Does Light Therapy Improve Hypothyroidism?

Over the years, there has been a long running battle on whether Red light therapy should be adopted in treating mild and chronic hypothyroidism. There are numerous facts pointing to the fact that light therapy has the potential to reverse this condition, and there are many people who eagerly want to revive their thyroid functioning .

Hypothyroidism affects people across all ages and social classes, and misdiagnoses often make the situation worse. Having a scientific understanding of this situation can help in dealing with it and even prevent it from recurring. Hypothyroidism can be defined as low levels of secretion of thyroid hormones, a condition that lowers the effectiveness of the thyroid gland.

What other problems are associated with thyroid functioning?

light therapy for  hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism and low metabolism issues are quite related, and the reason being that slow thyroid functioning can lead to slow metabolism. Virtually, no one in the present society has the perfect thyroid hormone levels in the body, and there seems hypothyroidism is deeply connected with other problems such as diabetes, depression, hair loss, depression, and high cholesterol levels. Low metabolism as a matter of fact can be the first sign of suffering from hypothyroidism, and the problem can only be diagnosed when low metabolism has reached its lowest point.

Simply put hypothyroidism can be described as a situation whereby low energy production is witnessed in the body, as a result of low secretion and activity of thyroid hormones.

Hypothyroidism can be caused by a number of factors, most prominent among these are;

  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Genetic factors
  • Consumption of poly-unsaturated fats
  • Low carb intake
  • Low carb consumption
  • Alcoholism
  • Lack of exercises
  • And sleep apnea

Other factors such as increased fluoride consumption, and surgical procedures may also trigger hypothyroidism.

How light therapy treatments help with hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland is located right in front of the neck, and placing the red light device and applying it at the right wavelength can stimulate the secretion of more thyroid hormones, which in turn, will stimulate the production of more energy. Lack of thyroid gland cells often lead to a vicious cycle of low energy in the body, but stimulating more thyroid hormones is the key to achieving a more stable energy supply.


With the restoration of the thyroid gland’s capabilities, a whole lot of other things will be restored immediately, as the entire body eventually gets the much needed energy. Sexual enhancement hormones such as testosterone and progesterone are increased and that means your vitality and sexual performance are increased. With higher stimulation of thyroid hormones, issues such as low metabolism are automatically reversed.

There are a number of other systemic activities that are greatly enhanced , and these include the secretion of more red and blood cells in the body, this will lead to a reduction in inflammatory disorders, likewise there will be an enhance secretion of stress-management hormones such as cortisols.

Other Benefits

Aside the thyroid gland, other parts of the body, that are directly linked with thyroid hormones can also benefit from LED light therapy, these include; the brain, skin, and testes. Light therapy has been found to speed up the healing of wound, and reduce the risks of skin cancers.

benefit of red light therapy for hypothyroidism

One of the main theories behind the adoption of Light therapy is that it increases energy at the cellular levels of the body, and one of the effects of this process is that there is a photo-dissociation of Nitric Oxide (NO), from the mitochondria enzymes of the body (it is believed that Nitric Oxide is responsible for the shutdown of energy in thyroid cells), therefore Light therapy can be described as a stress-negation treatment.

Nitric oxide is known to be a main competitor for Oxygen in the body, and if not remove, will create a waste environment at cellular level. With the use of regular light therapy, there will be no need for any other thyroid disorder medication. A regular treatment of the thyroid with Light therapy will prevent your thyroid organ from slipping back to hypothyroid levels.

Customer Reviews

According to a summary of customers who reviewed various recommended light therapy for hypothyroidism, there seem to be over 95% agreement that light therapy treatments on regular basis helps in treating symptoms of hypothyroidism, these symptoms include; dry/coarse and sparse hair, thin lateral eyebrows, low body temperature (less than 37 degree Celsius), Dry skin all over the body, angry and moody thoughts, stress and anxiety, headaches and brain fog, slow growth of finger and toe nails, slow growth of hair, frequent urination, low sex drive, high risks of candida or yeast development in women, inconsistent menstrual cycle, infertility, thinning of the hair, and poor sleep. Most reviewers believe that these symptoms disappear steadily within 24-48 hours of treatment, while regular treatments


There is no doubt about the fact that red light treatment has the potential to reverse hypothyroidism, especially when the problem is treated according to instructions and with the right product. It is believed that the most effective light treatment is the one that operates between 600 and 800 nm wavelength. Using a light treatment operating at wavelengths lower than 600 nm wavelengths may not result in desirable result, similarly, using a LED light device operating above 800 nm may cause severe problems to your thyroid, and therefore, it is important to get advice and recommendation from patients and doctors before you decide on which product to use. The higher wavelengths are normally recommended for the worst case situations.

In addition to using the right light therapy device, you need to make some healthy positive lifestyle changes especially to your diet. Make sure you consume diet rich in Iodine levels, similarly, you must cut or eliminate the consumption of Poly-unsaturated fats, and alcohol. The use of drugs must be limited or avoid because certain chemical components of drugs can trigger a reduction in the levels of thyroid hormones.

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  1. Great article, however I’m left without knowing details of the clinical trials such as how often and how long was the devise left on the thyroid gland.
    Could you please reply as I have low thyroid and would like to try using red light as treatment…thank you

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