Best Dental Curing Lights – Our Picks and Reviews

Curing lights are commonly used by dentists in order to harden the resins or materials inserted to fill teeth or to apply appliance bonding. The lights are also used to activate teeth whitening and cleaning solutions. The chemical components contained within bonding, filling, cleaning or whitening materials are created to react with the special wavelength. Once exposed to the light for a brief number of seconds, the compound or solution activates.

Along with hardening the dental material, curing lights also ensure the resin cures and adheres appropriately. This is important for adhesives when affixing braces or implants to teeth. The lights are also used to cure sealants in order to reduce the possibility of cracking.

The modern technology involves the use of lights equipped with at least one LED bulb, which emits light at a specified wavelength. Some lights might conversely contain a normal white light bulb. However, the white light passes through a filter, which creates the desired wavelength.

Operating the light simply requires pressing a button or pulling a trigger mechanism. The device then emits light as long as pressure remains on the button or trigger. Some models merely require one press of the button or pull of the trigger for light emission. An internal timer then automatically turns the light off when the allotted time completes.

Modern-day LED curing lights eliminate discomfort and inconvenience for the patient who must otherwise wait with opened mouth until an extended length of time until a compound cures or hardens. Rapid curing also enables patients to drink beverages or consume foods without fear of damaging the dental intervention.

The advantages of LED curing lights include:

  • The tools are smaller and lighter in weight.
  • The internal diodes have long lifespans, which reduces the need for replacement.
  • The lights do not emit heat, which protects surrounding tissue from accidental burning.
  • Curing times are faster compared to older curing technology.
  • LED curing lights operate quietly, which reduces patient anxiety.
  • The lights commonly use rechargeable batteries, which allow for portability.
  • LED curing lights require less power.



The wireless and affordable Woodpecker offers more centralized light intensity and a narrower light range. The light output ranges from 1600mW/cm2 -1800mW/cm2. The light can also be ordered with an optional light output of 850mW/cm² to 1000mW/cm.²

The battery-operated device features an ergonomic design, which makes the tool more comfortable to hold and use. The protective light shield eliminates the need for goggles during light activation. Once the replaceable battery is fully charged, the Woodpecker provides up to 500 uses under the 10 second mode. The device features automatic time settings of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds and three working modes providing a full, ramping or pulsed light intensities. When in standby mode, the Woodpecker also uses less power or may remain on standby for up to 40 days on a single charge.

An easy to read LED screen remains visible regardless of the angle in which the light is positioned. The device also has automatic memory, which eliminates the need for frequent resetting. The charging base plugs into any standard wall outlet and features a charge-ready light, an illuminated light intensity indicator and a light intensity measure point. You can also test the device’s light intensity using the sensor scan window on the charging base. The Woodpecker LED F weighs 2.2 pounds.

When tested against comparable curing light models, the Woodpecker proved more effective. The light effectively hardened resin at a depth of 4.19 millimeters in a mere 3 seconds.

Doc. Royal


The ergonomically-designed and inexpensive Doc. Royal LED curing light weighs a mere 1.4 pounds, which makes the device comfortable to hold and use. A protective light shield negates the need for eye wear during use. The handle is constructed from a metal alloy to ensure durability and long-lasting service. The wireless wand features an easy to read LED screen, which displays the light intensity mode and selected time. Three buttons above and below the display enable power on/off, operation mode and time selections.

Using the Doc. Royal mode button, you simply choose from full power, progressive or pulse mode. The progressive mode uses half the desired time to gradually increase the light intensity, and the second half of the time emits full-strength light at the chosen intensity. The automatic time button allows you to choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 seconds of light activation time. The wand functions with a replaceable, rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is provided.

The charging base plugs into any standard electrical outlet and features a light-test scan window. Simply choose a mode, activate the light over the window and a digital readout displays the light intensity. The Doc. Royal emits blue light between 420 and 480nm wavelengths. Use the 600mw/cm2 intensity for whitening or the 1000-1500mw/cm2 intensity for curing or hardening.



The Aphrodite curing light does not come with all the bells and whistles provided by other models. However, the device is also easily more affordable. The ergonomically-designed wand weighs a mere 14.4 ounces for ease of use and comfort. The unit also comes in your choice of black, blue, purple, red or silver colors.

The LED screen is flanked top and bottom by the power on/off button and the mode of operation button. The Aphrodite enables users to use the light in either full-strength intensity, gradually progressive intensity or flashing light modes. The power button also engages the automatic timer at 5 to 40 second increments. Other than the low battery alert, the device functions without noise.

The blue light emitted by the device varies from 420 to 480 nm in wavelength and at an intensity level of up to 1500mW/cm.² A protective light shield negates the need for eye wear while using the curing light. The basic charging, storage base requires an electrical outlet. Once charged, the Aphrodite provides 200 uses at 10 seconds each or a full 90 days of standby time. When tested, the unit solidified resin at a depth of 3 millimeters in just 5 seconds.

Along with the curing light, light hood, charging base and power adapter cord you get an optical fiber guide, a whitening tip and an instruction manual. The Aphrodite also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 6-month warranty on parts.

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