Tanda Zap Advanced Acne Clearing Device Reviews

Are you someone struggling with acne and blemishes and still looking for a wonder product that could help you to get some relief? Well, you are in the right place, I suppose! Be it severe, constant breakouts or mild to moderate pimples, Tanda Zap is here to dynamically transform your skin care routine. It is one of the best of its kind, working with a revolutionary blue light emission technology in combination with a sonic vibration technology to battle acne.

Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device Reviews

The effective and potent blue light that Tanda Zap draws its strength from is known to wipe out acne-causing microbes and bacteria. Devoid of heat, pain, dryness or irritation of any kind, you are a winner on all fronts with this easy to use, safe and wonderful device. Available in different colors, you can choose to own one too in white, blue, or pink. Continue reading to read more about this product.

Criteria- Why Do You Need This And Does Zap Really Work?

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If you are like me and have opted for drastic measures to get rid of zits and acne, you know how hard and daunting it is to keep a check on your diet and have tried a hand at almost all kinds of creams, gels and lotions that are out there. Does not really seem to work, does it?

What makes Tanda Zap stand out is the state of the art technology that this device incorporates into its functioning making it the go- to solution for all your skin complaints. The exceptionally efficient blue light technology has been studied by experts and proven to be the best bet at fighting against acne and blemishes. The fact that it is completely harmless, and not based on any chemical compound, assures you of no side effects at all.

The blue light penetrates deep within your skin, targeting and eliminating the growth of bacteria that result in stubborn pimples. The vibrations gently warm and open up the skin pores, leaving no place for the bacteria to hide. At just around five cents per treatment, you can experience acne – free skin at the comfort of your home! Just 2 minutes application of your zits, twice or thrice a day and you get closer to acquiring the clear, fresh skin you always dreamed of.

See how blue light goes beyond the surface to destroy acne-causing bacteria!

Product Specifications

Here are some details about the product you sure should purchase for brighter, healthier skin.

  • Dimensions of the device – 5.5” x 1” x 5.5”. Conveniently shaped and designed, the Tanda Zap can be carried around in your pocket. It looks like a pen applicator for effective and targeted application on individual pimples.
  • Available in more colors apart from white, blue and pink are the other alternatives.
  • The device life is aimed at 1000 applications and comes with batteries installed (3 AAA batteries).
  • Light in weight, weighs around 4 ounces when packaged.
  • Has an orange button that needs to be pressed to start zapping those zits away. Clinically proven blue light technology is the heart of this device. Two or three minutes of application is enough for a single use, or till the vibrations persist.
  • Positive results can be observed from the first day itself. Highly effective against oily skin, blemishes, acne, and other skin irritations and inflammations.
  • LED lights that emit blue light are not replaceable or removable. The batteries are not rechargeable. Optimum for spot treatments only.
  • Easy to use and cost effective, this product proves to be leagues ahead of other over the counter acne treatments in terms of cost and results. What’s more, the Tanda Zap comes with an instruction manual as well.

If you wish to own a rechargeable unit, well that too is possible! The Tei Spa Tanda Power Zap Acne Clearing Device is bigger, better and rechargeable. It uses the same blue light devoid of any UV radiation to kill acne causing bacteria. It is bigger in size, hence increasing the area under treatment.


Numerous user reviews and ratings later, I mostly have good things to say about this amazing product that is the Tanda Zap Acne Clearing device! The one thing that is the most clear and consistent factor among all the reviews is the fact that this device does work! People are loving this product and are amazed at the instant results that this product promises and delivers.

It is gentle enough to be applied twice a day while reducing scars, blemishes, acne. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere thanks to its convenient size. Tanda Zap promotes and stimulates the growth of healthier cells, be it any skin type. Regular skin care regimen combined with the Tanda zap is just what your skin needs, no matter if you’re 13 or 30!


There are hardly any drawbacks apart from the fact that when a limit of 1000 applications is reached, the Tanda Zap is rendered not of any use anymore. Not having rechargeable batteries is another fall off, but we do have the Tei Spa Tanda Power Zap to your rescue in that department. You can check out Tei Spa Tanda Power Zap HERE for more detail

Spot application is only possible with this device, and coverage of larger areas is not a strength of the Tanda Zap. Now I wouldn’t consider the above as contenders for turning down this great product. And obviously, no device can eliminate the need of a great skin care routine!

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In conclusion, I have to side with this amazing solution to skincare and cannot insist more on the wondrous results that it would provide you with. Any age, any skin type, any skin problem the Tanda Zap is your savior! An investment in your skin you would not regret at such an affordable and reasonable price.
Hope this review was hopeful in making up your mind to purchase this product. Happy Zapping!

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