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It is common for pores to fill with oil from sebaceous glands, dead skin cells, and airborne dirt and debris. When the debris is exposed to air, the combination oxidizes and turns black, which is known as a blackhead. If the facial skin does not undergo routine cleansing, an infection may develop and progress to a pimple. People use many different beauty products to eliminate the problem. Exfoliation techniques are varied. Many turn to the tried and true method of squeezing the skin around individual pores to extract the debris. Others may use adhesive strips. However, Koreans introduced pore vacuuming therapy as a means of removing the accumulation of debris that often becomes trapped in the pores.


The idea caught on and soon companies were manufacturing electronic equipment designed to produce the same results. The tools used in spas often feature an outer edge that acts as an exfoliate to remove the uppermost layer of the skin. A suctioning vacuum removes the debris on the skin’s surface and in the pores. A central roller ball dispenses a moisturizer. However, in order to obtain the best results, aestheticians or estheticians often initially apply a serum containing glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid or vitamin C to loosen the debris.

Following treatment, the skin naturally appears slightly reddened. However, the effect soon subsides. Along with deep cleansing facial skin, pore vacuums also help minimize the appearance of scars and fine lines. The suctioning also encourages enhanced blood flow along with fibrin and collagen production.

Prior to vacuuming pores, the skin must be clean and dry. Applying a very warm washcloth over the face steams and opens pores for better results. Or, perhaps use the device after taking a soothing hot shower. There are a number of inexpensive facial pore vacuums available for convenient home use, which saves hundreds of dollars on conventional spa treatments.

Best Facial Pore Vaccums

1. Dollve


The Dollve facial pore vacuum weighs a mere eight ounces, is waterproof and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The unit comes with an internal lithium battery that quickly recharges using the built-in USB port and charging cord. When fully charged, the Dollve provides up to one hour of operation. The portable design also makes it easy to pack the device in the provided travel bag and take it with you when getting away for the weekend. You also get an easy-to-read instruction manual.

The blackhead vacuum is created using quality ABS materials. Each of the four probes boasts soft edges so as not to bruise or abrade even the most sensitive skin. The Dollve comes with a large, round probe for blackhead removal, a small, round probe for cleansing and massaging the sensitive skin, an oval probe for fine line and wrinkle reduction and a microcrystalline probe designed to exfoliate calluses and dead skin.

Along with the multi-functional probes, the Dollve enables you to choose from one of four different color-coded suction intensities that span from green and blue/violet to red or yellow. If having never used a pore vacuum previously, experienced users recommend using the lowest suction level and the smaller probe until the skin becomes accustomed to the treatments. You should also not keep the device in the same location for longer than three seconds. Simply turn the unit on and glide the probe tip over the skin in the recommended direction. There is a 100 percent money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with the Dollve and choose to return the device.

2. Angelland


The portable Angellan facial device is designed to eliminate blackheads, remove dead skin, dirt and debris that contribute to the development of acne lesions. Different probe attachments also massage and lift skin while minimizing fine lines. The device weighs less than six ounces and is ergonomically designed for ease of handling. The front of the unit features the power on/off button along with the + and – buttons that enable users to choose from one of five different suction intensity levels. An LCD screen clearly displays the level chosen.

The Angelland functions thanks to the powerful rechargeable 800 mA battery. The device also comes with the USB charger and an instruction manual. The vacuum was designed to provide users with the ability to enjoy microdermabrasion treatments in the privacy of their home. After enjoying a home-based facial, the Angelland is simple to clean using one of the sponges that come in the kit.

The microcrystalline probe head loosens and removes dead skin as it glides across the surface. The larger round attachment was created to treat the T-zone around the nose and allows for a more powerful suction that covers a larger area. The small attachment is great for cleaning hard to reach locations that include the creases on either side of the nose. The small probe is also the attachment recommended when initially using the vacuum until the skin becomes accustomed to treatments. The oval vacuum head also removes debris while helping to reduce lines and minimize pores.

The manufacturer recommends using the Angelland once a week for normal skin and twice a week for oily or mixed skin types. Entire treatments should last no more than five minutes. Following treatment, users should also apply a light moisturizer and sunscreen when outdoors.

3. Xpreen


The portable Xpreen weighs less than six ounces and comes with a fast charging battery and USB charging cord. A small LED light turns green when charging completes. Once fully charged, the Xpreen functions for up to three weeks when using the devices twice a week for five minutes or less. Along with the vacuum, there is an instruction manual, isolation pads and a handy steel blackhead removal needle for manual cleaning.

The vacuum adjusts from soft, normal to strong suction settings, which are displayed on the LED screen. The package comes with the four standard attachments to treat various facial areas. The reverse side of the unit also features six blue LED lights to hasten skin healing, help minimize pores and soften skin. The inclusion of the IPL light therapy mechanism makes the Xpreen a favorite yet affordable option.

As with all of the home-use pore vacuums, the skin might appear reddened after the first few treatments. However, the effects disappear within 30 minutes. Moisturize after treatment and wear an appropriate sunscreen. Xpreen also offers a 30-day money back guarantee should you encounter defects or are not completely satisfied with the results.

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