The Top Best Vein Finder 2017: Portable & Infrared Vein Finder Reviews

Veinlite LEDX has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews.

Are you looking to buy a vein finder? If so, you’ve probably come across many models that claim to the best at doing so. However, not all models match up to each other and some can work better than others. For this reason, it’s important to pay close attention to a vein finder model before you actually invest in it. This article will highlight some of the top vein finders on the market and explain more behind these devices.

The Importance of Using a Vein Finder

Vein finders are important for those who are looking to find veins in their body and for nurses who need to quickly find the right vein for a procedure. They are important to use because they will help you to quickly and accurately see veins rather than guessing where they might be. They are especially helpful for nurses who need to find a vein without causing the patient to be in discomfort while doing so. They also help to find veins in darker skin tones which can be sometimes difficult to do with other devices.

Types of Vein Finders

vein finder reviews

There are two main types of vein finders: active and passive. Below is a little more about them.

Active Vein Finders

Active vein finders are models that use batteries or electricity to run. They feature modern technology built into them and often need a dark setting in order to be able to work properly.

Passive Vein Finders

Passive vein finders require no electricity or batteries. They are usually things you can wear, like glasses, to help you find veins. Because they don’t rely on electricity or batteries you won’t need to worry about having to recharge them in order for them to work. However, passive vein finders don’t often include some of the latest technology so it might take a little longer to find veins with them.

How Vein Finders Work?

How does vein finder work

Vein finders use a red light to help them find veins in the body. After you turn the device’s LED light on, you can then move it around the area on the body you’re trying to find veins in. The light will react with the hemoglobin in the body so that it absorbs the light which will help it to illuminate the veins.

These vein finders come with various technology. You’ll find infrared vein finders, ultrasound vein finders, laser vein finders, UV light vein finders, and many other types available to help you quickly find veins.

Vein finders also work better if you put disposable slips on the top of them (especially if you use it on more than one person) to help make sure it stays sanitized and runs efficiently.

Sometimes you can also use special vein finder apps for android or iphone with certain vein finder models which will help you to see the veins better and record any needed information about them.

Vein Finder Demonstration​​​​​

What to Look for in a Vein Finder

Best vein finders

There are a few important things that you should look for/keep in mind when searching for a vein finder.

Is it Intended for Adults or Children?

While most models can be used on both, some are usually only intended to be used on one. A vein finder that is made for children has a much lower LED light effect which is not good for adults who need more light in order to see their veins. It’s important to make sure to check before buying one to make sure you get the correct model.

Does it Have a Rechargeable Battery?

If you intend to buy an active vein finder you want to make sure it has a rechargeable battery. This can help to make sure that you don’t have to constantly keep investing in new batteries all the time in order for it to work.

It’s also a good idea to check to see how many battery packs a vein finder comes with. If it comes with one it would be good to have another one on hand that you can charge and quickly swap with the current battery pack when that certain pack needs to be recharged.

Does it Highlight Facial Veins?

Finding facial veins can be a very difficult and delicate thing for vein finders to do. Because of this, some models don’t work well with highlighting facial veins. If you intend to use a vein finder on the face, it’s a good idea to check to make sure if it has the ability to do so.

Can it be Cleaned?

Cleaning a vein finder is very important, especially if you intended to use the same product on multiple people. You want to make sure that the vein finder can be easily sanitized and won’t end up somehow damaging the product if you do so.

A Light Shield

While some vein finder models are made with a light that isn’t too irritating, some do come with very strong lights. These lights can end up irritating your eyes which will hurt them because they are so bright and strong. A light shield can help to protect your eyes when using one and can also help you to better see any veins that might show up with the device.

The Top 5 Active Vein Finders reviews

1. Veinlite LEDX

Veinlite LEDX Adult Transilluminator Vein Finder

This product will help to give you a large illuminated area on the skin when you work with it. It has a wide opening which will help it to cover a large area and will also help you to see veins better. This model comes with a deep focus feature which will help you with seeing deeper veins in the body and also give a more accurate outline of them. This vein finder is built with 32 LED lights (24 orange and 8 red). It is able to work well on all skin tones and comes with a rechargeable battery, disposable covers, and a light shield.

2. Miralth MD2604

Miralth Infrared vein viewer, portable vein detector, finder, locator, Illumination Visualization for nurses

This vein finder will help you to easily find veins when using it. It has two imaging modes: blue/white and red/green. It comes with an adjustable image brightness button on the front which will help you to either increase or decrease the light amount to help you find veins easily.

This model also comes with a sleep button. Its rechargeable battery has a light indicator on it to show when it needs to be charged and also when it has fully been charged. This IV and infrared vein finder is a portable option which makes it great if you need to carry it around often. However, keep in mind that this product doesn’t work well with finding facial veins.

3. Miralth VIVO500S

Miralth Infrared Vein Viewer VIVO500S approved by FDA, vein finder

This high-tech vein finder will help you with easily finding veins thanks to the modern technology built into it. It will display a sharp map of the veins in the body so you can easily see them. The Projection Vein Viewer VIVO500S is the updated version of VIVO500 approved by FDA. It is based on the principle that human hemoglobin has a higher absorption of infrared light than other tissues. With our enhanced imaging processing unit, 80% invisible veins can be detected. The processed vein image is synchronously and preciasely projected back on to the skin.

4. Polymer Technology Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator

Polymer Technology Respironics Wee Sight Transilluminator Vein Finder

This model is designed to be used with babies and children. It’s a very small and compact one and features 3 LED lights that are made with a cool lighting to help prevent any irritation from occurring. The lights will quickly display veins without causing any burns on the skin while it’s being used. Its small design was carefully made to make it easier for you to use and comfortable for the children as it is used on them. This model can also be used in an incubator safely. This vein finder model is not intended to be used on adults.

5. Illumivein

Illumivein® Portable Red LED Light Vein Finder Transilluminator

This Illumivein vein finder is made with a heavy-duty aluminum body which helps to prevent it from easily breaking. Its 9 LED lights, all of which are red, work to show a dark shadow on the skin so the veins are quickly illuminated. To use this model you just need to push the product slightly on the skin so this vein finder can properly shine on the veins so you can see them. This vein finder comes with a nylon wrist strap which can help you easily carry it around. It runs on 3 AAA batteries which are not included when you buy it.

The Top 3 Passive Vein Finders

1. Oxy-Iso Blood Draw and Color Blindness Glasses

Oxy-Iso Blood Draw and Color Blindness Glasses, Sport Frame

These vein finder glasses feature pink shades to help with finding veins and also can be used to help with color blindness. To use these glasses, you can just simply put them on and then look at an area on the body to find the veins in that specific area. These glasses will then work to enhance the veins in that area so you easily see them and any possible problems they might have. The glasses are made of a scratch-proof material so you don’t need to worry about the lenses being easily damaged. These glasses are lightweight and easy to carry around.

2. Oxy-Amp Vein Glasses

Oxy-Amp Vein Glasses

These vein enhancement glasses work to help make veins “glow” when you use them. They will help to highlight them so you can easily see the veins you are looking for. The slight pink tint in the glasses’ lenses will help with this and also help to prevent glares and a white illumination from occurring. This is unlike many other vein finder glasses which often end up causing a white glare to occur when you’re looking for a vein. The glasses are adjustable so you can fix them to however they fit best on you and are made with a scratch-proof material.

3. Vein Viewer Finder 3D Headset

Vein Viewer Finder 3D Headset Portable Hands-Free

This smart vein finder is a unique product. It’s a 3D headset that allows you to just wear it over your head so it can illuminate veins. Because of this, it’s a hands-free option and an ideal product for those looking for something they don’t actually have to move around themselves. You can just put it on your head and move the light shining from it around so you can find veins. The headset will magnify the veins in the body and can also work to highlight veins at different angles which is unlike some other models. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack and is easy to clean off.

Accessories to Use with a Vein Finder

There are a few accessories that you can use with a vein finder to make sure it stays clean and works well.

Disposable Covers

These are extremely important to use to help prevent germs and other problems from spreading each time you use the vein finder. These covers can be easily slipped onto the top of the vein finder and can be removed and disposed of instantly once you’re done using it.


Wipes are good to help with wiping the vein finders off to make sure they stay clean. Many wipes often are made with a special sanitizing mixture which will help to destroy any germs on the device. However, it’s important to be very careful when using these as the liquid from the wipes might cause some problems with the vein finder if it seeps into it.

Hand Sanitizer

After using the vein finder and cleaning it off, you want to apply some hand sanitizer on your hands. This can help to destroy any germs on them until you’re able to properly wash them off.

Medical Gloves

If you’re a nurse and plan to use this vein finder on multiple people, you’ll want to make sure to use some medical gloves. These can help to protect you from any germs that might be on the vein finder after using it on a patient.

A Carrying Case

A carrying case is especially helpful if you need to carry this device around with you at all times. After washing and sanitizing the vein finder, you can just slide it into one of these carrying cases which are small enough to put into a bag or to attach easily to something without causing problems. They will work to help protect the vein finder as well and prevent it from being scratched.


The vein finders in this article are some the top ones on the market to help nurses and others who need to find veins for various purposes. They all come with many helpful features and work to help make finding veins a more comfortable experience. They are a useful product and are worth investing in to help make the job of finding veins in the body much easier.

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