Northern Light Luxor Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Does The Pyramid Shape Of The Northern Light Luxor Bright Light Therapy Lamp Really Work?

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Northern Light Technology Luxor Bright Light Therapy Pyramid LampThere are lots of different light boxes and SAD therapy devices on the market, but none look quite like the Northern Light Luxor 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Pyramid Lamp. This lamp is formed into a pyramid shape to create a free standing model, with no need for a base and a more attractive look.

There is a lot of focus on the aesthetic qualities of this SAD light box in the specification, with talk of the minimalistic design and it being a “real eye-catcher”.

This is a clear bonus for consumers, but it shouldn’t be the main selling point. Is this lamp able to offer the required performance as well as the look?

How beneficial has this Northern Light Pyramid Lamp been to users suffering with the winter blues?

The lamp works much like most other light therapy devices in that users can sit a required distance away – this time 2 inches – in order to receive the benefits of the full spectrum light. There is 10,000 of lux here, which is quite strong, and there are reports of it doing wonders for people struggling to get up and get going on dark winter mornings.

Northern Light Luxor Bright Light Therapy Lamp

There has also been a report of someone placing the pyramid in the middle of the breakfast table and letting everyone bask in its glow for a while – although there is a flaw here.

Another key benefit is the fact that it is also designed to be kind on buyers’ eyes. The light is strong, but it is not difficult to look at. It is also flicker free for a strong, consistent light source that won’t irritate users.

Where do the flaws lie with this Northern Light SAD Light Therapy Box?

There are a couple of comments being made about a smell emanating from the product while in use, which can be off-putting. The majority of reviewers dispute this and say that they have not experienced it, but it is still worth watching out for.

There are also those that say that it is a little bigger than they had first anticipated, although it still fits nicely on their bedside table or at their desk at work.

The biggest issue for users is the fact that one side of the pyramid is made from transparent material while the other two are a cheap metal. Not only does this suggest poor quality, it means that the light is concentrated in one direction.

Summary: how does this flaw affect the final verdict on this Northern Light Luxor Therapy Light?

This important criticism showcases an issue with this pyramid idea. It is great in terms of the design, as it is something different, but there is no real functional benefit to having this shape. If the light came from all three sides then it would be different.

As it is, this model is still highly beneficial to the right user because of the quality and strength of the light within. There are plenty of buyers seeing the required results with the Northern Light SAD lamp and this is the most important thing.

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