How to Apply Tanning Lotion

Knowing the proper way on how to apply tanning lotion can help you avoid a downright disaster. In this post, we’ll discuss about the appropriate ways to assist you into finally getting that star-worthy tan.

how to apply tanning lotion


Before you self-tan, do everything that you have to do first. For instance, if you need to get a wax, do it before applying a tanning lotion. Considering it as a last minute decision won’t give you great results.


This is to avoid getting that terrible looking tan. The dead skin cells at your skin’s surface will soon look flaky and ashy as you add the tanning product. Before you self-tan, exfoliate three times every other day. It’s one of the reasons you should not rush into self-tanning. Prepare your body first. For an easy exfoliation, add a handful of sugar to your body wash for an effective exfoliating session. Concentrate on areas that are prone to blotches, like elbows and knees.


Before you even apply tanning lotion to larger part of your body, do a test patch first at least 24 hours in advance. You might be sensitive to DHA or other ingredients found in your tanning lotion.


If there are no rashes or signs of sensitivity after the test patch, you may now start applying a moisturizer. It’s best to moisturize your skin prior to your tanning day. This is to ensure that you don’t experience dry patches, which can cause splotches. Moisturizer will also prevent the tanning lotion from saturating those dry areas in your body, like knees, heels and elbows. In this way, you’ll get consistent tan.


Never apply tanning lotion when your skin is still wet after showering. Dry it off using a clean towel. Apply moisturizer. Then, wait at least 30 minutes until your skin is 100% dry.

Wear gloves

Avoid applying tanning lotion with your bear hands. Instead, use tight-fitting gloves. This is to avoid getting colored palms after application.

Apply evenly

To avoid streaking, use circular strokes but start with small strokes. If you’re new to self-tanning, you should avoid sprays as you might miss any spots. When applying the lotion to your skin, you should start at the bottom. For instance, you can start at your ankles. Then go up to your shoulders preventing weird marks that you might get when you bend over. Always saving your arms and hands for last.

Don’t forget to treat your neck and ears to make sure that you have a natural tan. Use a Q-tip or a cotton ball when covering these areas.

If there are splotches or streaks, use a cotton ball and remove the streaks to the affected areas.


While your tan skin is still developing, do not wear tight jeans or socks. Instead, wear loose-fitting clothes. If you can, go naked at least 8 hours after applying the product. And never shower or swim after tanning. You should wait at least 24 hours before you take a shower or bathe for the tan to develop further so you’ll receive deeper, darker tan.

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