Ultra slim red light therapy reviews

UltraSlim red light therapy reviews have become necessary, considering the extensive confusion surrounding the use of this technology. UltraSlim targets the cellular level and in doing so, delivers immediate and effective results regarding dramatic weight loss along with fat reduction and skin tightening.​

One does not just lose inches; they go home with smooth, sculpted skin by undergoing this miraculous treatment that is a hundred percent safe and free of any side effects. It isn’t just a technology aimed at fat loss, rather it is the only body contouring apparatus categorized in the least risk group by FDA.

Ultra slim red light therapy reviews

UltraSlim light therapies are non-invasive therapies for slimming the body, they help in removing excess fat and cutting off those extra inches from the most difficult areas of the body. There are certain things you need to know about these UltraSlim treatment products

First of all, the technology has at its core the infrared light beam that is capable of penetrating about 8 – 10 mm under the skin, and attacks only fat cell contents thereby providing the body with natural detoxification. In addition to this, the device will help fade off wrinkles, tighten loosened skin, giving it a smoother finish, all without undergoing any incisions or needles. There is no recovery time required post sessions and the skin is benefited in just a matter of minutes

A single session of treatment with this therapy should last about 30 minutes for delivering permanent fat loss, and in most cases, between 1 and 4 sessions are recommended per week, depending on how much fat the patient wants to get rid of. UltraSlim red light therapy has been approved and recommended for use by the FDA

Benefits and importance of Ultra slim red light therapy treatments​

From UltraSlim red light therapy reviews, one can conclude that UltraSlim light therapy products are much safer and convenient than invasive surgical procedures, and they will not put you in starvation modes like those weight loss fad diets that most weight watchers quickly lose interest in.

It is believed in some quarters that, even though the UltraSlim red light therapy is effective in assisting to lose weight, the effectiveness of this treatment can become more effective when the user indulges in positive, healthy lifestyle such as minimal low impact exercises and healthy eating.

Another benefit of using this therapy for weight loss is that you don’t have to count calories, even though you need to switch to a positive lifestyle to maintain the weight loss results. It provides the patient with accelerated healing and recuperation which renders almost no recovery time at all after each therapy session.

Does Ultra Slim red light therapy really work?

One of the claims made on UltraSlim red light therapy reviews is that the therapy delivers a burst of energy into body tissues and cells, causing them to be stimulated in order to burn fat steadily. The therapy also provides healing from within, as more fat is eliminated.

Though, it has been confirmed that the short burst of energy delivered into body tissues and cells can speed weight loss, it is expected that red light therapy for slimming, will require continuous maintenance treatments, in order to sustain its weight loss effects.

Also, it has been observed that people with a higher metabolism are better aided through this intervention as compared to people with low metabolism. The fat contents are eliminated from the body as part of their excreta, which means fat won’t come back!​

​How to use Ultra Slim red light therapy

UltraSlim is cheaper than most cosmetic procedures, costing about half of what invasive procedures cost. It is recommended to undergo about 3 – 20 treatment sessions to observe sustainable and visible results. UltraSlim does not touch the body; you simply need to lie down under it for a few minutes while the light targets big areas of the body. People with who are allergic to light, are pregnant, or suffer from cancer are warned against its usage.

Alternative Solutions to UltraSlim​

​Some alternative for weight loss and anti – aging solutions that use red light therapy technology are available in the market which one can use at home for a more cost – effective and convenient treatment.

1. Nova Red Light Therapy Machine

Nova Red Light Therapy Machine

This could be one of the most ideal skin firming and lifting devices to achieve an ultra-slim body. The device comes with several accessories, including a Wall plug charger, and USB connector for recharging the device.

This device works through a 660nm wavelength, which is the red light spectrum, to permeate deep within the skin to stimulate and energize the cells and tissues thereby resulting in fat elimination from the cells and the body.

​Combined with regular exercise and healthy diet, this device can help you smooth out loose skin and burn fat. With satisfied users and a high rating on Amazon, this product is worth investing in.

Things We Liked

  • Apart from being cost effective and easy to use, the Nova device comes with a sensor which results in red light emission only when the device head is targeted on the skin, resulting in safety for your eyes

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You may have to wear goggles if you need to apply it around your face.
  • Also, the small size may be a disadvantage when you want to target larger application areas.

​2. Pulsaderm Red LED

Pulsaderm Red LED

This FDA cleared device works on red light spectrum therapy to target and eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, skin abrasions, loose skin and fat reduction. The non – invasive treatment is pain free, gentle on the skin and does not require long recovery periods unlike the invasive or laser procedures.

Safe to use thrice a week, application on body surface for a few minutes a day will bring you fast results. The red light LEDs stimulate the cells and provide enhanced metabolism, leading to faster repair of cells and loss of fat.

Things We Liked

  • It penetrates deep within the skin, bringing you faster results and leaving you feeling relaxed.
  • You can see positive results in a matter of weeks in the targeted areas of the body.
  • With a high star rating on Amazon, this product is well worth your money!

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The only disadvantage of this really cheap and effective device is the fact that one needs to use eye goggles during the treatment to protect their eyes against the light radiation.
  • Also, the device alone cannot promise you everlasting results; good health regimen needs to be followed alongside its usage


In conclusion, it is quite clear that the UltraSlim technology is here to stay as it is a very effective yet costly solution to health and skin issues. The breakthrough in this field can be applied to many products in the future. However, red light therapy devices are vividly efficient and easier to use and avail. But, having said that, one cannot take away from the fact that UltraSlim technology is superior to these devices and can provide users with much better and sustainable results.Hope this article was useful to you!

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