reVive Lip Care Device Review

LED light therapy devices are some of the hottest electronic health and beauty gadgets on the market today. In the privacy of your home, you can enjoy rejuvenating facial treatments, soothe aching, tired muscles or hasten wound healing. However, the lips are often a neglected part of the beauty regimen. Some people are not blessed with full lips. In later life, some develop fine vertical lines around the mouth region from excessive sun exposure. Until now, correcting lip problems meant spending hundreds of dollars on filler injections. The reVive Lip Care device is a better option.

reVive Lip Care Device

The reVive Lip Care device is small, portable and FDA approved. The affordable beauty treatment gives you plumper, fuller lips in addition to preventing the formation of laugh lines and minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles that from above, below and around the lip region. When removed from the package, the device may remind one of the technology commonly used for whitening teeth. Simply allow the unit to charge via the USB charger for the recommended time and attach the mouth guard.

Easy and Convenient

Compared to other LED devices that are cumbersome and require lengthy treatments, the reVive is simple and quick. Time-consuming multi-step preparations are not needed. You do not need messy creams or ointments. Just make sure the facial area around your mouth and lips is clean and dry.

Once the reVive is fully charged, put the soft, pacifier-shaped device into your mouth and press the power on button. The unique styling of the unit provides a comfortable fit without the need to hold it in place using your teeth. After three minutes of therapy, the reVive automatically turns itself off. It is that easy. The secret behind the lip-enhancing gadget is the infrared LED microchip bulbs embedded into the device. When activated, the deep-penetrating lights increase blood flow to the perioral area in addition to encouraging elastin and fibrin production, which naturally boost volume.

Noticeable Results

Unlike other LED beauty devices, you do not have to wait eight to 12 weeks to see visible results. After a single treatment, lips look fuller. However, the more often you use the reVive, the more pronounced your lips become. Friends and loved ones will also notice the difference. Yet, the results are always natural in appearance. Best of all, there is no need for painful, expensive injections.

Treat yourself to lip treatments day or night. ReVive recommends undergoing lip therapy two times each week. However, the device is safe enough to use multiple times throughout the day. Relax, watch TV, read a book or do the things you normally do while the reVive works its magic inside and out. Along with plumping lips and reducing the visible signs of aging, the powerful infrared LED lights are also helpful for healing sunburn, abrasions or cold sores faster.

The reVive Kit

Easily clean the detachable mouth guard between treatments by rinsing with water. You can also apply a little toothpaste and rinse without damaging the guard. Each kit comes with the reVive Light Therapy Lip Device, the removable mouth tray, a storage tote bag, a USB charger and power cord along with the instruction manual. The company is so confident that the product will provide satisfactory results, the reVive comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. hi i have lip fillers but have been using the revive lip therapy device for an extra boost
    Is it ok to use the device with fillers as someone told me ot could break the fillers down
    Any advice would be appreciated …

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