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Shellac nail addicts are now celebrating the revolution of SNS Nails and so you ought to know what that is. Signature Nail Systems, or SNS for short, is a new addition in the world of gel nail polishes. It is an easy way to strengthen nails and cuticles, while giving them a manicure-like look at home! We will tell you about the best SNS nails below once you have read all you need to know.

What are SNS nails?

SNS nails are often called powder gel nails. They give us many advantages similar to our traditional nail polishes, and reduce some of their disadvantages. The SNS nails don’t make you wait to dry your nails or need additional equipment like UV lights to do so. As soon as you use the powder, the nails harden and remain dry.
One of the reasons why women are going crazy about this nail art is due to its benefits. They are now widely available online, and we’ll give you access to the best SNS Nails, soon. Let us first go over how to apply them.

How to use products from SNS Nails?

It is time to give you a quick recommendation – the SNS kit. You need to purchase this, or buy individual products, which we have listed below. Once you have the products, you can start off with the application. For applying SNS nails, you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. First apply the gel base liquid
  2. Dip nails into colored powder
  3. Add a top coat with the gel nail polish

Yes, it is this simple – The first coat, the dip, and then the second coat, and you are done trying the latest nail art trend! It comes with convincing benefits to tempt your purchase decisions all the more.

Benefits of SNS Nails

We don’t usually go out looking for benefits in makeup essentials, but if we get some, they are worth choosing. For example, if your foundation protects you from UV rays, you’ll have an excuse to continue using it! Similarly, SNS nails give you benefits and help you maintain stronger nails. Let us review all of them in brief:

Stronger Nails

The dipping powder is not just important to give you flawless and smooth nails, but to also preserve your nail’s health and improve it. Having regular acrylic manicures, UV-drying nail polish, etc. leaves our nails brittle. They get weak and soon start splitting. Many times, we take a break from manicures as the cuticles get weak, look unpleasant and don’t grow well. If you switch over to the SNS dipping powder, you will reverse the problem and strengthen your nails.
Are you wondering how it works? Well, the dipping powder by SNS nails contains organically-processed chemicals like Acrylic Ester Polymer, Benzoyl Peroxide and Titanium Dioxide. These don’t harm our nails unlike UV drying of traditional nails. Instead, they promote healthier nails.
One of the reasons why SNS nails are so much in demand is because they promote nail strength and growth. They don’t just make nails look attractive, but also make them healthier. Thus, once you’re done with the first application, you will know that you’re done with a mini-manicure!


Unlike the traditional gel nail paint, SNS nails last for weeks. They don’t tend to chip with time, or even break for that matter! They reverse the regular cycle of nail painting, because they last for about 3 weeks. You can soak them off by acetone and then repaint again. However, you can also retouch by filling the gap of natural nail that has grown since application. Retouching usually extends the nail art for about 2-3 weeks more!

On the contrary, gel nail polishes are tough to touch up until you get to a professional at a salon. This usually happens because gel nail paint takes time to evenly dry up, when you apply only one part. The liquid sometimes runs over and you don’t always get to control the coverage. Sometimes it also clumps up, making you wipe off the entire finish.
If you retouch with SNS base coat, it will go on smoothly, and file down once the powder is applied. This is tough with gel nail paints, as filling the top of your nail after applying the polish leaves scars and compromises on the sheen. The top coat for this manicure helps you obtain a shiny finish.

Perfect DIY nail manicure

If you have spent lots of money by getting to a professional every time you needed your nails done, it is time you stop all that spending. The SNS nails help you get a parlor-like manicure is no time! You just need to buy the products and apply them. There are numerous color options for the dipping powder, including white and pink for French manicure!
SNS nails don’t need special UV lamp or nail lamp to dry or to set smooth. The other types of polishes need you to shine light rays which might damage skin health. Moreover, there are types of gel nail polish which burns when exposed to such drying equipment.
Get the easy manicure and DIY in three simple steps. You just apply a base coat, dip the finger into your preferred powder color, and then apply another coat at the top. There are some salons which specialize in SNS, so you could first go and see how they use it. To retouch or refill a grown nail, you have to follow the same process.

Pretty and Trendy

Trends are ever-changing and when it’s absolutely new, it become eye-catching. SNS nails are what you should get to buying, if you haven’t tried them before. They help your nails get revamped in a jiffy.
There are countless colors of the dipping powder which range from pink and blues to neon and coral tones. Back it up with the gel base, and you are done with some amazing DIY nail time!
The popularity of SNS nails is still growing, which is why you might set a trend within your circle. Grab them before others use it and tell them how well it works for you! Now, you can become a manicurist at home, and let your favorite girls share these with you. On the other hand, you will also have added nail strength and growth, which you’ll notice over time.

Best Signature Nail Systems Products

Now it is time to list for you with the best products from SNS nails. Just like all our descriptions and reviews, these are thoroughly researched and added for your best benefit. Get to know them and add them to your cart!

SNS Nail Dipping Powder Pink And White Student Starter Kit

This is the ‘student kit’ developed by SNS for all beginners. The kit comprises all the nail care needs for making SNS nail art. This set is for French manicure, and perfect for salons wanting to initiate SNS nail manicures. If you are an individual looking for the best value kit, this is a worthy option to start with.
The student’s kit by SNS includes 4 types of powders, 7 gel formulations, and 1 French dip molding for the perfect French manicure look. It comes in shades of white and natural pink, which is needed for this type of nail art. You also get a brush, sealer dry, vitamin oil, EA bond, and brush-on glue.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder No Liquid, No Primer, No UV Light – 56

Redirect if you want to buy a single piece of SNS dipping powder for French Manicure. These come in ‘Gelous’ colors, and make your nail art look shiny. These last you for about 2-3 weeks without having to recoat! The powders are odorless and come with MO primer. These don’t need UV lights for curing, and dry almost instantly!
The powders are lightweight products which let you glide your fingers in and imprint them in colors! The product looks natural, and is fortified with vitamins and calcium. It doesn’t have formaldehyde and toluene content. It is free from DBP, and soaks off with acetone in just 10 minutes!

SNS NAILS Gelous Color Kits-Designer Series 2

This is a designer series of powders by SNS that gives you 12 shades of colors in one kit! These have all the colors serially starting from DS01 to DS12. This is a value pack which lets you have top designers’ picks all at once. All you need to do is buy the gels separately, and then you are good to go!
Now you have the list of best SNS nails products, and it includes all – from the bare minimum to the designer combo. You can either buy the products individually for the starters, or simply invest in the kit. Bring home the latest nail art trend and paint your human claws like never before!

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