Microderm GLO Review

In the past, thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating skin required using facial scrubs or sonic cleaning systems. Deep cleaning required a visit to a beauty spa or dermatologist for clinical microdermabrasion. However, now consumers have the option of performing the skin buffing technique at home. Nuvederm’s Microderm GLO is not only FDA approved, the device was also designed by dermatologists.

About Microderm GLO

Many microdermabrasion kits available to consumers more closely resemble devices used in salons, which makes them appear somewhat complicated. However, the compact Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System is compact and user-friendly. The small, tear-shaped wand fits nicely in the hand and conveniently sits in a charging station base until used. The controls are simple, straight forward and accompany a unique display screen, which shows a facial illustration.

Users have the option of using the unit in automatic or manual mode. When used in automatic mode, the displays walks you through the microdermabrasion process by indicating each region of the face and the direction to move the diamond-tipped wand. By following the visual instructions, your face receives thorough buffing without having to worry about over treating. The device also alerts you when it is time to move to the next spot on your face. The automatic mode is especially handy for beginners. The entire process takes a mere four minutes. In manual mode, you are free to treat whatever areas desired.

The system is designed for use on all skin types and skin colors. However, anyone having active acne lesions should exercise caution around those regions. The dermabrasion wand is safe to use on the face, neck, hands and chest. Continued used helps diminish fine lines, skin damage and uneven skin tones by removing dead or damaged cells from the uppermost layer of the skin. As the diamond tip travels over the skin’s surface, it also stimulates blood circulation, collagen and elastin development. Nuvederm recommends using the Microderm GLO only once or twice each week until achieving the desired results. However, some have used the device three or four times weekly without suffering ill effects.

Treatment Basics

The wand also features three settings, which determine the intensity of the vacuum suction. First time users should activate the lowest, gentlest setting until facial skin becomes accustomed to the treatment.
To get started treating your skin, you need simply charge the wand on the power base for the recommended length of time. Make sure to wash your face or other skin region prior to exfoliation. Once charged, unscrew the tip and insert one of the wool filters if one has not already been installed. Turn the device on and follow the preset instructions. Your skin may appear pink or slightly reddened the first few times. But, the side effect typically fades in less than 24 hours.

The Microderm GLO comes with two different buffing tips. One is designed for normal skin. The less abrasive tip boasts finer diamond crystals and is specially created for sensitive skin or on facial regions having more delicate skin. The kit comes with the charging base, dermabrasion wand, a power chord, spare filters and an instruction manual along with a convenient carrying pouch.


  • More affordable than one month of spa treatments
  • Quickly portable
  • Appropriate for novice or experienced users
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Results vary and may require using for four weeks or longer before visible improvement
  • The precision tips require replacing every six months when the device is used continually

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  1. Why is my microdermabrasion glo not charging Can you help ? It is a great little tool and really does work

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