The Best Light Therapy Devices for Arthritis

The most important factor you must consider when choosing a light therapy for arthritis, is that it must be capable of providing relief against arthritis pains within the shortest period of time. The second most important factor is that it must not increase the sensitivity of your skin to the device, then it must come with all necessary safety features to protect your body against accidents, which means, there must be an automatic shutdown or regulator on the device to put off the power when the device is not in use. The product must also have a suitable ergonomic design for proper handling, and must be light enough for movement in all directions.

light therapy products for arthritis

What are the benefits of Light therapy for arthritis?

Arthritis has been regarded as the main leading cause of disability all around the world, and the reason for this is the characteristic recurrent pain due to inflammation in one or more joints within the body.

Light therapy for arthritis works by focusing its Infra-red light to the affected area, and the cells and tissues within such area absorb the light, and the photons from the light will strike the damaged tissues that trigger arthritis pains, alongside the blood, skin, and bones, thus speeding up their healing.

The use of low intensity Light therapy for arthritis, has been incorporated effectively into many arthritis treatments over the years, and the main reason to this approach is that, infra-red light has been found to be effective in influencing changes are all cellular levels, thus stimulating and activating normal cell activity: the main reason why the healing of arthritis pain speeds up.

Infra-red products such as Light therapy are capable of handling all neuropathy conditions, including knee and back pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic foot, and wounds. LED technologies for treating arthritis are not only effective, they are also affordable, and natural. They are not invasive, unlike surgeries, injections, peels and lasers. The light wavelength of these products will penetrate effectively into the skin to relieve aching joints, sores, muscle spasms, and stiffness associated with arthritic developments.

Why make use of LEDs for arthritis

LEDs such as Light therapy for arthritis have numerous edges over other options such as Lasers for some reasons. While Lasers make use of focused beams to produce a bandwidth of radiation, Light therapy makes use of light waves that move progressively through electro-magnetic radiant energy with different wavelengths to reach a larger surface area of the body, therefore LEDs provide a much more effective treatment on a larger body surface area. The duty cycle of a typical Light therapy is 2.5 million times longer than that of laser, whereas, Laser treatments are much more expensive to use.

The intensities of Laser treatments can cause serious damages to healthy tissues in the body, whereas, the incoherent nature of Light therapy makes it suitable for both damaged and healthy tissues inside the body.

Things to look out for when choosing Light therapy for arthritis

There are several things you should consider before going for a product, these include the following:

  • Penetrating power – when choosing a Light therapy for arthritis, make sure you consider the wavelength and strength of the product. Do not go for a product with wavelength lower than 600nm; likewise, you must avoid any product with wavelength rating higher than 950nm because they wouldn’t penetrate deep enough to provide effective arthritis treatment. Products with wavelengths between 800-900 do provide the best optimal penetration.
  • The ideal product must be safe on eyes, and some other body parts. Extra safety features must be available.
  • Design – The product must come with the right ergonomic design for easy handling. It must be relatively light in the hand, and must not fall from the hand easily.

Top 3 Light Therapy Devices for Arthritis

1. Tendlite


This is one of the best home light therapy products that offers effective arthritis pain treatment. It heals more than 60% faster on joint tissue repairs, just put on the light for about 60 seconds at a time, on your shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle or any other joint, for a safe and painless treatment;

This device comes with lots of extras in its package, these include; a carry bag, instructional manual and a case for the light therapy. It is safe for both humans and pets, and comes with a 60-day money-back guaranty. It makes use of 800-900 wavelength band, therefore it is effective.

This product may require several treatments more than other effective light therapy products because of its progressive treatment nature on inflammation, this means you need to spend more time on treating the same affected spot. The product is only sold within the United States of America.

2. Light Relief

Light Relief

This is one of the simplest, lightest and easy to use light devices for arthritis. It is quite convenient for muscle and joint pains, as well as stiffness anywhere around the body. This product comes with a power cord; hence it can be recharged as frequently as you want.

This is one of the cheapest and simplest Light therapy for arthritis as it costs less than $90 on retail market. Its relatively small size means it can be stored easily and travel with. It comes with a strap that makes it easier to move the laser treatment all around the body.

This product may not be ideal for those who are used to cordless light therapy products. Durability may also be a source of concern with this product, its relatively small size means it must be handled with care, otherwise it may fall easily and break.

3. Biobeam 940

Biobeam 940

This is an ideal light infrared therapy for chronic pains, especially those associated with Osteo-arthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. This product is FDA approved for several kinds of tissue disorders but you need to use it for between 5-30 minutes in the Pulse mode, and then apply the device for 2-3 times daily to achieve the best possible result. This product weighs just 1.3 pounds, thus, it can be transported with ease and require little storage space, hence it can be your ideal travel companion.

The best results with this product can be achieved even with once-a-day treatments. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed to be handled and moved from one part of the body to another.

This product makes use of the 940 wavelength band for treatment, however, it has been found that products using 800-900 wavelengths are the most effective.


From the reviews above, it is clear that Tendlite is the clear favorite, even though, it is not the cheapest among the top 3, but the fact that it works under the recommended 800-900 wavelengths shows that it will be more effective than Biobeam 940. Secondly, Tendlite is cordless, which means, it works on rechargeable batteries, therefore it is convenient to recharge for as many times as you can- you need only to replace the batteries once they are worn out.

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