JWoww Black Bronzer: Does the ‘Jersey Shore’ Star’s Product Truly Work?

Jersey Shore star JWoww is known for her tan, but does her Black Bronzer product actually deliver the results it promises?

When it comes to getting a dark, even, lasting tan, most tanning fanatics know that the right lotion can make all the difference in their results.

While there are countless products on the market today, some tend to have a greater customer following than others.

One such product is the JWoww Black Bronzer, from the popular star of the MTV television show The Jersey Shore.

The reality starlet is known by many for her dark, even, color and her love of tanning, and her bronzing lotion promises to deliver the same results.

While there is no arguing that JWoww knows what it means to have a good tan, many have yet to decide if she knows how to help others do the same.
The JWoww bronzer by Australian Gold is designed for those looking to establish a base tan and who want instant color results after their session.

This reviewer gives this product a high rating and endorses it use.

However, this product is only recommended for dedicated tanners who are not only looking for extra skin care benefits with their lotion, but who are also willing to handle the specific user instructions that come with this product.

This reviewer does not recommend the product for those who are looking for a simple, easy to use lotion, as there are regulations regarding this product’s application, and shower time following its use.

What ‘Pros’ Make this Bronzing Lotion so Powerful?

This reviewer gave this Australian Gold skin care product a high rating from all of the benefits that comes with this intense bronzer, including the following perks:

Moisturizing Properties

The JWoww tanning bronzer comes with a creamy formula that absorbs into the skin evenly and doesn’t leave behind any residue.

Made with natural ingredients such as walnut shell, kukui oil and hemp seed, the formula offers plenty of hydrating properties to keep any tan looking its best for longer.

Plus, the gentle formula is safe for the face as well as the body, meaning tanners do not have to purchase a separate facial tanner.

Dark Color Results

The JWoww cream, is designed to deliver dark results with its extra bronzing agents, even for those with fair skin that typically turn red.

The formula is versatile enough for novice tanners, yet powerful enough for experienced tanners looking to get over a color plateau.

Tinted Formula

The tinted formula of this tanning cream allows tanners to get instant color results, and to enjoy even, darker looking skin immediately after use.

This makes the cream a great product for those who like to wear a daily tinted moisturizer, as there is no need to apply an extra layer of product on days when they tan.

What Drawbacks are There?

Even with all of its perks, the JWoww Black Bronzer is not perfect, and does have a few drawbacks to consider before anyone purchases this product.

Complicated Application Instructions

This bronzing and tanning cream has more complicated application instructions than other products on the market and failing to abide by these instructions may prevent the lotion from working as it should.

Users need to apply the product evenly over the body, and wash their hands after application.

Otherwise, the tinted formula of this product can leave dark marks in between the fingers and near dry areas of the palms, much like self-tanners can.

Users need to apply at least 10 minutes before they enter the tanning bed, and wait 2-4 hours before showering or getting the skin wet to let the bronzers work properly and to prevent streaking.

May Plateau

This product is great for users of all levels, meaning new tanners can use the product without it irritating the skin.

However, because this is not the most powerful tanning agent on the market, it can plateau, meaning tanners may notice their tan stops getting darker after several uses.

These users may have to switch products for a few weeks to get over the hump, before switching back to this product.

While there are a couple of small drawbacks of using the JWoww Black Bronzer, overall this tanning lotion is a great product for new and experienced tanners alike to get a healthy looking base color.

If you remember to wait before tanning and avoid showering for a few hours following use, you can get great results from this product.

This product also comes with a fresh berry scent.

Not all tanners enjoy having a smell to their lotion, as different users may have different scent preferences.

However, the Ballin’ Berry scent of this product tends to dissipate quickly after use for those that don’t prefer scented serums.

This bronzer is not perfect, but it can help many tanners get natural looking, long lasting results whenever they tan indoors.

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