets your skin react positively to ultraviolet lights, giving your skin a darker tone.

The HyperDark tanning technology of this lotion works by stimulating the cells that produce melanin. In this way, the tanning starts when your tanning session begins. The henna, walnut and DHA work together to give you an even tan when you leave the tanning bed.

To leave your skin feeling sexy and soft, an almond and coconut oil blend is provided. As you go out in the sun, your skin will still be protected through the lotion’s blend of vitamins, which is known to prevent the signs of aging. When it comes to its tingling sensation, you’ll experience moderate tingle, making it great for those who have already hit a tanning plateau.


Now that you know the most recommended tingle tanning lotions you can buy, you might be wondering when would be the best time for you to start using one of them. For expert tanners, the best time is when you have finally reached your tanning plateau. This means that after several applications of a tanning lotion and your skin is no longer reacting, it might be time for you to use a tingle tanning lotion. It will activate your skin’s melanin production.

As you get accustomed to this type of lotion, you’ll experience a different way to get the darker skin you’ve been dreaming of.

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