The Best Cooling Tanning Lotions – Unbiased Reviews

Finding the best cooling tanning lotion can be a tricky thing. First of all, you do not know half of the stuff people put in their products or how safe they are. If you have sensitive skin you have to think about the safety of the product, as to whether it can be used outdoors without burning your skin or turning it orange.

Indoor lotions always seem like a safe option, but there are so many of them on the market it can be bewildering to someone who is not used to the whole tanning process to choose the right one for them.

Before you pick a lotion, you need to think about important things like knowing what your skin type is, which ingredients will suit your skin and what you are prepared to pay.

Here is a roundup of some of the best tanning lotions available in the market that provide a cooling sensation while also giving you a fantastic tan.

The Best Cooling Tanning Lotions

 Designer Skin Body Bronzer - Ruby

1. Designer Skin Body Bronzer - Ruby


Ever wondered how you could achieve a bronzed skin without that awful smell that comes after you have been under the hot lights of a tanning salon? Do you dread the heat and how your skin feels like after a long tanning session? This is the perfect product to help you avoid smelling odious and actually have you feeling and smelling fresh.

This product has a combination of tingling technology from the infusion of the capsaicin, as well as cooling technology that comes from the infusion of licorice extract into the product. Not only do you get tanned quicker, but you can actually feel the product working on your skin. Furthermore, you step out smelling as if you have just taken a fruity dip.

This is a luxurious tanning lotion. The tingle and cooling effect are what sells it for most people, but to some, those effects go unnoticed. It smells delicious, if you like smelling like a gummy bear. Those who have used it have mostly nothing bad to say about it, but some people find that it does not give the right tawny brown hue. Others find that they are able to achieve a darker tan quickly.

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Swedish Beauty Mint Condition Superior Cooling Bronzer

2. Swedish Beauty Mint Condition


The name says it all. You already expect a lot from a product that carries a name that long and has technology that other products do not have. The best thing is that it is one of the cool indoor tanning lotions that people with fairer skins are looking for.

This is the perfect indoor tanning lotion for women who want to have their skin tanned without having to put on a heavy tanning lotion packed with ingredients like the usual gluten, sulfates and parabens, which could be harmful to their skin. This lotion rubs easily on the skin and leaves a cool minty tingle. It has moisturizers that make the skin feel soft and leaves a lingering fresh scent.

This is a pricey indoor tanning lotion.  The lotion also has no sun protection so you need to put some sunscreen on if you are going to be spending time out in the sun.

Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer 13.5 oz

3. Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer


Nothing sells beauty products like the Kardashian name. This luxury indoor product delivers what it promises, from the luxurious bottle to the floral sandalwood scent.

The Kardashian Glow Iced Bronzer is popular for its sensational cooling effect on the skin, but it has many more features which make it a worthy contender on the list of the best indoor tanning lotions. It is infused with melanin to make your skin turn brown faster. It also has a skin renewal complex with ingredients that provide moisture to your skin and aid in cell regeneration. The Luxe Silicone base hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling velvety smooth.

The price is a bit high, but considering its quality, the value is worth your money. The cooling essences infused in the product leave your skin feeling fresh all day and you do not get that yellow streak that comes with most bronzers.

Designer Skin Escapade Cooling Bronzer

4. Designer Skin Escapade


Designer Skin has once again outdone themselves by producing this wonderful, breezy tanning lotion that does wonders for the skin, leaving it bronzed and smelling like para.

This product is average-priced, but there is nothing average about what the lotion contains and what it can do for the skin. This bronzer has a blend of DS ProBronze Extend, peptides, tyrosine and black walnut to turn your skin golden brown. Your skin will not only look bronzed, but it will be smoother and well conditioned by the high levels of Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E and sacha inchi oil. The best part about getting tanned with Escapade Cooling Bronzer Tanning lotion is the cooling essence that leaves your skin feeling fresh almost as if you have just stepped out of a shower.

This is a very popular product right now. It has made it onto many top ten lists of cool indoor tanning lotions, which means the demand, is more than the supply. This also means that there are many unscrupulous people who will sell it to you for thrice the price and you might not even be getting the real thing! It is much easier to go online and get a bottle for three times less than what a tanning salon will sell it for. It can be oily because of all those fatty acids and might take longer to dry.  It has a refreshing unisex smell, which means that both men and women will find it great to use.

Ed Hardy Get Ripped Cooling Bronzer Tattoo Fade Protection

5. Ed Hardy Get Ripped


People with tattoos often complain about their tattoos fading every time they go through the tanning process.  For tattoo enthusiasts who still want to look super tanned, this cooling bronzer is the ideal product to use.

This oil-free lotion contains a bronzer and has cooling elements that deliver a refreshing sensation to your skin. The oil-free serum helps with the fast application and drying of the product. The lotion also contains a tattoo fade protector to stop tattoos from fading and nouritan, which is an ingredient that stimulates tyrosine activity to give you a deeper long-lasting tan.

It is a niche market product appreciated by those who love their tattoos. The cooling effect is great and it has a fresh smell that is not overpowering.


These are your 5 best cooling tanning lotions on the market. They all deliver a bronzed look while keeping your skin cooled and refreshed. The great selling point for all is the cooling effect in each but individually they will appeal to different people who are looking for more than just a simple tan.

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