Facial Care Routine: A Secret for the Timeless Beauty

One time, you stop by in a store and obviously, they are selling beauty products and skin care cosmetics, the sales representative offered you a great deal with the features of the product at a reasonable price and discount. You’re convinced and happily went home to test the effectiveness of the product. After several weeks of observation, you notice that nothing has changed from the moment you purchase the product. Why is that so? Is it fake? Or is it not enough for your daily skin care regimen?

Facial Care Routine: A Secret for the Timeless Beauty

The Truth Behind the Facial Regimen Process

Most of us get the wrong idea of using skin care products will already provide the benefits of a healthy and glowing complexion, where in fact, this perception is definitely lacking and in reality, a product alone cannot revive our young, flawless, and rosy skin. A perfect combination of a proper facial skin care routine should be spread to all of the people so that they may know the vital routines to improve the skin. Having blemishes, spots, acnes, blackheads, oily face, whiteheads or dead skin cells are the impurities of the skin. These are the problems that most of us try to prevent. To keep the face in a healthy, rejuvenated, glowing, radiant, and a skin full of collagen, you may start doing these helpful reminders:

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1. Eat the Appropriate Amount and Kinds of Food. Make sure to consume large quantities of vegetables and fruits to enhance the complexion of the skin. Instead of eating meat, increase your appetite with fish. The viable source of Omega-3 can be found in the fish such as Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, and more. This substance repairs the skin cells, serves as an anti-inflammatory and makes the skin flexible.

2. Drink a Lot of Water. The general presumption of at least 8 glasses of water per day is the recommended fluid requirement to supply the body with abundant liquids. The skin should be sufficed with liquids to rejuvenate and make it glow.

3. Have a Complete Sleep. Maintain at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to avoid stress, wrinkles, and dark circles beneath the eyes. A proper sleep helps in synthesizing the significant substances in the body to support the skin cells.

4. Don’t Smoke. The harmful effects of the cigarette substance may cause toxic to the skin. Do not attempt to smoke so you will not experience having an old skin, dark lips, and unhealthy complexion.

5. Stay Away from the Prickly Heat of the Sun. Manage to use an umbrella or apply a liberal amount of sunscreen containing high levels of SPA to prevent sunburn, moisturize the skin and avoid further skin problems.

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6. Choose Hypoallergenic Facial Skin Care Products. Not all products are suitable for the skin because each individual has its own special skin type. Generally, you must select products that are allergy free and antiseptic. Here is basic 10-minute facial care routine for you.

  • Apply a facial oil cleanser on a soft cotton ball or put a liberal amount of oil directly to the face. Massage the skin for about 2 minutes, then rinse. The oil is the first cleansing technique to open the pores and remove the deep portions of clogged dirt that penetrated to the pores.
  • Get a cotton ball and pour small drops of your favorite facial toner. Rub it all over the face and do this for at least 3 minutes.
  • Now, it’s time for the second cleansing with an organic antiseptic soap, then rinse.
  • Apply ice onto the face to close the pores to make the face smooth and flawless.
  • You may now apply your hypoallergenic makeup such as BB cream, mild foundation, powder or concealer.

7. Apply an Herbal Solution to Your Routine.

If you have enough time to concentrate with your soothing facial regimen, you may insert herbal treatments such as tomatoes, guava, carrot, cucumber, lemon or honey to moisturize, lighten, and revitalize the skin. Cosmetic products in the market are processed with chemical-based solutions so applying organic substances can make the skin become radiant, glow, whiten, young, and healthy.

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