Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Being overweight is something that can invite a large number of other diseases like blood pressure instability, diabetes, backache, arthritis, asthma, etc. Also, being obese makes you look dull and ugly as clothes barely fit.

While it is crucial to maintaining weight for the overall health of your body but at the same time, it is equally important that the weight loss method that you adopt is safe and has no side effects. One of such groundbreaking weight loss technology is what is known as red light therapy. Today we are going talk about” Red light therapy for weight loss”

Red light therapy for weight loss

You can use red light therapy for weight loss

Red light therapy is known to be one of the very effective slimming procedures. It is a safe method executed with no use of needles, incisions or surgeries. The red light works by stimulating the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell causing the fatty acids to release into interstitial space. Extra fatty acids are then passed out of the body during excretion and urination. So simple and natural is this process.

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Red light therapy at Planet fitness- a simpler approach to fat burning

​How does red light therapy for weight loss work ?

​Red light therapy works on a very simple mechanism which we will explain under two main points namely, bioenergetics and blood flow.

Bioenergetics – Red light therapy simply stimulates the mitochondria in the fat cell. Mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of the cell, when stimulated it increases the glucose oxidation. This happens due to the fact that red light’s wavelength is between 600nm and 1000nm which stimulate a key copper enzyme in our cells. Consequently, more cellular energy is produced, and more glucose is burnt efficiently. This leads to less stress and healthier cells. The increase in metabolic rate ultimately leads to fat loss.

Blood flow- In addition, red light therapy is known to improve the blood flow in the area where it falls. This makes the cells produce a large amount of energy and improvement of blood flow. Improved blood flow leads to providing essential nutrients to the body making it healthy.

​Safe without any side effects

​Unlike the other slimming procedures like surgeries and other dangerous techniques, this therapy is designed to deliver benefits without any harm to the body. While safely eliminating the fat in the tissue under the skin, it makes your waistline visibly less.

It is a painless method that removes inches from target areas in your body. This makes your body slim and more in shape. It also tightens and tones the loose skin. The biggest benefit of this is that it allows the patient to active throughout the treatment and has no recovery time requirement. And all this followed by best results.

​About the system

​The red light therapy is an infrared treatment that is akin to the tanning bed with red lights. Red light therapy is also used for anti-aging treatment. However, the system is also highly useful in burning over 500 calories per session. With regular use of this technology, one can burn over 2000 extra calories than a normal person who isn’t using this therapy. This is an amazing system that works of really simple mechanism and burns the calories in the safest way possible.

Benefits of using Red Light Therapy for weight loss

Benefits of using Red Light Therapy for weight loss

​One of the major reasons that one loses weight using this therapy is that this reduces the patient’s appetite. Less appetite means the person would not eat more, and there will not be the accumulation of extra fat. At the same time, the body will start using the stored fat. Red light therapy further targets the fat and leads to losing of it locally and systemically. Within days, one loses multiple inches making one look smarter and healthier.

​Weight loss is the obvious target of this therapy, but the additional benefit is that it improves the energy levels in the system. One remains highly active and full of energy during this treatment. It maintains lean tissue and is very non-invasive technique. Another benefit of this therapy is that if you have the system, you can do the treatment at home. This doesn’t hamper your routine, and you can continue with your daily tasks while the treatment continues.

With a lot of weight loss products and ideas selling in the market that often lead to side effects, one can be easily skeptical of something that we explained above. However, we should tell you that this is an absolutely safe treatment to undergo. To let you know more about if any side effects it may have, we have explained it below.​

​Watch video to know red light therapy for weight loss

​Are there any side effects of weight loss with red light therapy?

​Red light therapy is a non-invasive technology and is known never to have led to any kind of side effects. Patients have never even complained of any discomfort during the treatment, let alone the side effects. The red light used is modulated and works by draining and shrinking the fat cells. Further, it also adds new collagen and elastin which tightens and tones the skin leaving it looking young and beautiful. Red light therapy works absolute wonders in transforming you completely into active and slim.

​A lot of research has taken place in this field, and researchers have analyzed and tested this technique over the years. There is evidence that red light therapy is a safe and efficient method for weight loss and also for regaining the vibrancy and smoothness in skin.


​Overall, red light therapy is known to deliver great results in fat reduction and weight loss. Very natural and simple process, this safe to try and has promising results. Unlike other treatment of weight loss, it is not painful and has no surgical procedures involved. And as we explained earlier, it burns 500 calories per session which are a really great achievement that definitely gives wonderful results.

It can work best when it is accompanied by regular exercise and healthy diet. And one of the biggest advantages of this except the weight loss is that it increases the body metabolism which makes you a lot more active and energetic. So, this is also a solution to your lethargy. This doesn’t require you to sit at home as you can continue your daily work along with the treatment and also, there is no need for any recovery time. Red light therapy for weight loss is a weight loss technique that you can trust blindly.​

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  2. If anyone believes that they can loose weight using red light LED therapy, then I have some swamp land that I can sell you in Arizona. The only way to loose weight with any LED would be if it’s an LASER LED (Pin Pointed Highly Consentrated beam of light) which could conceivably burn holes into the body. This would be very painful and could result in death with time. For a company to say that they have a diffused LASER LED Red Light system that can help you loose any weight, then they have fed you a line of bull. If you diffuse a LASER light, then it becomes a mere light.

  3. I understand the studies around the effects of red and near infrared light on mitochondrial function and rna synthesis. However, most of the touted systemic benefits are theoretical extrapolations from those studies – it’s theoretically possible that there may be an overall increase in metabolism but the evidence isn’t well developed.

    There are some observational studies to support an impact on reducing measurements when combined with exercise but why and how it happens is unclear (individual cell function or through thyroid function…). There’s a lot more unknowns that knowns.

    Yes, it’s relatively safe so may be worth trying (noting it is possible to do damage with too much exposure)…but the kind of significant effects that are mentioned above are simply not supported. Where is your evidence around a reduction in appetite or this massive surge in energy? That’s a huge leap from where the science is today and not supported at all. A red light session burning “500 calories”??? Come on! That’s ridiculous! Losing inches in days??? What total BS.

    The above takes a small, genuine scientific finding and blows it completely out of proportion… You’re not going to go from obese to underweight with a red light panel.

    Plus so badly written. Red light doesn’t “add” collagen! What is that absurd statement about increased blood flow causing cells to produce massive amounts of energy? What?! Do you know what energy is? Please! An eighth grade biology student could do better.

    At best, hope for a possible minor benefit when used in combination with diet and exercise. There’s some evidence to support that.

    Also, regarding the disgusting statement “being obese makes you look dull and ugly as clothes barely fit.” You should be ashamed of yourselves. I’ve a bmi of 19 and even I find that absurdly offensive.

    This is an offensive, misleading piece of communication. Reputable sellers will be honest about the magnitude of the benefits and reference their claims with scientific studies. Go to one of those and do your research about quality red light panels. This is not it

    • Good points. This is not for the obese and has to be done in conjunction with a diet and exercise; it’s not a magical solution but it has its place.

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